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The World Leaders and Knuti's birthday

Last night I dreamed of our eminent friends Knutin, Knush, Knurdon, Knurkozy and Knurkel again! In the blog I could read they’re all coming to Berlin to celebrate Knuti’s 10 months birthday tonight and, of course, they are bringing presents to the birthday child!

Vladimir Knutin meinte am 04.10.2007 01.20

@ Privet Knutinov!

I’m happy to tell you I’ve said NJET to all hunting of polar bears in
Russia! Those breaking this law will be sent to spend some time (without their guns!!) with real big polar bears. I hope you are satisfied with my new law. I’ll take a bottle of genuine Russian vodka and some Beluga caviar with me – I know you’re far too young to drink vodka but maybe your Daddy will have a glas with me? I’m sure you will love the caviar! I’m sorry my wife has a headache and can’t join me (No, Ljudmila, you just stay at home and keep the samovar warm). From Russia
with love, your Volodja

George W Knush meinte am 04.10.2007 01.22

@ Howdy Knutie!

I’d like to bring you the best
USA and the great state of Texas
can offer: Eva Gregory. I’m sure you would enjoy her company and I know she loves you, not to mention your Daddy!! Unfortunately she’s very busy booking airline tickets to KFA and can’t travel anywhere but I bring her famous King Ranch Chicken casserole to you . I know from experience it’s very yammy! My wife has a headache and can’t come (oh, shut up Laura, make no mistake - you’re not going and that’s it) with me.

Knurdon Brown meinte am 04.10.2007 01.24

@ Cheerio, old chap!

I’m happy to be able to attend your birthday party tonight! I’ve seen that you love playing with sticks so I’ll bring you equipment so you can play cricket with Daddy. You don’t have to mind the rules – no one in this entire world understands the cricket rules! By the way, my wife sends her love but since she has a headache she won’t be coming tonight (No, Sarah, you stay at home and have a nice cup of tea with your lady friends!)

Nicholas Knurkozy meinte am 04.10.2007 01.26

@ Chér Knutie!

I’ll come tonight and take with me the best croissant baker in the whole
France. He’ll be staying all night and tomorrow morning you’ll have croissants made in heaven!! Since I just love your cute paws I also take the best pawicurist in Paris with me to do your claws. My wife won’t be joining me – she has a headache (Cécilia, you’re not going to Berlin
and that’s final!! There’s a sale at Chanel, why don’t you go and buy something nice to yourself! – Chanel never has a sale! – They have today – I’ve seen to that)

Angela Knurkel meinte am 04.10.2007 01.28

@ Lieber Knuti!

I’m coming tonight, too, and I will bring you two Medals of Honour – one eatable (a whole box of them) and one that makes funny squeeky sounds.

To make the celebration a little more colourful I’ll be wearing a nice dirndl with matching shoes and handbag. (Writing off the record – I want to look my best in case I meet Herr Dörflein). My husband Joachim is suffering from an acut headache so he’s not coming (Writing off the record – I won’t have him around in case I meet Herr Dörflein).

As to the refreshments - Herr Klös will serve us croissants and sekt – stronger beveridge is provided – as usual - by our Russian friend Volodja. (Writing off the record – I must be careful with the drinks in case I meet Herr Dörflein)

It seems that our eminent friends won’t risk their wives being addicted to Knuti or maybe even more to Herr Dörflein !!!!! My fellow Knutians in
Berlin - if you see many limousines and a lot of security people around the Zoo - now you know why!


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