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The World Leaders start blogging

I had the funniest dream last night. I was reading Knuti’s blog and suddenly there were a lot of new knoggers.


Vladimir Knutin meinte 07.18


@ Privet Knutinov


I’ve been thinking (I do that twice a year). I am more and more knunvinced that we have to do something about the climate changes and thereby improve the living conditions for all the polar bears in the world. That’s why I want to invite all the leaders in the world to Knuscow to sign all the necessary knugreements.


George Knush meinte 07.22


@ Howdi Knutin


I’ve been thinking, too, I usually do my thinking in January and in September. I totally knugree with you but I insist that the knuuting will take place in Knushington!


Knurdon Brown meinte 07.25


@ Hello old chaps! Knutin and Knush


What a coincidence, lads! This happens to be my thinking day, too. The other one will be in February next year. I have nothing against your knuggestion but I demand the knuuting to be held in Knundon.


Nicolas Knurkozy meinte 07.28


@ Mes amis Knutin, Knush et Knurdon


I usually do my thinking in October but I asked my secretary to change my schedule so I’ve been thinking today, too. I realize it’s very knumportant to sign the knugreements but in my knupinion Knuris is the only suitable place for the knuuting.


Angela Knurkel meinte 08.01


@ Knuten Morgen Knutin, Knush, Knurdon und Knurkozy


I’m very happy to tell you that one of my two annual thinking days happens to be in September. It’s my knupinion, too, that signing these knugreements is one the most knumportant tasks we have. But c’mon guys, the only possible place for this knuuting is the Berlin Zoo, by Knuti’s enclosure! I’m more than willing to send the invitations. Since you all master the new language Knutish we won’t be needing any knuterpreters. All the knugreements will be translated to Knutish. Maybe the knutilingual knoggers can help me??


Oh, what a pity – I woke up……


Greetings from Mervi



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