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Valentins Tag - Valentine's Day - Ystävän Päivä - Alla Hjärtans Dag

14.2.2009 by Teddybärenmutti und Caren
Images: Caren, Bauz, Mervi
Originalphotos: Manuela R, Viktor, Jessie, SylviaMicky, Frau Schnatterliese

Valentine's Day 

- Knuutuuu! Knuti hihihiiii! Have you already made a beautiful Valentine's card? What will you give me as a present?

- Yes, No, I mean maybe. Hmm. Have YOU sent me a card? Yes, I've bought you a pre....no, I'm not telling you - it's supposed to be a surprise!

- What's Valentine's Day?????

- Poor Raspi, don't you know what Valentine's Day is?

- Njet, No, Nein. Njet heard.

- Well, I will explain it to you. Because I, Flocke love Knuti, I'll send him a card and sweet, pink box decorated with hearts and filled with something yammy. Knut will also send me a card and a pink box - hmm, maybe five boxes? We will exchange some valuable gifts like plastic buckets, salmon, grapes, croissants...This all means that we're deeply in love. 


- Snif, buuuaaa, sniff, buaaa....

- What's the matter dear Raspi? Why are you crying?

- I'm so sad. 

- Why are you sad?

- Nobody loves me!

- What do you mean?

- You, sweet Flocke, have your Knut. I have nobody! I like you so much but I understand your heart belongs to Knuti. I'd like to send you a card, too.

- You can send me as many cards as you like! 

- Buaaa, sniff...why did they have to separate me from my mommy? Why did the give me the name Rasputin? I hate that name!! Now they can't decide what my real name is either. I've read in Wikipedia about Rasputin and it was not nice things I read about him. You both have such nice names: Knut and Flocke. Oh, I'm a miserable polar bear....and Madrid is always so hot....

- Poor Raspi, my dear friend Raspi! You will always be our friend.

- Listen to me, Raspi. I'm Knut and I'm your friend. Between us two knuntlemen - I'm simply Knut - not multicolor-Knut or Herr Eisbär Knut. Simply Knut. Do you understand?

- Buuaa...thank you my friend. Thank you.

- My dear friend, why are you so sad then?

- Flocke, you just bit me!!

- Bah, that was only a friendly bite. After all - we are predators...Raspi, you're far too sensitive!

- Well, maybe, we Russians are very emotional and sensitive. You're so kind to me, sweet Fräulein Flocke.

- My name is Flocke. You don't have to call me Fräulein. Don't be so formel!

- But I won't be getting any pink boxes decorated with hearts.

- Oh, Raspi, CHEER UP! We love you. I have only one question to you. What would you like to be called?

- I don't know....so kind of you to ask...

- I know - we will call you Freddie our Friend!

- Thank you! How about Raspi-Freddie`

- That sounds great to me.

- But the Valentine cards? To whom can I send a card? 


- Raspi, will you stop that Russian sensitivity! Auntie Mervi has told med that in Sweden they have 'Alla Hjärtans Dag' (All the Hearts' Day) and in Finland the day is called 'Ystävän päivä' (The Day of Friends). We will celebrate love and friendship and all the good hearts! Dear Freddie - can't you see, you have millions of friends! My friends are your friends and Knuti's friends, too, are your friends!

It's a Valentine's Day even for the older couples (Lars & Tosca)

- C'mon knuntlemen! My hero Knut, my friend Raspi-Freddie - we've got some cards to make!!

- Yes, but to whom shall I send the cards!

- Freddie-Freund-Raspi, our friends are your friends. They love bears - especially polar bears. We have to send millions of cards. Move it - we have to make some cards!

- Dear Flocke - how shall we send such a lot of Valentine's cards?

- Oh my God, you men!! You're driving me crazy. By email of course! We could never sign all the cards....

- Now we need some Lady Power! I'm sure Auntie Mervi can help us to send our cards. Where's her phone number? Knut, where's my pink purse?


- The table is laid with Zakuska! All we need to do is get the beveridges. Raspi, could you get the pink sekt and wodka from the ice cellar? Can't you hear me? Have you become deaf? You look so ....peculiar....What's happening here? Are you laughing or crying? 

- Dear Flocke, I hope you won't be jealous but Raspi's got a Valentine's card!

- Well, lieber Knuti, I hope YOU won't be jealous but I sent Raspi a nice card. I don't want him to be unhappy.

- I understand. But dear Flocke, I must say this once again: Please, don't be jealous but Raspi's got two nice Valentine's cards!


- From Spain, from Madrid to be precise.  

- KNUT! What are you saying? 

- Well, hmpf...Raspi has a girlfriend in Madrid! He's got a nice love letter from her. I'm strongly suspecting our Raspi has fallen in love with a Spanish Polar Bear Babe, I mean lady...


El Dia del Valentino

A mi amor Raspi,

Me estoy enamorando de ti y me alegre de ver te muy temprano

Una osa polar de Madrid

To my dear Raspi,
I think I'm in love with you and
I'm looking forward to meet you soon!
A polar bear girl from Madrid


- Knuut! Quickly - go to the ice celelar and get us lots of wodka and ice cold sekt!

- I'm on my way! Raspi, are you coming with me? 
- Of course, my friend Knuti - E VIVA ESPAÑA. E VIVA ESPAÑA!!! 



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