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The Pets Visit Knuti -  by Doro II
Our bear is feeling lonely

In his plant. He thinks if only

I’d some friends to play with. Well,

I think I’ll give ‘em all a bell.

So he sends an invitation

Out to friends of ev’ry nation-

Ality by duckmail that

Is as fast as it can get.

Suddenly the sky’s alight

With various creatures in full flight.

All the pets from Knuti’s knog

Are flying in through mist and fog.

Knutiboy, as if on cue,

Arranges a light barbecue

With various treats on spindly sticks,

And cheers the guys with limericks.

Ev’ryone is overjoyed

And shakes Knut’s paws and hugs him tight,

And even Lila, Rosemary’s cat,

Tries to kiss Knut’s fluffy head.

However, being rather small

She doesn’t manage it at all.

Chewing on some bluefin tuna

In a corner sits Yamuna,

Joyfully dear Miffe tries

To advise on Finnish fries.

Floyd and Fry, who’ve joined them too

Hand over gifts, all wrapped in blue.

In the process, Bodhi fell

Under sweet Delilah’s spell,

Listens with rapt fascination

To her German intonation.

Star, from far-away Brazil,

Reminds George to take his pill,

Something Harry should have done

(who didn’t want to spoil the fun).

Samson meows “It’s mega-phat

This friendship between dog and cat.”

Rocco, still somewhat aloof

Barks “Yep, and aren’t we living proof!”

Little Flocke full of joy is

Making gentle nuzzling noises.

Oso from the Argentine

Feels shivers running down his spine.

While the gang is banqueting

Something peculiar’s happening.

Among the cats and dogs galore

A mighty deep and rumbling snore

Is verberating through the air,

To which nothing can compare.

Knuti wrings his paws and tries

To quieten the anxious cries:

“Please my friends, disturb him not, he

Is an awfully fierce Rottie,

Who’s agreed to leave for me

His dearest mummy, Eva G.

He’s leader of the KFA

And hails from the US of A.

Woofie always does his best,

So let him have a little rest.”

And the fun goes on and on,

And they party till the morn’.


Above, the Starship Knutiprise

Is circling silvery moonlit skies.


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