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A Knutian goes to see a doctor

I woke up one morning coughing and feeling feverish. My head seemed to weigh at least a hundred kilos. My cat tried to warm my feet but I still felt so cold…I had to stay home from work and try to cure myself. Lots of herbtea, garlic and C-vitamine, you name it  – that should do the trick.


Next day I felt as miserable  – except the moments I spent on Knuti’s blog. It’s the best medicine in the world when one’s feeling down. But the flu just wouldn’t go away . Doro tried to chase it away. Barbara was kind enough to offer to be my personal vet .. I mean my personal nutriotionist. (I promise to follow her advice in the future.)


After I had been pitying myself on the blog I got many get-well wishes which made me very happy but the stubborn flu was still there. I decided to go and see my doctor even if I knew he couldn’t do so much.


-         I’ve got the flu and I wonder if you can help me to get rid of it.

-         Well, as you know we can’t do anything about the virus but I can describe you something that at least makes you feel a little better. You must stay home this week and you’ll see – next week you’ll be fit for fight again.

-         Eh, doctor, I read in a leading medical magazine – no, I don’t remember which magazine – that the air in Berlin, you know the Berliner Luft,  is very good for a person who often gets colds.

-         Ha, ha, haa (giving me a ‘what an idiot’ look)

-          It’s been scientifically proved that around the 5th of December it’s particularly healthy to breath the air in Berlin

-         Ha, ha, haa (giving me a ‘I wonder what kind of therapy she needs’ look)

-         Yes, but I’m sure a trip to Berlin as a profylactic precaution would do wonders..

-         Excuse me, I have other patients waiting but I’ll be happy to recommend you a nice therapist (giving me a ‘she’s beyond all help’ look)

-         Oh, how the time flyes when you’re having fun. I must rush. Thank you doc! (Meaning: thanks for nothing, you phony!)


Well, I only wanted to be sent to Berlin – not to the Knupsmühle so here I am with a lot of no good medicines…This doc of mine must be a fake. As Doro pointed out – he must have bought his knudical degree on the Internet!


In my opinion the doctors in the whole world must be properly informed of Knutitis. They must also understand that we don’t want to be cured – we want to be sent to Berlin!!!!!


Greetings from Mervi


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