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Greetings from Spain


Hello Mervi,

we send you beary greetings from our holidays in Spain. The weather is beautiful, although a little bit windy. However, when we came back into our holiday domicile yesterday, our pool was occupied by well-known guests as you can see. Raspi who is always looking for a new job tried to make a new career as wakeboard-trainer. Bernd immediately went down to the harbor to get some fish for the three. They were not at all hungry that’s why the fish is still swimming in the pool. Raspi told me he is very curious to know what Spain is like and so they took the chance to learn a little bit about the country while we are here. And Knut and Frl. Flocke went also shopping and found a lot of Hello Flocke, äm, I mean Kitty items.

We did really enjoy the day with them and thank you so much for having let them go to see us!

The Trojka has already gone to a very special airport to get Trojka Air ready and is on the way back to Knuipe. They have loaded a big box of Sangria for you all and of course, a big box of sunshine, and Flamenco Music ….

Please give all our kindest regards to everybody in Knuipe

Lots of bear hugs to you on this lovely Sunday

from caren & bernd



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