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Raspi's Christmas Greetings

Dear friends,

I have a little surprise for you. As you will recall, a few weeks ago, I disappeared from the scene, so-called due to severe crumps in the belly. Well, actually, I took the magic Starship and went to Leuven. Babbelute, Crocodile and Fleur had promised to help me with the writing of my Christmas cards. While we were sitting around the kitchen table to think about the exact wording for the cards, Poppie came up with an excellent idea. She said: Raspi, you shall not only write your cards, you shall also draw these cards. So said, so done and Flurk brought us the paper and Luna the pencils.

Believe me, that was a serious job !!! Especially because the little Rapunzel always tried to bite in the pencils, and if not doing that, she wanted to scratch the paper. She is very sweet but extremely lively and sometimes she was so wild that she pushed my elbow and that I needed the eraser. Luckily for us all, at a certain moment, Missie decided to interfere and took her apart and kept her busy (thank you Missie).

And so, here are the cards for you all, with my best wishes. And I have asked Patricia to write your names with the golden pen. We have followed an alphabetical order, but of course you may prefer another card. The only thing I hope is that I have not forgotten somebody's name. And now:




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