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Patricia's Cats

Here are the pictures of my "big" friends, who bring me a lot of work, but always more joy. The group is actually divided into two parts: official Roberts cats and Strays. The official Roberts cats are: Angelface, Flurk, Madame Lapappe, Poppie, Pierewiet, Héloise, Luna (la belle princesse), Crocodile, Fleur and Babbelute. The Strays are: Dikkie Dik, Sloever, Witje, Baloo and Kapoentje. However, I must admit that the difference between the two groups is VERY thiny. Apart from Madame Lapappe, Poppie, Héloïse and Luna, they all started their career as a stray cat (which means skinny, scared, shy, hungry, dirty and desparate). I think that I do not tell lies when I say that actually Dikkie Dik can be considered already as a Roberts cat (he is closer to his 17 years and to his 16, decided a few months ago that he will stay in the neighbourhood of the garden and the house. And now that evenings are becoming colder, he found his sleeping spot in the kitchen). I know for sure that Sloeber once belonged to somebody, but I have no idea what has happened thereafter. At a certain moment, he was always around the house and has claimed one of the seats in the cats room as his bed. Kapoentje is the smallest of the Strays and even scared of flies !!! But, during Winter nights, he sleeps inside (the window of the cats' room is always open, so the cats can freely walk in and out). Baloo is the strongest of them all, but keeping distance. Although that meanwhile he learned that I will do him no evil and in most cases, he is patiently waiting on the stairs to bring him his food there. When the weather is horrible, he is sleeping on the bed in the cats' room. As you can notice, his pic is blurry, because I was not fast enough. At last, Witje arrived here about 7 years ago. He is the most shy one and dare not enter the house yet (well only the veranda so far, but not the cats' room). He was dropped here in begin October 2001 and was in a terrible bad condition. Well after 7 years of patience, efforts and lots of foods and medicaments, he made it. I even think that he is deaf. But whatever their status, they are all welcome in my little house.















  Madame Lapappe


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