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Nessun dorma

 25.9.2009 - By Mervi, Photos by Caren, Jessie and Monika

Our Four-Leaf Clover loves music and decided to have a video concert with their favourites - Italian favourite, of course, to make Giovanna feel like home! I had the great honour to be the discjockey - or is it videojockey?

Fräulein Flocke wanted to hear Gigliola Cinguetti sing 'Non ho l'età - I'm too young (for love) and what could be more suitable?

Raspi chosed Nuovi Angeli's Ragazzina. Excellent choise Raspi, I remember this song was a big hit in 1969 when I was hitch hiking in Germany and Italy. Oh, Raspi, you want to hitch hike in Italy, too? Well, I don't know if that's such a good idea. You know - the Fiats are quite small.....I see, you're thinking of Ferraris....


Gianna is a short form of Giovanna. No wonder Giovanna's favourite singer is Gianna Nannini. Well, she's a big favourite of mine, too.....I love her voice. Now let's listen to 'I maschi'


It's been so much excitement during the last weeks that Knuti (like we) hasn't been able to sleep. Besides he loves fairy tales and the story of Paul Potts really is a true fairy tale just like Knuti's own life. We have chosen the video showing Paul Pott's first performance in 'Britain's got Talent'. I just love to see how the jury's facial expressions turn from arrogant to admiring! In Youtube you can find many videos with the whole 'Nessun dorma'.

Have you wiped off your tears? Keep those handkerchiefs close to you because here's another beautiful song. I was allowed to make a wish, too, and I've chosen 'Si' by Cigliola Cinguetti.

I want to think 'Si' means YES TO LIFE!


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