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Icehockey WC 2010
Happy National Day, Germany!

3 October 2009

Knut und Giovanna celebrate with sekt and Schwarzwald cake....


and Flocke and Raspi, of course, with pink champagne! 


Thank you for your comforting words!


With this collage I want to thank you all for being there for me and my family.

Bear hugs from Erika


Flocke's household aid

23.8.2009 by Caren

 Frl. Flocke has invited me recently into her new upper cave. She was very annoyed that the new apartment lacks of pink.

As she has such a talented tenant she made him do the job, however, she did not tell me what she has promised him for being the robot.

She told me it works, otherwise she would not be able to see all her visitors in Nuremberg at a Saturday afternoon. She mentioned that she has –compared to us- a small advantage: There is no need to go shopping, all food is delivered to her house. Furthermore, she advised to hand over a print of the pic to our knusbands or to hang the enlargement of the pic over their beds! If that would not work, she said "Tell your knusbands to do the job properly or otherwise to hire Raspi as housekeeper!"


Conquering the Universe!

18.8.2009 by Caren


O, sole mio!

 12.8.2009 by Caren

Look at the lovely gondoliere and his guests, especially the new Trojka-Member to be. Unfortunately there is no room for us in that beautiful gondol. So we have to stay at home and go to our work, grrrrrrrrrrrr!


Kilt or harem pants? The choice is yours!

11.8.2009 - Collages by Caren, Original Raspi by Charlotte M

Doesn't Raspi look elegant in his kilt? His decency is quaranteed, too. Fräulein Flocke has bought a whole wardrobe of undies!!

Well, these harem pants aren't too bad either.....It lookes like they are designed by a certain Madammeken from Nuremberg. Choosing between these outfits is a mission impossible!


Happy Birthday, Flocke and Raspi!

 11.8.2009 From Minka and Ryzik



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