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 Chapture III - Dreaming

Since that morning with Papi I spent three happy, relaxed days playing, eating and sleeping in my enclosure. There were endless things to do: jutebag twirling, ball squeaking, swimming, smelling every inch of the land, rolling in the dirt, teasing the crows and best of all: enjoying my fans. The cold weather delighted me and each moment was more enjoyable than the next.


Papi and I met on the fourth morning again and it was time to tell him about my dream of Flocke.


We sat again in the courtyard, relishing each other's company. The zoo had yet to open and we enjoyed the quiet.


"Papi, I want to show you something." He smiled at me gently, looked softly into my eyes and stroked my forehead.


I began to recount the dream to him through pictures in my mind. As I revisited the scene, I remembered the white landscape, the frigid air, the cloudy sky, the whistling wind and the profound silence. I loved the silence best of all. Flocke was seated again to my left in a deep, meditative silence. To my surprise, the scene appeared a bit different this time. I could see more clearly and farther into the distance. I saw other animals there: white wolves, arctic hare, sea birds, foxes and seals. All the animals were white except the adult seals who lived mostly by the water. The animals moved slowly about the landscape, each in their own way. How beautiful!


I sensed another presence too. I could not place it in any one location.  It was everywhere and in every thing: an all-pervading, palpable force that actually seemed to animate and fill the entire vision. A deep peace increased within me. Wow! What was this? I wanted to shake my whole body, this didn't seem real. I checked to see if Papi was still there. He was right there, just the same as ever. What a strange experience! I was in the dream and sitting with Papi in the courtyard at the very same time. I felt safe to continue exploring my inner world.


The peace within me increased with every passing moment. I smiled to myself as my heart and mind opened gently in the most relaxed way. The presence I felt impressed upon me a message I can only attempt to translate here:


"Welcome home Knut. This is the place of your ancestors. This is the place in which your body was designed to thrive. You are perfectly suited for this environment, in every way. It is the same for all the other animals you see. Each of you know instinctively how to live here in perfect peace, harmony and interrelatedness."


The message continued: "At the same time, the whole world is your home. You are like the ice that melts into water, evaporates into vapor only to return again as snow. You are in everything. That which you are is nameless, formless and timeless, ever changing yet eternal. This is what you are. This is what Flocke is. This is what all the animals are. Right now your are in polar bear form but in truth, you are everything else too. I know this is hard to understand and I don't recommend that you try my dear."


A sense of intense fear came upon me. I wasn't sure why. Then, the presence continued:

"This is the fear that many humans currently feel about their environment. They fear for their own lives and yours too. They speak of "extinction." They fear that all the beautiful polar bears and their white brothers and sisters may soon disappear. There is great sadness because they love you so much and they feel very helpless and overwhelmed.


"It is important that you ignore this fear! What the humans have forgotten is that they, too are eternally everything, connected at the heart, just like you. Many of them still believe that they are separate individuals. They believe in their finite physical forms and that they have been left behind in a hostile world which is quickly disintegrating.


"Your job is to remember the peace you feel here. Remember it for the humans until they can remember it too. Many of them are awakening now to the truth of their being but they need your help and reassurance. You bring them joy, comfort and strength during this difficult time. They cannot help but laugh at your antics. The polar bear smile on your face reminds them that all is well, even in the face of all evidence to the contrary. Knut, take this message back with you into the other dream and keep shining! You are doing a great job! If you feel any fear at all, remember it is nothing. All is well. All is well."


Then, all I could see was Papi and the courtyard. I shook my head and Papi shook his too. He smiled and laughed but surprise showed in his eyes. "What was that Knuti?"


Neither of us could understand much and we both felt a bit tired. After sitting in a silent daze for a bit, we got up and walked towards the entrance to my enclosure. Papi opened the gate and I ambled slowly through. What a morning we had already! I needed a nap.

  Photo: Hartmuth


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