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Chapture I - Her name is Flocke

There I was, sitting in the old library at Universität Eisbär in downtown Berlin. As a third year inventory management major, I sat cramming for my finals in my Fisch retrieval and Jutebag counting classes. It was a bit boring and I wasn't sure why I was majoring in that except that my Papi had encouraged me, telling me I had such a natural ability and I might as well capitalize on it so that if the economy declined, I would be assured a job and a good income at all times. It came so easily to me that I rarely attended classes and when I did, I often fell asleep during the lectures. I always preferred dreams of life in my cozy enclosure, snuggling with Papi, entertaining my fans and connecting with my fellow zoo-mates. I really wished I could be a movie star but...they say that's not very practical. Can't a polar bear dream?


That's when I saw her. She wandered past the old wooden table where I sat with my books piled high. I was drooling a bit from boredom but she caught my eye immediately. She floated gracefully, like a snow flake, right past me. My heart skipped a beat and I couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed that she didn't seem to notice me. Oh! The fluffy white fur, the cute ears, the brown eyes, the little upturned mouth. I was in love.


Later that day, I was still thinking about her. I asked around a bit and found out her name: Flocke.

I admit, I got carried away when I first saw Flocke. Something about her just made me forget myself. I needed to study for my exams but I my left brain had stopped working! Focus Knut, focus! Just one more year of school and then I will be available for the job market. Make Papi proud!


Still...who was she? I could barely breathe when images of her crossed my mind. She radiated something so indescribable. Nothing else in the world mattered any more.


I needed to talk to someone. Papi? No, not yet. I didn't want to concern him with matters of the heart. He was always so understanding with me about everything but I was a bit nervous that he would put his foot down about my studies...a good disciplinarian he is! I love my Papi.


I sat at the counter at the Bär Bar, a cozy little joint not far from the Tier School District. Before me sat lay a mug of my usual fish oil/carrot juice/seal blood and a toasted croissant. I sat in a daze, trying to bring myself back to my studies despite the incessant thoughts of Flocke. What was going on with me?


Just then, Ernst appeared.


"Ernst buddy!"


"Hallo Knut. How goes the studies?"


"Not very well Ernie. You know I usually I just fly right on through but I'm really distracted right now."


"Let me guess: the fans are lining up in droves and you would rather entertain them than focus on your studies."


"Well, that is always true but this is something different. It's about a girl."


"Ahhhhhh...I know THAT one! It will pass Knut. You’re too young to be in love. You need to play the field a bit, have a laugh and a good time before you start getting serious about any one."


"I don't know Ernst. I've never felt this way before. She’s just so.....so..... I can't even find the words! I wonder if you know anything about her. Her name is Flocke.


"Oh yeah, Flocke. I've seen her around a bit. She's creating quite a stir. She's a visiting student from Nuremberg. She's a painting and dance major, ice dancing I think. Bears all over town are falling for her but she doesn't seem to notice. She's a bit quiet and mysterious."


I suddenly drifted into my own reverie about Flocke. I could barely contain myself. I nearly forgot that Ernst, my long-time childhood pal, was sitting right next to me. I envisioned the delicate, ethereal Flocke gracefully dancing on the ice and producing works of art so powerful and beautiful they would turn all of Europe on it's head. This was an altogether new experience for me and I wasn't sure I, King Knut, could handle it.


Chapture II (Betsy)

Chapture II (Birgit)



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