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Magic Moments - Leaf
There are so many magic moments I hold dear in my memory and my heart, of our Knuti and Papi together, most of them ordinary, daily chores and activities.
The little moments such as Knuti looking up his Papi when being transported to his new playground, and Thomas laughing at Knuti responsiveness, like a little human child would. 
Or Knuti playing in the sand and biting Thomas playfully when the doctor came in to give him an antibiotic. Or when Knuti was taking a bath and then Thomas wrapped him up in a towel and carried him in his arms. Or when Knuti didn't want to be weighted, and Papi patiently waited negotiating the whole process. Or when Knuti ran after his Papi when called: Kommm.. Knuti, Kommm! Or when Knuti jumped into water copying his adopted human father. When they cuddled together, and hugged, and just were there together, side by side.
These are the most precious magical moments I remember the most. 


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