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Knuti's looking for a holiday cave

28.02.2009 von Teddybärenmutti und Caren
Bilder: Teddybärenmutti und Mervi
Translation into English: Patricia Roberts, Mervi

To Travel Agency Knutitours 
The Chief Ms Auntie Mervi

Dear Auntie Mervi!

You have always helped me. Last summer you organized such a nice holiday for Daddy and me. We had a splendid time together.

We can't do that next summer. You do understand that don't you? My dear Daddy has so much to do in the Heavenly Zoo that he has no time for a holiday. Poor Daddy.... 

Anyway - it's so fun to have holiday. This summer I want to have vacation with my, well, with my dearest Flocke. My friend Raspi will join us. They both don't know yet what a holiday is. Since I'm a little older I know! I have some very beary experience!

  When you have holiday you can sing.....

  and you can dance!

Here is the letter/request for a HolAp (you people call it a holiday apartment). Since we bears need much more space we'll be needing a HoCa - a holiday cave!

Dear Auntie Mervi, I'm sure you understand that we bears are not so good in writing official letters. We want to do things simple - with big paws. Auntie Caren has kindly helped me to write a very polite request:


Wanted : vacation caves accommodation, all inclusive.

Solvent, reliable, friendly and orderly 3-er WG, NR, having their four feet firmly on the ground, living together in a German-Russian friendship, having a great liking for croissants, crispbread as well as fresh carps, and so forth. are looking in the best central location in Füssen / Allgäu / Germany for a spacious vacation/weekend caves accommodation with two separate sleeping stables, if possible with tiled floor, having a spacious outside plant, suitable for ball games.

Special condition; terrace with direct access to swimming pool (carps allowed), large orchard for back rubbing, big sandbox for wallowing sessions, mulch heaps for daily naps desirable. Please no heating, ground heating out of question, if possible, garage close to house.

We would desire three meals per day and twice to three times per week an ice pudding, croissants and crispbread, as well as seedless grapes in sufficient quantities by way of small in-betweens. Cold meals preferred.

nternet with DSL-connection is utterly required.

We can already recommend good and solvent tenants (Finnish knuple Mr. and Mrs. Teddybärenmutti).

Our agent, Mrs. MERVI is already looking forward to receiving your serious applications/letters with pictures and reasonable prices.

Member Knu/Flo/Ra c/o Knutitours, Sweden


Knutitours/Malmö Am Bärischen Datum

An mein sehr geehrter Freund Knut
Zoo Bärlin

I'm always happy to help you. It's a great pleasure for me! I have found a holiday cave for you and your friends Flocke and Raspi. 



By the way - let me compliment you on your elegant Lederhosen!

Here's the offer from Herr Graf Frantzl und Frau Gräfin Mietzl von un zu Bärenburg.

Greetings from Auntie Mervi


Sehr Geehrte Herr Prinz Knut von und zu Bärlin Bärenviertel.

Thank you for your most kind request via Knutitours. We are very pleased to know that you - the most famous bear in the world - will spend your holidays with us. It's a great pleasure and honour for us.

We can offer you, your dear girlfriend and your best friend (maybe his girlfriend will join you?) a very nice holiday cave with very cosy atmosphere and of course, with all possible comfort:

- A very nice cave
- A sporty Kurort
- A cave decorated with best possible taste (in royal style)
- Two private lakes and a rives filled with trouts
- Free swimming, diving and plitsch-platsch playing in the private lakes (no risk for the yellow press)
- Lots of balls, buckets, surfing boards - whatever you want!
- Four meals a day - with seven dishes!
- An excellent snack-bar
- A Bavarian evening
- A Tirolian evening
- A meet-friends-evening
- The Fish Society's Evening with music
- Free Internet

Your wishes are our law! We have already made the reservation.

You are beary welcome!

Yours Frantzl and Mietzl

PS. Enclosed you will find a picture of our holiday cave and of us.

  Frantzl und Mietzl





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