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Knuti's Summer Holiday
Story by Teddybärenmutti, Images by Mervi
Original Knuti, Flocke and TD by Christina M, Marion K, Viktor

-Knut, Knut, Knut! Are you still sleeping, Wake up, it’s Daddy! 
- Hmfm jah. No, I’m not sleeping, I’m dreaming… 
- Have you done your packing yet? 
- Yes. Everything’s ready for the holiday. 
- KNUT! We are going for a holiday, we’re not moving! You don’t have to take all your toys with you. We’ll be back soon.
- But Daddy, I love my toys.

 - Knut, you must choose. We are already in a hurry, the night watch will be here any minute now… 
- OK. I only take my Teddybear and your Teddybear with us. 
- My Teddybear?? 
- I’ll explain it to you later. 
- Papi! Why are you driving Knurzedes Bärz? A BMV (BärenMotorWerk) should be more knutish.

- Knut! Please, don’t complain! 


- I also got a Knuvigator as birthday present. I will now write ‘Aunt Mervi. Let’s drive to Sweden’. 
- Papi. I’d like to ask you a question. Does anybody cuddle yur?
- Why do you ask?


- Well, I was just wondering.. Herr Doktor Bl…Blä…Bla..Why must that man have a name noboby can pronounce? He came to me one day and said I mustn’t cuddle you anymore. He said I would injure you. Daddy, I swear, I would never harm you in any way. I love you! 



- Dear Knut, my sonny. Forget it. But why did you want to give me a teddybear?

- Dear Daddy, I remember so well when we could hug each other. Since it’s forbidden now I hug my teddybear, close my eyes and imagine it’s you. I hope when you’re hugging your teddybear you’re imagining your huggin your Knuti! A little complicated but it works!!
- I think I understand. 


- I just want someone to hug you, Daddy, you are so dear to me…
- PAPI! Will you let me drive the car?
- NO! 
- Why not? 
- Because you have no driving licence. That’s why! 


- But I’ve seen you driving…PLEASE, PLEASE, DADDY!
- OK. But first we have to get away from the Autobahn.



- Daddy! Driving a car is such fun!!!

- Polizei? I thought he looks like the man in the cashier’s office at the zoo and he just wanted to wave and wish us a good journey…


- Good evening! May I see your papers, please.

- Good evening to you, too. What papers would you like to see? We have Bild Zeitung, Berliner Kurier and New York Times…


- Daddy, why did the man faint? I just smiled and wanted to help. Shall I put my paw on his forehead?


- Dear Knuti, it’s very kind of you but I think we’d better continue as fast as possible to Auntie Mervi..
- Oh, look there’s a big bridge! I want to have a bridge between my enclosure and Mami’s and Papa’s enclosure. Then I could visit my parents and my aunts as often as I want to.. 
- Please, Knuti, stop that hootering!
- But hootering is so funny! 
- MERVIIII,Miffeeeee, Knuspaaaand!. Are you ready to join us??????????? 
- Oh, yes! Let’s go! 


- Auntie Mervi, are you afraid? Don’t be afraid – I can drive very well. 
- Stockholm! Look at that big ship!!!!


- Knuti, I think it’s better I’ll drive the car to the ferry. Now you have to act like a teddybear. It’s safer – the passengers won’t be alarmed if they think you’re a big teddy.

- Oh, you mean like Bruno? 
- Exactly!

- I’ve never travelled by ferry before…
- Daddyyyy! I’m having such fun here in the children’s ‘ballsee’. They believe I’m Bruno….Now I’m HUNGRY! HUNGRY, HUNGRY!!!
- Knuti, we’ll be eating here in our cabin.

- “A special See Lunch”. That sounds yammy! Suits me fine!
- Daddy, I like this Åland and
Turku archipelago! There are a lot of small islands – we can go swimming and fishing…Fun!
Papii. Meeerviiiii, Mifffeee, Knusband!!!! Look – I can see Teddybärenmutti with her knusband and all the teddies! Wave, wave, wave!!!!

- I wish you welcome to
Turku. Did you have a good journey? And now I’ll drive first and lead you to our destination!
- We are in a harbour again. That’s a very little ship. Where are we sailing?


- Knuti, Knuti, take it easy!!


- Daddyyyy, I can see a funny house with a tower…


- It’s a lighthouse.


-  A tower with lights in the middle of the see. Why, Daddy?


- It’s for the captains of the ships. With the help from the lighthouse they can navigate safely.

- I want to visit the lighthouse!!

- That’s our destination, little Knuti. 
- Papi, there are no trees – just stones. Can I go swimming?? 
- Of course, but don’t swim too far. We’ll be eating soon. 
- Split, splat, splitschhhh – Daddyyyy, I love this pool… 
- Knuti, it’s not a pool – it’s a sea. 
- Whatever – I love to swim here! 

- PAAAPIIII !!!!!! There are a lot of fish here. May I catch a few?
- Catch as many as you like! The yellow press isn’t here writing about Knuti killing the poor fish…. 
- Hahhahhöhöhah. I certainly hope so..

 - First I will catch some small fish for Miffe… 

- Daddy, you said that on a holiday we can do things differently from our usual ways. You’re always feeding me at the zoo so I’d like to feed you now. Attention – here comes a salmon flying….
- Merviiiiiiiiii !!!! Open your mouth, here comes a salmon for you, too!
I’m singing a Swedish schnaps song: Laxen kommer. laxen kommer. Trallallaaa. Snapsen kommer, snapsen kommer tralllallaaaaa... 
- Tedybääärenmuuttiiiii !!!!! 
Would you like to have a salmon, too or shall I catch something else? 
- I’ll have anything you catch! 
- Knut!
It’s getting very late – time for us to go to bed!

- Shall we take a nap? 
- No, it’s night and we are going to sleep.


- Daddy, are you crazy – sleep in the middle of the day. Look – it’s still very light… 
- It’s already
11 o’clock in the evening. Tomorrow we’ll go on spending a holiday. Now – marsch to the bed!
- Papi, it can’t be night. I want to go swimming, fishing, hunting seals…. 
- KNUTI! Clean your teeth and go to bed. NOW!!! 
- Why are we pretending it’s night although it’s daytime? 

- Here in Scandinavia it’s always light in the summer time – even at night. In the Winter it’s always very dark. I’m very tired  and want to sleep now. Good Night! 

- Why are we pretending it’s night although it’s daytime? 
- Here in Scandinavia it’s always light in the summer time – even at night. In the Winter it’s always very dark. I’m very tired  and want to sleep now. Good Night! 


- Hmmmm. I don’t understand this…I have to knuugle this when I’m back home…


 - Papi, is it morning or is it night? 
- It is morning now.

- But Daddy, how do the people know what time of the day it is? 
- Watches, Knuti, they have watches… 

- I have no watch. I think I need a watch! So these people have to watch their watches to know when to go to bed and when to get up? I’m used to go to bed when it’s dark and wake up when it’s light…I must discuss this with Auntie Teddybärenmutti and Auntie Mervi. I think this is very funny…in a strange way… 


-  Yesterday I ate so much my gorgeous belly is still very full…but fishing is such fun. 

- Miffeeee!!!. Do you want some fish? 
- knijauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 
- Who else wants some fresh fish? Oh, there’s a boat coming with lots of people…I recognize some of them,  oh, they are Knutians, what a surprise. How did they know I’m here on holiday???
- Hallo Dumba! Hallo Annemarie! Hallo Doro! Hallo Sylvia! Hallo Angelika! Hallo Viktor! Hallo Marlene! Hallooooo ALLEN! And Knuseau, of course! 


 -  I bet you're hungry! I must catch more fish for you.JIHHUUUU 
- Simone, Christina, Barbara, Evi, Marion, Gudrun, Viktor! May I borrow your cameras and shoot some pictures? I've never taken photos before...
- Everybody, please, say KNUUUUT! And SMILE!

 -  Dear Knuti, we must have a serious discussion with you. We understand very well that you and your Daddy need a vacation but there's a big hullabaloo in Baerlin! The press is screaming loud! You should see the headlines!


- Knuti, you must come back to Berlin

- NO, NOOO, NOOOOO! I love it here. I love this holiday thing!
- Aber, Lieber Knut, the whole world is worrying! 
-Mein, Lieber Söhnlein, Daddy thinks, too, we'd better go back to Baerlin. 
- Why can't we have our holiday?
- Maybe we'll have another holiday very soon!
- Will you swear, Daddy! 

 -  Dear Knuti, even Teddybärenmutti thinks we'd better go back as soon as possible. Maybe you and Daddy can visit me in Bavaria?   

-  Okay, tears, tears....But I want to travel with Auntie Mervi, her knusband and Miffe! 
- Teddybärenmutti. I'm sure we'll be having a holiday together very soon!
- I'll be waiting for you. Maybe we can pay a visit to Flocke, too. How about that?

A couple of days later in Baerlin:

- Now everything's back to normal again. I have a lot of organizing to do.  
- Depressed? Moi? I'm very ANGRY about the headlines!!

-  Hmmm, The idea of visiting Flocke is not so bad. Not bad at all! I must make some plans! 

 Danke Liebe Admin! Danke Onkel Marcus! Danke Onkel Ronnie! Mama, Papa, Tanten! 

Would you like to see some photos and videos? I have taken the pictures myself!

I have also a few buckets filled with fish that I caught - I guarantee it's all very fresh!





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