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Knuti's Ailing

Story by Teddybärenmutti, Images by Mervi
Original Knuti, Flocke and TD by Viktor, Hartmuth, SylviaMicky, Yeo

 - Knut, Knut, Papi's Mäuschen, Come, come. We must hurry!

- I'm sorry Daddy but I can' go anywhere, I'm feeling very sick.
- Have you fever? 

- Yes, no, I don't know. What is fever? It's buzzing in my cute ears. My head feels dizzy. My gentle heart is saying bumbudibumpudiflockbumbudibum. Me honeypaws are aching. It feels like the butterflies and bees have built a nest in my stomach. My back paws feel like well done spaghetti. I don't feel like playing with my toys, I don't want to go swimming. I just want to lie here. Sorry, Daddy, I can't move!

- No, Knuti. That won't do. We have already informed everybody that your pool must be cleaned because there are so much alga...That's why you can't stay here. Imagine, Knuti, Uncle Marcus and Uncle Ronnie must work very hard in this heat. You're lucky to have your cave!
- I see. I think you'd better call Dr Schüle at once! Maybe he can cure me with his awful needles and disgusting pills. 

- Dr Schüle is having vacation and I don't think he's able to help you this time.

- WHAT? I'm ailing and Dr Schüle is just lying on the beach! 

- Knut, be a real polar bear and not a teenage girlie. Now get into the car. Where's your present to Flocke?
- I don't know - maybe you can find it. Are we going to visit Flocke?? 
- Ich weiss es nicht. 
- KNUUUT!!!!!! Will you read the instructions on the Knuvigator?
 - Knurvi, no, Doro, no, Viktor, oh no, Sylvia, Teddybärenmutti, I can't handle this....

 - Knut, We are not going to visit your dear Knutians....
- Daddy, you can drive without this stupid Knuvigator! 


- Daddy, Have you ever met a girl?
- But of course, I've met a lot of girls... 

- What do you say to a girl?
 - I don't know. That's up to you to decide what you want to say.
- Daddy, why are you laughing? Why don't you help me? It's all so difficult. I'm so sick and you make me travel. Now I have to think very intensively! Shall I say Good morning or what?

- Well, that's not so suitable because we'll be there in the evening.
- Why don't you just growl 'MRRRRRGRRRR'?

- Daddy, now you're making fun of me!

- Look, Knuti, there's a flower shop. Let's by a bunch of beautiful roses to Frau Vera and a rose bush to Flocke. You can plant it together.

- Well, Knut, don't forget the flowers and Flocke's gifts! Now you're on your own! Daddy will pick you up tomorrow. Enjoy your visit!

- PAAPIIII! Why don't you come with me. I feel so shy.... 

- Knuten Abend, Geehrte Frau Vera! Greetings from Berlin.

- Oh, you must be Knuti. Flowers for me? Thank you so much. I'm sure you want to meet my daughter Flocke. I'm so glad you came to visit her because sometimes she feels very lonely. The stupid pedagogues call it  weaning process. Now, hurry up and go to Flocke, I'll find a vase for the flowers.
-------------------------- ----------------------------------- 

--KNUUTU, KNUUUUT, KNUUUT, Is that you? I'm here!
- I'm running, I'm running....
- Dear Knuti! I can hardly believe you are here!

- Oh yes, more than 200 kilos real Knuti!

 - I brought a rose bush with me, Daddy suggested we could plant it together. I understand you like gardening, too...
- Yes, I do. Are all these gifts for me? A pink bucket, squeaky ball and a fender. Oh, so many gifts! 

- I hope you like them. 

- Do I like them? They will be my favourite toys! Maybe you would like to freshen up after the long drive from Berlin? Shall we go swimming in my pool? 

- Let's go! Yippeee....Isn't it nice to swim and dive together? Yippeee!!!!

- Don't be afraid, dear Flocke - it's only me and my surfing board!

- I guess you must be hungry by now, Knuti.
- Well, I'm always hungry....

- I've got some salmon from Lapland, steaks from Kobe, croissants from Paris and grapes from Italy. How about that?


- I've got something to eat for you, too!

- What? Did you bring me potatoes?

- Hihihiii...Oh no, I just wanted to tease you a little. Of course, I bought you a nice box of chocolades!

- Thank you, Flocke, for the wonderful dinner!

- You're welcome. Now I want to show you my enclosure. Here's my playground - you can play with all my toys! There's my own forrest where I retire when my visitors get too noisy. There's my mommy's enclosure - I guess you already met her. My father's enclosure is also there but he's on a business trip in Denmark. Shall we play a little? Do you know the game 'Head in a bucket'? It's great fun!!
- Yeah, that sounds like fun! Let's play! 

- Now it's time to go to bed. Daddy and I must drive back tomorrow morning. Good night, dear Flocke! I must sleep in the guest cave - Daddy said we're are still so young...I don't quite understand it but my Daddy is a very wise man. See you in the morning! I wish you'll come and visit me in Berlin - maybe you could come and live there....

- Guten Morgen Knutchen! Are you ready? We have to leave now.
- I'd like to stay here, daddy!

- I understand but it's not possible. What have said to Flocke? 

- A bear doesn't always reveal all his secrets....

Daddy, I'd like to send a couple of post cards. 

To Dr Schüle: I'm cured and feeling great! Without needles and pills!!

To Uncle Ronnie and Uncle Marcus: I hope you're having a great time cleaning my pool, hahaa....









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