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Things have been rolling along here so well that I have spent most of my time at the Die Knuipe! What a great staff we have here.

Our dear Friend, the Lady Maraen Bear and her Kitty, were so excited a few days ago. She was just bubbling when she came into the kitchen. It seems that the Knuitians purchased extra goodies for Knuti and also for her. Her sweet Friend, Thomas Dorflein, whom she loves dearly, brought her a jar of honey, some croissants and her Kitty had a bowl of sweet cream and a tiny fish. You should see her. Her little eyes were sparkling and she had the biggest smile on her darling face! You should see her Summer fur/do! It is trimmed very short and kind of spiky. She had on the largest golden hoops I have ever seen on a bear! What a Sweetheart she is!!! When I told her of the coat drive in honour of Barbara and Teddibarenmutti for the homeless animals in the back forrest, well . . . she started to cry with joy. And Kitty crawled on her shoulder and licked her tears away. Of course, then I started to cry . . .

You should have been here last night! We had a reception for our Dr. Schuele and his new bride. The place was decorated in the most beautiful shades of peach and white. We were able to locate some small peach trees with the fruit still hanging on the tree and placed them around the dining room. What a handsome couple they make!

I don't know how the cake came here! I SWEAR!!!! But of course, now that the cake is here it would be a pity not to taste it......

Our menu was light, at the request of the Bride and Groom. There were many trays of sliced fruits, baskets made from watermelon and cantalope filled with fruit and cheese and a cheese sculptor in the shape of two wedding bells. We had a group playing Classical music and hundreds of candles on the tables. Our leader, Mervi, presented the couple with gift certificates for dinners at Mervi's Fireside Cafe and a bottle of DP. What a night to behold. We wish them all the success and many years of wedded bliss.

Eva G, Super Chef
Mervi's Fireside Cafe

Father's Day

Today we are honoring all the Dads here with us and those we have in our hearts!!!

All the members of THE Dream Team have come to The Cafe for a lovely lunch to honor them. We have Thomas, Ronny and Markus here with their families. Of course we have Knuti here, too!!!

You should see our white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears! He has dressed himself in a bow tie, vest and matching roller skates in all the colours of the rainbow. There are little lights twinkling on the tie, on the vest and on his roller skates! There was a tiny mishap when he spilled water on his foot . . . sort of a sharp jolt from the lights. He jumped up into the air and did a flip coming down in the lap of Mervi. She had a startled, wide eyed look as the tiny bolt shot thru her, too! The waiter got up and dusted her off and she is no worse for the wear! Well, her beautiful red hair now has a curl to it but otherwise, she is fine.

The Dream Team enjoyed a lunch of roasted duck, fresh green beans sauted with bacon and onion, a stuffing of cornbread, mashed potatoes with bits of blue cheese and a delightful tray of cherry tomatoes stuffed with tiny bits of lobster. For dessert they enjoyed a creation of angel food cake layers filled with pineapple and whipped cream. For the kiddies, there was also a plate of chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and bowls of ice cream.

Before lunch, Doro got up and toasted the Dream Team for their loving work with Knuti and read a poem she wrote especially for the occasion. So the children would not feel left out, we gave them glasses of sparkling cider (which looked like champagne) and champagne for the grown-ups! The Lady Maraen Bear presented each member of the Dream Team with scarves that she had knitted with her own tiny little hands/paws to wear when the weather turned cold this Winter. Her Kitty, who is always with her, presented the Dads with tiny pins each holding a picture of Knuti when he was a tiny baby!

It was a warm, loving luncheon to which all the Knutians enjoyed!

And to finish off the luncheon, all the plates were scraped and the contents placed in several platters along with the left-overs in the kitchen and taken out back to the homeless animals. So, there was much love and many hugs and kisses passed around at Mervi's Fireside Cafe today!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Dads and to the Moms where were both Mothers and Dads to their children!


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