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Polar Bear Babes

Story by Teddybärenmutti, Caren
Images and translation into English by Mervi
Originalphotos by Manuela R, Viktor, Spreewaldmarion, video by Bauz

- Knut, why are you not in your enclosure? Why are you sitting here by the mailbox?
- I was waiting for you Mr Postman. Have you any mail for me? 

- But of course! There always fan mail for you. Nobody else gets so many fan letters than you, Knut.

- Oh, now I'm curious - have you anything particular for me today?
- Actually, yes I have! Here are five letters from different countries...they smell so good, I think the senders have put some perfume in the letters. Here's a pink envelope, a pale blue, a yellow, pale green and a violet envelope. Oh, they smell so good....

- Where do the letters come from?
- From Malmö, WAT, Connecticut, Heidelberg, München, Turku...where the hell is Turku?
- Nothing from Nuremberg?????
- No. 
- Thank you Mr Postman. Are you quite sure there's no letter from Nuremberg?
- Quite sure!

- Hemmetin neukku! ( That stupid Russian!!!) 
- What did you say?

- Nothing. Well, it was something I once heard Teddybärenmutti say...
- Knut, Knut, Rasputin is a nice young polar bear. 
-  No, Daddy. He's not a nice guy. He has stolen my dear Flocke!

- Knuti, my son, I understand - that's not nice.

Link: Knutis Dream

- You stupid, stupid, blonde Flocke! So you keep playing with that blasted Rasputin-Russian.Hahaa....there are other ice bear girls in this world. Now, let's see - which letter shall I open first? This is so exciting!
An Herrn Eisbär Knut! 
Bärenviertel. Zoo Bärlin 
Dear Herr Knuti! 

I have seen your add in KWM. Since you are so famous I already feel I know you. I have also seen you in rbb and in Knuti-TV.
I'm a young ice bear girl who would like to make your acquaintance. I think we would make a lovely couple. I'm a very sporty girl - I love to swim and dive. I enjoy good food - especially croissants! Salmon is my favourite food and it tastes best when you catch it yourself.

I would be very happy if you wanted to meet me. Oh, you're so famous. I'm looking forward to your answer.
Ms Unknown 


Dear Herr Eisbär Knuti! 

I think I know you already since you are so often in newspapers and on TV - you're the most famous polar bear in the world. I'm surprised you're looking for a girlfriend! I'm a little shy but now I decided to be brave and write to you.

Maybe you want to know something about me? I'm a young polar bear girl - not an auntie yet! My fur is very white and beautifully fluffy. I love to play with my toys. I love to eat often and much. I hope we could play together with our toys!

I know you're a famours polar bear but I'm hoping for an answer...
Ms Sweet 

Knutschen Knuuti! 

Do you feel lonely? No, you're not alone. You have so many friends all over the world. I've seen your add in KWM. You said you would like to dance with a girlfriend. Well, I love to dance so we would make a perfect couple. Maybe we'll be soon dancing a jutebag tango?
Knut, I don't want you to feel lonely. When will you be at home - I'm coming soon! 

You don't have to tell me about yourself - I have already read everything about you in Wikipedia!

Ms Merry

An Herrn Knuti! Bärenviertel, Bärliner Zoo 
Dear Knuti! 

May I say 'dear' to you? I can understand you feel a bit lonely. I feel alone, too. Of course, I have my keepers but they aren't polar bears!
I have a dream! I dream of handsome male bear with whom I could play, dance, dive, swim and eat! I love playing and eating. It would all be much more fun if we were together - don't you agree?  

My fur is very fluffy after I have brushed it. Everybody says my eyes are very pretty. I hope you think so, too. Of course, you must meet me before you can say you like my fluffy fur and my bright eyes!
My greatest hope is that you will answer me soon. 
Ms Shy

Lieber Herr Knuti in Bärenviertel, in Bärlin! 
Hihih. I'm a lonely ice bear girl who saw your add in Knuti-TV. I'm sure you will fall in love with me at first sight!

My fur is shining white and fluffy. I always take very good care of my fur. There mustn't be any stains in my fur!! That's why I go swimming very often. You know, I've seen you in the Panda and Gorilla show and your fur sometimes looks very dirty. That won't do. Du are a polar bear and the polar bears are white!I'm convinced that you need me. I want to go swimming with you so your fur remains white all the time.

I love to eat grapes but only as a dessert.

It would be wonderful to be together with you. We could wave our paws to your audience. But you really have to do something to your enclosure. I'd love to make it clean and the furnish it with new furniture. Please, tell me - when can we meet?
Ms Faithful
PS. I'm sure we will love each other forever! 

Hmmm, five nice letters. Now I have to think. What shall I do next? I'm soooo curious. I have to meet all five girls. But where, when and how?

I'm just wondering why Flocke, Lara, Ewa and Zucker haven't written to me. Maybe they don't read the papers??
A nap will do me good  -  maybe I should eat something first. How can I think with an empty stomach. Thinking is very tiring and demanding....

I think I need a salmon. I must call for Auntie Gudrun. TANTE GUDRUN! WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE'S MY SALMON?


Oh, there's one more letter. I didn't notice it first...and such a lovely stamp!

My dearest Knuti,


You know, everbody (including me) is very happy that the Russian bear Rasputin temporarily plays with me.


Your Knutian friends are so worried about you, my dear friend, still being alone. I'd like to calm you by telling you that it's really nice to have someone to play with. Although, sometimes it's really hard, for example when I want to nap and Raspi is very eager to go on playing. And he brums even in the middle of the night so loud that I can't have my beauty sleep! By the way - I'm learning Russian!


The tire in my drawing room isn't there anymore. You know the thing I used as bed, balcony, sleigh, a hiding place....and a lot more...My people are so excited about Raspi that they've forgotten to give me a new. That's not nice is it??


Now I'm revealing a secret but I just have to tell you this. I'm not allowed to 'nuckeln' my dummy anymore!!! Can you imagine? They've taken away my dummy! Yes, Knuti, I'm beary sad about it. And my crispbread - I have to SHARE it. Would you be willing to share your croissants with anybody - except me, of course?

I'm sure you understand it isn't so easy to be introduced to another eisbear. Not easy at all! But Raspi is quite a nice fellow. You don't have to be jealous - he's just a little wild sometimes. Don't be sad, Knuti, the life as a single has it's bright sides. You also have your Wild Herd. How about a little trip to Stuttgart? I'd like to meet my cousin Wilbär before he moves to the Swedish internat. As you see the polar bears' lives are filled with changes at the moment.  How is it with you? Do you know anything about your future yet?

If they send you a polar bear girl - promise me, Knuti, that you will wait for me, Flocke, the Heroine of the Ice Seas! Please, don't forget me. I'm thinking of you all the time, dear Knuti...Unfortunately you're just too big for me at this moment - that's what my boss says.


Please, give my best regards to my father-in-law Lars and my mother-in-law Tosca, will you`? I hope to meet you soon! 

Bear hugs from your faithful friend Flocke, the Ice Princess in Nuremberg 


To be continued ...:Answers and Invitations



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