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Flocke visits Knuti - Part V

Story: Teddybärenmutti
Images and translation into English: Mervi
Originalphotos: Frau Schnatterliese, Manuela R, Viktor, Hartmuth




- Dear Knut, should I wear earrings? Or would a bracelet be more suitable? 

- It doesn't matter, dear Flocke, you look always so smashing and elegant. 

 Flockekampaa.jpg picture by knutitours

 - Oh, Knutie, I'm so excited, my paws are shaking...

- Wny?
- Well, this is the first time I'll meet your parents and your aunties. It's so exciting. What will they think of me?
- My darling Flocke, they love me soooo much and I'm sure they'll love you very much, too!

- What shall I talk about with your parents? The weather? Food? Winter? 
- Don't you worry, my parents and my aunties are really nice bears.
- Let's go then. Here are the flowers and Papa's Whiskybottle.

- Wait a moment! I must get my pink purse! 

- Lars! LAARS! LAARS! Am I beautifully fluffy? Should I brush my fur once more?

Toscameikkaa.jpg picture by knutitours
- It looks fine to me...

- LARS! You didn't even look....Shall I brush my fur once more?

- Suit yourself. Maybe I should brush my beard?
- Your beard, your beard - who cares!! Why don't you shave it off...
- WHAT? I'm very proud of my beard!
- Snif, snif...Dear Lars, our little Knuti has a girlfriend. Snif, snif...but he will always be my baby boy...Somehow I feel so old. LARS! Can you see if I have any grey hairs?
- Maybe...
- LAARS? What did you say? Have I got grey hair? WHERE???

- Grey hair is very elegant.
- I don't want grey hair, I want white hair...
- Tosca, why are you so nervous?

- Our dear boy is coming with his girlfriend. I'm so thrilled!
- Just take it easy! Oh, here they are! 

appivanhemmat.jpg picture by knutitours

- Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, Fräulein Flocke!
- Danke Tante Tosca, Danke Onkel Lars. Danke Tante Katjuscha, Danke Tante Nancy! I have some treats for you - flowers and a bottle of whisky.
- Oh, such lovely flowers!

- I like to relax with a whisky on the rocks in the evening. Thank you dear Flocke! 

- And now it's time for dinner. And Lars, remember - nobody's throwing the food into your big mouth!!

karhumiddag.jpg picture by knutitours

- Thank you for the dinner! The food was delicious. The steaks were so yammy and we loved the cookies and ice cream, too.
- Fräulein Flocke, how long are you staying in Bärlin?
- I'm going back to Nuremberg tomorrow. 

- So soon? When are you coming back?
- I don't know. I must go to school. Maybe I come to Berlin when I have holidays. Or maybe Knut can come and visit me? 

- Mama, Papa, Tanten, we have to leave now. My neighbours are having a party tonight and we're invited. Besides - Flocke must do some packing, too.

- Of course. We understand. Please, come back soon, dear Flocke!

Wink, Wink, Wink.....

larsundtosca2.jpg picture by knutitours

- Dear Lars, they are so beautiful and they seem to be very much in love! Do you remember how it was to be young?

- Of course I remember! We were so in love... 
- WHAT? We WERE in love??? Don't you love me anymore?
- I will always love you, my circus princess! May I kiss your lakritznase?

 tahtitaivas1.jpg picture by knutitours




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