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The Dream of Knuti's Birthday

Dear fellow Knutians, today I had two boring meetings so I let my fantasy fly. Here’s the result:


I started to imagine how Knuti’s birthday would be if all the Knutians could be in Berlin the 5th of December.


Suddenly the beautifully Christmas decorated city is invaded by (mostly) middle aged women (many of them have red hair, some natural, some from a bottle) from the whole world. They are all heading for the Zoo. Who are these people talking about peace, love and understanding? – Heinz, are they some kind of retro hippies? – Ach nein, Jutta,  I heard they call themselves knuppies.


At the Zoo there’s an exhibition of art showing the best pictures from Hartmuth, Leafpure, Deta and all the photoaunties. The exhibition is a great success!


Knuti’s already waiting for his fans waving with his paws. His fur is shining white and the ‘lakritznase’ is cuter than ever.


In front of Knuti’s enclosure the atmosphere is really international.. I love you Knuti in all possible languages is heard over and over again. It takes a couple of hours before everybody has said ‘hello, I love you’ so the program is a little delayed. But now it begins:


Dr Blaschkewitz makes a longish speech without saying anything – everybody’s looking very serious. A polite applause follows. Clydene translates the speech to both German (!) and English  – now everybody’s giggling and she’s awarded by a real BIG hand! We all begin to be in high spirits.


After the speech Thomas Dörflein does a karaoke version of My Teddybear. Everybody want to touch the good shephard and the security people only barely manage to prevent the female Knutians from entering the stage.


When the situation is under control again Kepi recites her lovely poem about love and trust between Knuti and Daddy.  What’s that klicking sound? The handbags opening when the audience suddenly seems to be needing a hankie.


When all the tears have been wiped off the Knupsmühle Sisters sing ‘Keine Angst, Knuti Bär’ (lyrics by Doro II). The audience sings along and everybody’s having a great time!


Now it’s time for the Schuhplattlers - The RAM (Ronnie, André, Marcus) – dressed in traditional Bavarian outfit, lederhosen und hut, gives a performance that isn’t from this world! The audience begins to dance, too. A lady Knutian twists her ancle and Dr Schüle kindly offers his help. All of a sudden there’s a queue of about 100 women claiming they’ve twisted their ancles, too. When Dr Schüle makes it clear he can’t treat them all and a miracle happens. The ladies’ speedy recovery is amazing….


When the birthday guests have taken some deep breaths after the dancing session Blue_Jay recites one of her beautiful poems – time for hankies again!


After that  the KFA barks and miaows their congratulations to Knuti. The birthday child enjoys and appreciates it very much!


Knupsmühle Sisters sing ”Die Gitarre und der Bär’ (lyrics by Doro II) – accompanied by Thomas Dörflein.


Now– it’s about time Knuti thinks- the croissant cake is brought in to Knuti’s enclosure. There’s no candle on it – why should there be – you can’t eat candles!! The object of the big celebration starts, of course, cutting or maybe I should say, biting the cake. Daddy Dörflein tries to remind Knuti that it’s usual to treat the quests, too, with a little piece of the cake but Knuti chooses not to hear him.


As to the birthday presents – Knuti gets a lot of ‘jute sacks’ filled with croissants, squeeaky balls and other toys. Eva Gregory has brought yammy homemade croissants!! Knuti’s very happy knowing that he now has toys for the whole next year! I guess the croissants only last a day or two…The Finnish delegation gives Knuti a croissant shaped sauna. The Finns are, indeed, amazing innovaters! There’s also a football with painted croissants on it – signed by Pelé. It must be from Luisa! From the KFA Knuti receives a bell he can ring when the food isn’t there in time..


While Knuti continues to open his presents the International Knutians Choir  sings ‘Happy Knurthday dear Knuti, knuppy birthday to you’. Oh, it’s started snowing!! Knuti looks so lovely when the snowflakes are slowly falling down on his fur. What a wonderful sight! Now we are all feeling the true Christmas spirit. This is Knuti magic!!!


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