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Chapture VI - The Flying Ship

 Rosemary  23.01.2008
The animals were all running around and wondering what to do next, when suddenly Miffe shouted "What on earth is that?" They all looked up to where she was pointing and there in the sky was a rather odd black dot, which looked like it was moving, and coming towards them. “Oh my goodness, what’s going on?” squeaked Fry, who is not a very brave cat at the best of times. As they watched, they realised that the dot was turning into a shape, and that shape was a ship.

The ship was sailing towards them through the sky: it was a great sailing ship, with three masts, and in full sail – it was the most glorious sight sailing across the blue sky with its flags flying. All the people down below looked up in absolute amazement as the ship slowly came in to land, very gently, on a grassy area in the zoo.

After a little while a hatch opened in the side of the ship, a gangplank was laid down, and a man came out. Floyd, Fry and Lila shrieked “Daddy!!!!” and rushed towards him, rubbing round his legs and purring loudly. “I made you this boat” he said modestly.

They all followed him up the gangplank and into the ship. It was even bigger inside than from outside, rather like a Tardis (thank you Dr Who!), and filled with all sorts of special machinery. “And now I think it’s time to go home” he said “ your mummies have all been talking to me, and they told me about Captain Yeo. Before she took them all home, they arranged something for her” and he pointed behind him to what was on a very large table behind him. There was the most enormous beautiful bunch of flowers – spring flowers like daffodils and narcissi, and in amongst them were special flowers, like stars which twinkled, and other ones with little swirls of fluffy white clouds around them – it was the biggest and most beautiful bunch of flowers you could imagine. “The mummies have left a message with it” he said, and on the card with the flowers it said this “To Captain Yeo, with thanks for our exciting adventure, and all our thoughts are with you: we are glad to have had the chance to meet you in this story, if not in reality, with love…..” and they had all signed their names underneath.

“Now we have to deliver these”, said Shane, for that was his name. “Come on everybody, to your places” and all the animals did all those things with ropes like you have on a sailing ship, and the ship slowly started to lift off again up into the sky. The wind filled the sails, and up she rose, over the treetops, and headed towards the place where they knew Captain Yeo lived. They landed the ship on a roof nearby, and the animals picked up the bunch of flowers and carried it carefully between them. At Captain Yeo’s house there was no-one in, but luckily a window was slightly ajar, and they climbed up and got inside. They took the flowers inside, and left them on the table, for her to find when she came back home.

Then they went back to the ship, and it was time to go home. The ship lifted up into the sky again, once again to the absolute amazement of the people down below. The masts and rigging creaked as the wind filled the sails, and
Berlin grew smaller and smaller below them. Gradually the trees were only smudges on the ground, and the buildings like little boxes. “We have to go to Nürnberg first, to drop off Flocke and her friend” said Delilah. So they headed down south westwards and sailed across the beautiful German countryside. All the towns and cities and fields were below them, and the animals looked out of the portholes as they sailed along.

Eventually they reached Nürnberg, and they landed in the zoo there. By this time it was quite dark, and only the zoo animals could see them. The crewman carried Flocke in her basket down the gangplank, and turned to wave goodbye “I have a job here now – I spoke to the Head Pfleger the other day, and he said I can start at once, because TD has told me everything he knows about looking after eisbärbabies”. Flocke also waved her tiny paw in farewell, and they both went inside. So if you go to Nürnberg Zoo, keep an eye out for the Pfleger with the white furry forehead – he is Flocke’s special friend…..

After that the ship carried on sailing, and they sailed over somewhere in south Germany which is where I think Samson and Delilah come from, and landed near their house, and they too turned to wave goodbye to their friends, before rushing inside to find Doro II to tell her about their adventures! Then the ship had to head northwards to
Sweden, where Miffe went home to Mervi’s house!

Then there was a really mighty journey over the North Pole: the animals looked over the side of the ship and saw polar bears and walruses on the snow beneath them. The ship sailed about all over
North America, dropping off animals here and there, and then headed towards South America. The weather grew hotter and hotter as they went across the Equator, and it sailed down the side of Brazil to Argentina. When they got to Buenos Aires
it was time for Oso to say goodbye, and then the ship turned into the wind and sailed to Luisa’s house in Sao Paolo. Star gave a little tiny ‘mew’ goodbye, before scampering back inside to see Luisa.

So them it was back across the
Atlantic to England: the winter storms were at their height, and the sea below was mountainous. The winds were wild, but the ship sailed on across the heavens regardless, and eventually sailed back safely to England, where first of all they went to London
, where Sarah was waiting for her cats to come home. “Hello everybody” she cried, “I’m so pleased to see you, and look at this ship – that’s amazing” “Oh we’ve had such fun” they all said together.


So then Shane sailed home with his cats, and Floyd, Fry and Lila went down the gangplank straight into the kitchen where their cat food was, and started eating it as if they’d never been anywhere. As for the ship…..

 “I wonder what we should do with it” said Rosemary. “Hmm, I wonder…” and she twiddled a few knobs on some of the controls, next to the great wheel. Lights flashed, and there were many strange sounds, as the ship turned slowly around, and then stood on end…… “It has a warp engine as well! I remember what Captain Kirk said at the end of Star Trek VI - “second star to the right and straight on till morning” maybe that’s what we should do one day………………..

And they all lived happily ever after – THE END –

This story is dedicated to “Captain Yeo” – our Knutian friend. God Bless.


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