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Chapture V - The Zoo


  Foto: Christina M

The pets stepped inside and gazed in amazement. The ceiling had been bewitched to look like the sky above (okay, I stole this from Harry Potter!), and millions of stars twinkled down on a splendidly laid table. All the pets’ mommies had flown over to welcome their dearest. Even Captain Yeoman had managed to break away from Knut’s blog. She had brought her new pilot with the shining licorice nose who had offered his services as a babysitter for Flocke. Luisa from Brazil had brought her new kitten Star who was curled up in her lap, snoozing. In the middle of the table sat a huge birthday cake with 36 (sic!) candles that were gently flickering in the breeze. It’s Super Chef Eva’s birthday, they told the pets, and she has invited us all. Food and drinks are on the house. Wolfgang von Rottweiler put his paws around his mommy’s neck and started yodelling “Happy Birthday”, and all the pets joined in. What did it matter that they sang out of tune - everyone was happy to be united again!

More tears and many hugs later, they were back on the road – Knuti was very silent but TD promised that he would arrange a very special event for the next night when everyone at the Zoo was sleeping – a top secret party in the Cave with candles, cakes, prawns and croissants for all. Knuti climbed on to his mulch-bed and mumbled a happy, sleepy goodnight before turning over, snuggling with his jute bag whilst snoring gently, dreaming of his new pals and little Flocke.

Too late. Dr. Ochs, who had been passing, blew his gun (which he carried everywhere, feeling incomplete without it) - but missed. Instead, the dart hit Herr von Rottweiler who heaved a sigh and passed out in a dead faint. Brilliant! cried Oso, now we’re leaderless. Let’s wrap him up in my Kuscheldecke, said Harry, and carry him to Knuti’s cave ... 

Rosemary  22.01.2008
"Better still, said Miffe, "we've got this big wheelbarrow - I'm sure Flocke won't mind sharing!" Flocke made little knuckering sounds, and nodded her head, and the animals moved her carefully over to the front, so they could make room for Wolfgang von Rottweiler as well. He was fast asleep, and very heavy, so heavy that some of the mummies had to help put him in. "Let's take him back to Knut's cave again" said Fry, and off they went.

They went round to the back door again, and knocked on it. "Hello again - what's the matter?" said a friendly voice, and there was Onkel Ronny looking at them all in surprise.
"It's Wolfgang von Rottweiler - Dr Ochs zapped him, and now he's out cold" said Delilah, looking a bit worried. "Never mind", said Onkel Ronny "he did that to me once, and I was fine - come on in", and all the cats and dogs and their mummies went into the bearyard. All the mummies were thrilled to bits to see "hinter den Kulissen" - there was the bike, the old Maraen Bear Muschi and her cat Mäuschen, and all those things that they had all seen in those Abendschau videos....it was so nice to be there!

Just then there was a beeping sound. "Hold on a minute - it's for me" said Floyd, rummaging around for his mobile. "It's a text from my Dad, Shane. It turns out my mum asked him what we could do about getting home eventually, and he has been down to Worthing beach in England which is covered in planks of wood at the moment, and he is building a magic boat to sail us all home - won't that be fun!!" At the mention of the word 'magic', Wolfgang von Rottweiler started to wake up. "Where am I?" he said (as you do)
"Oh good - he looks a lot better", said Yamuna. Wolfgang von Rottweiler unwrapped himself from the kuscheldecke and climbed out of the wheelbarrow, he was a bit wobbly, but ok after all. Onkel Ronny said "That's better - oh look, here comes Onkel Marcus, let's see what he has to say.................." 

Linda  23.01.2008
 "Oh, Ronny, I'm so glad I found you, it's time for us to clean Knut's enclosure. Everyone must leave the enclosure right now!".
Upon hearing this, Wolfgang, who had managed to clear his head, commanded his troops "KFA members, you too Delilah, it is time for us to leave Knut's enclosure." Delilah refused to budge from her perch in the tree. Bodhi stepped up and said "I'll get her down. I am a climbing expert. Just ask my Mom. I'll have her down in a minute." Bodhi stood on his hind legs and sprang into the tree. Delilah was so surprise (and pleased, for Bodhi is a very handsome Tuxedo cat) --- she stood on all fours and sweetly purred to Bodhi "I'll follow you down; I didn't mean to be sooooo much trouble". Bodhi smiled, he very much admired Delilah's British accent. "No problem, any time".

Now all the KFA members and their friends were together, as were their Knutian Mothers, all gathered just outside Knut's enclosure. All of a sudden Rocco spoke up. "Knutian Mothers, not to be rude . . . we KFA members (and friends) know how much you all love Knut and want to see him BUT this is OUR adventure and we want to finish OUR adventure so would you please go home!"

One must forgive little Rocco, he was having the adventure of his lifetime --- finding his 'roots' here in Germany and meeting all the KFA members and King Knut himself. Having his Mother there (sorry, Catherine) was putting a damper on all his, and the KFA's fun. "Yes, said George, that's a very fine idea. "Here, here" chorused Fry and Lila and soon all the pets joined in, agreeing with Rocco's suggestion.

"Oh", said the Knutian Mothers in unison. "We did not realize we were imposing". "What is it that you want to do? How would we be in the way?" No answers was given to their questions --- the KFA members just looked at each other and then at there Mothers and then back at each other.

Never being one to dawdle, or to stay were she wasn't wanted, Catherine immediately contacted Captain Yeo, and the Starship Knutiprise was there in an instant to return the Knutians Mothers to their respective homes. After somewhat tearful goodbyes the KFA members, and friends, were once again alone in Bearlin.

"Now we can have some fun" said Rocco smiling happily. "What should we do first? I've always wanted to travel. Where should we go first? I've heard of the
Black Forest? It sounds a bit scary . . . " "Oh, said Oso, I am interested in some night life. How's about a cabaret? . . . Oso started singing under his breath "I love the night life, I've got to boogie . . ." "Oh, no, not a nightclub," said Yamuna. We have baby Flocke and little Star, surely we can think of something that we would all enjoy" . . .

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