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Chapture III - So this is Baerlin!

Woof woof woof, meow meow,
let’s have fun, let’s have it now
Let’s join paws, let’s shout and sing
Together we shall cheer the King!
All the pets of the wild herd
Cats and dogs minus the bird
Serenade the mighty king
He who reigns at Zoo Bearlin!

Doro II  17.01.2008
While the pets were being seated at the Fireside Café Lila piped up: Have you seen Floyd around? I’ve looked everywhere and he’s vanished. What’s he up to now, said Fry. He’s always been such an adventurous little guy. I remember him riding of top of mummy’s van when he was little. Oh dear, what will she say when we get back without him? True, we let her live in OUR house but still ... Lots of chair shuffling and general excitement. Anxiety reigned. Wolfgang von Rottweiler started organising a search party. Amidst all this chaos the door opened, and in breezed Floyd, grinning like a
Cheshire (or rather South Essex) cat and looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. What’s all this about, he cried, you’re not looking for me, are you? Well, here I am, back like a bad penny.

Look at me, do you see any difference at all? I remembered mommy talking about my tuxedo markings, and guess what I did! I sneaked up to the tattoo parlour and had a tattoo made – the cutest little bow tie imaginable. Don’t I look like the perfect little gentleman? No way, giggled Rocco, you rather remind me of a waiter – woof! Oi waiter, a T-bone steak minus the steak would be just the thing! Put a sock in it! said Floyd, and listen: the Tattoo Zoo was packed, and d’you know why? The ladies with the sharp instruments had got hold of a whole flock of reporters from a certain press whose foreheads were now sporting the word “Moron”! Tee-hee, serve them right ...

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