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Chapture II - The Journey

 Yeoman 15.01.2008
"When the dogs and cats under the leadership of Wolfgang von Rottweiler wanted to cross the
English Channel on their flying carpet, suddenly a storm rose up. The flying carpet was hurled backwards and forwards. The animals cried piteously in all sorts of different languages and even the leader Wolfgang von Rottweiler could no longer calm them down. There was not a crumb left of all the tasty food.

At the same time the “Starship Knutiprise” flew high overhead, sometimes flown by Captain Yeoman when she did not have something better to do. Mostly she was busy with something called the ‘Knutblog’ and she left the steering to her Klingon Head of Security, Lt. Worf. Worf was enormous, and had a beard and a ponytail. Captain Yeo had a secret weakness for him, but he was not concerned. He had to do what he was told…(???? translation wormhole here!!!)

And Captain Yeo had other concerns. She was a great friend of the little Eisbär King Knut: one could tell because of the innumerable photos of her darling which could be seen decorating the ship from top to bottom. Also she came from Bärlin, the birthplace of the little King, of which she was quite proud.

So what was happening today in the ‘Knutblog’? A delegation of different species were on their way to visit Knut, to take a look at him, to challenge him? And there – they were in a storm!

Something must be done quickly!
“Captain to Neelix – prepare a meal for 20 visitors quickly! Everything which our little King likes! Fish, meat, cake, fruit, salad and lots and lots of croissants! And green Kuscheldeckes! These visitors must get to know me. They should get to know real Bärliner hospitality! They must get to know King Knuti! Lt. Worf, beam them aboard!”

And so it was. The cats and dogs, including the courageous Wolfgang von Rottweiler, sat on the wet flying carpet, which was no longer flying, in the Transporter Room. The faithful Neelix supplied them with all the best which the kitchen had, and wrapped it in green Kuscheldeckes.

“So, Lt Worf”, continued Captain Yeo. “Now you will beam them down, and accompany our guests to Bärlin Zoo. Direct to King Knut! Give your offerings and then come back again”

And so it happened. An hour later, Worf was back again. On his usually grim face there was a slight smile.

“Captain, I have delivered everything. By the way, there is a man down there who looks a bit like me. Not as good-looking as me – his forehead is not as handsome as mine, but he has a gold earring and cares about the little King Knut. I thought, I could apply to be a keeper….and with luck….”

 “No way” the Captain cut in, more forcefully than she meant, “if you are very lucky you can be a keeper of bears. With less luck you can be among the apes, but not as a keeper!”

Worf was a bit depressed, and wandered away. And the Starship Knutiprise continued to fly where no man has gone before……"


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