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Chapture I - Big Plans

Mervi  14.01.2008

Hello Knutians!
I wrote earlier today that I had a little idea of how to get some more action on the blog. I thought we could have a story relay. What I mean is that someone starts to write and then “throws the ball” to someone else who continues the story and sends it further to the next writer. Knowing that there are no limits for the knutian imaginations this could turn out to be quite fun! Everybody has, of course, right to pass…You're welcome to write in both German and English. What do you think? Who wants to start?


Why does my mommy love Knuti so much? That's what the pets decided to find out!

Wolfgang von Rottweiler  14.01.2008
Auntie Mervi! May I have your permission to take Miffe along to Bearlin on our Magic Carpet with Harry & George and Samson & Delilah to Bearlin to meet Knut? I know she does not like to travel, but perhaps she has changed her mind and would accompany us on this trip. You know, Dearest Auntie Mervi, I will see to all her needs and care!

Catherine  15.01.2008
Rocco is very excited about the trip as he just realized this morning that he will be able to "mark his territory" in a place where he has never been. He has no problem wearing the silver bell as his dog tag and ID tag jangle together like a chorus of Christmas bells, anyhow. He will pack a small bag of doggie treats made from turkey but if he runs out of food - not a problem - as he will eat anything else including paper plates, kleenex, leaves, and crawly bugs. He might be part goat. Tonight I will get him a nice bath and a good brushing so that he makes a good impression. I have tried to explain to him that Knut is a bear not a Big Talu but Rocco is quite clueless.


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