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To work or not to work - Barbara

During october 2007 there were rumors and pictures - that were not to be commented too loudly -  that the keeper and the bear could be seen very early in the morning, thoroughly preparing the mulchbed for the day together *hint*. You had to be at the gate at opening time and speed to Knut's enclosure.

On october 24 some early birds assembled at the zoo gates half an hour before opening time. You never know who gets scent of rumors like this.Good viewing positions at the then freely accessible pane were mandatory.We had been briefed that if Knut was on his mulchbed at opening time there would be no tussle.So we were shifting from one foot to the other eagerly waiting for any movement at the gates.

Ah, the gate is opened! Quick quick Mr. Ticket Check scan my ‘Jahreskarte!

Racing all the way to Knut's enclosure, ripping my camera of it's bag, nearly dripping the front cover of the lens, my heart was beating fast. Would Knut be out already? Twenty meters to the enclosure, ten, five, a glimpse of white fluffy anywhere to spot? Pfeew, nooo. Thank goodness!

A few minutes later bear and keeper come in view through the hole in the rock face, the keeper carrying a very large shovel. He tries to do his work and heap upt the mulchbed. To no avail. The bear has other things in mind. And so we are treated on the most breathtaking tussling - tickling,- caressing act you can imagine.

More pictures of the mulch wrestling in my file ‘Knut and Thomas'



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