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Die Knuipe

Old Man Winter is knocking at our door

Posted by Mervi on November 18, 2022 at 1:40 PM

Dear friends! November is rolling and the Winter season is almost here with or without snow and ice. Soon we can enjoy the Advent lights - at least I hope so despite the problems with electricity!

Photo by Jessie Webb

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Reply Mervi
5:37 PM on December 12, 2022 
Reply Ludmila
3:28 PM on December 12, 2022 
I am glad you wrote here. Dezember is always cold, wet and dark. I hope you will feel better very soon.
We bought a Christmas tree today.
Good, that you go out again.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:37 PM on December 12, 2022 
Hallo Chris, überwinterst du an der Côte d’Azur ?
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:36 PM on December 12, 2022 
Dear Ralph, dear Patricia,

hopefully you will soon recover from the colds or flu that are now appearing more everywhere and are often very persistent. Perhaps also because of the constant disinfections during the pandemic and our own immune system thereby somewhat weakened.

Patricia, that all formerly so "easy" work is suddenly much more time-consuming, is clearly attributable to the number beyond 60 this experience we all make sooner or later. The important thing is that you can still do them at all and unfortunately I can sing a very long song about these restrictions in the smallest activities.... Thank you also for your comforting words about Django!

Mervi, I have read with much pleasure your last posts in KM and now also commented subsequently.
Of course, I also know that you do not criticize your loyal readers, if once nothing writes.
Reply Mervi
12:14 PM on December 12, 2022 
Britta-Gudrun - I was adressing my words to the silent readers who just take but never give anything back. - We still have frost on the ground and the clouds indicate that some show can be expected, too.

Leti - Enjoy the sunshine!

Patricia - I'm hoping for a miracle, too! Hope is the last thing to leave us!

Ralph - Thank you for 'promoting' KM!
Reply ralph
10:53 AM on December 12, 2022 
Patricia Britta Gudrun thank you for your kind wishes and hope that you are now ready for Christmas
Ludmila Hope you are safe and well after hiking in the Harz.
Reply ralph
10:50 AM on December 12, 2022 
Today we have minus one and snow so I am not moving out of the house.
I was lucky with my mother that the people in the hispital were able to find her a decent home for her last year in 2015. Fortunately Dad left her enough money to cover the bills.
I hope things work out Dave.
I have teposted the story from KM about Orsa on my own Facebook thread.
Reply patricia roberts
9:55 AM on December 12, 2022 
Good afternoon Dear All, after 3 weeks of feeling really sick and miserable, finally some energy to write here again. Nevertheless, I apologize in advance if my posting is a mess.
Dave, I wish you all the best with your interview. With regard to your mother, sometimes things can go very fast and it will take a lot of your time to organize everything.
Ralph, good to read that your cold is better now and please make sure that it is staying away for the rest of the Winter.
Mervi, I will go to KM as soon as I can but believe me, Orsa is not forgotten or out of my heart. I am still hoping for a miracle.
Britta-Gurdrun, moving is awful and moving when cats are involved is a nightmare. But I fully agree with Ralph. Given the history of Django, if one of the neighbours could take care of the food for him after your move and if the new residents of your house do have a heart for this oldie, then all parties will be happy. You to know that he is safe, he that he can stay where he knows every single spot and the new owners of having a new friend. I am praying daily for this outcome.
And yes, my Xmas tree is also ready. Where it took my four hours in previous years, it took me now 4 days.
During the last weeks, the weather here was cold, grey, windy, foggy and with some snow. Today is the first day with sun, but it is still freezing cold.
Reply Leti
9:33 AM on December 12, 2022 
Mervi-Yes, it has stopped raining. It was sunny today.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:48 AM on December 12, 2022 
Dave, I wish you the best of luck in your new job!
It is hard to bear that your mother's mental deterioration has increased so rapidly, but unfortunately you will have to accept that at some point even medicine will reach its limits.
Ralph experienced it with his mother and I also experienced it with my mother 40 years ago and it was the worst experience of my life.....
Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:41 AM on December 12, 2022 
Good afternoon!

Mervi, I understand your disappointment because of the low response to your entry in the KM about Orsa. I was happy to read it and say it here before for the other posts that I have not commented on in the last few days.
I sometimes have to make a great effort to be able to write at all and I apologize.
Of course I also congratulate Madame Flocke very warmly and all other birthday bears very warmly.

I will try to comment in the KM still belatedly and wish you all a good penultimate Advent week . Here it snowed yesterday for the first time and it all looks beautiful.
Reply Mervi
6:21 AM on December 12, 2022 
Ralph - I agree that it's very sad to know Orsa is closed now but despite that the keepers are doing their very best for the animals and deserve some appreciation. I can only imagine how they feel.
Reply ralph
5:46 AM on December 12, 2022 
Mervi I think lots of people including me do not have sio much time online as we did. Although I try to comment as much as possible the Facebook emoji system is much easier to use. The care Emoji would apply in many cases.
Orsa is also a very sad story now as the park has closed and we have no good news so far about the fate of the residents.
Reply Mervi
5:17 AM on December 12, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Ralph - I was really glad noticing the many 'likes' in Stephens's FB site but I'm very disappointed that the exclusive article from Orsa had so few comments in KM. I expected the readers would be glad to see how lovingly the keepers are taking care of the polar bears. It's obvious that quantity (photos without any information whatsoever) beats quality these days.

Leti - I hope the raining has stopped now.

Ludmila - This morning we had -8 degrees and it's still very cold here. However, there's frost on the ground and it looks very beautiful and Christmas like.

In KM you can meet FRIIDA AND RASPI again. Old Man Winter has arrived in Tallinn, too.

I wish everybear and everybody a pleasant Monday and a good new week!
Reply Ludmila
3:01 AM on December 12, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
It is cold outside.
Herkules is ready.
Reply Ludmila
3:03 PM on December 11, 2022 
I am very glad that Eva, Miki, Hope, Nanook and Noori got a wonderful birthday party.

We spent a day hiking in Harz, There is a lot of snow now. After hiking we visited a sauna.
Reply Leti
9:47 AM on December 11, 2022 
Happy birthday dear Flocke. Best wishes to you. We love you so much.
Happy birthday dear Shauna and Nordi. Best wishes to you. We love you both.
Happy 3rd Advent to everyone.
Mervi-Thanks for the hot drink.
It is rainy here but it is not cold.
Reply ralph
9:22 AM on December 11, 2022 
Am feeling better and went out briefly to the shops yesterday but it is too cold to go out for very long.
Good to see people on the Yorkshire Fan site enjoying your tribute to Flocke.
Reply Mervi
5:14 AM on December 11, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Oh bear, it's already the 3rd Advent!

Today we celebrate a very special lady - Fräulein/Mademoiselle/Miss Flocke! Happy birthday to you, sweetie! - Today even Shauna and Nordi have birthday. I asked Oksana if they're still in Novosibirks and according to her 'sources' they are. I wish them both a very happy birthday.

Ralph - Hopefully your flu has bought a oneway ticket to somewhere and left you by now! :D

In KM I have a real SCOOP! The keepers in Orsa arranged a wonderful birthday party for EWA, MIKI, HOPE, NANOOK AND NOORI. Johanna and Linnea (keepers) made a nice article exclusively for KM! Isn't that great? - I had tears in my eyes when I saw how much they love their white bears. I'm sure you'll find it touching, too.

Have a pleasant Sunday and take care!
Reply ralph
5:54 PM on December 10, 2022 
A lot happening here today.
I wish Dave success in getting a decent job
Welcome Ludmila to the post work life. I am sure you will find plenty to do.
I am still in bed trying to shake off a sore throat now.