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Merry Christmas 2016!

Posted by Mervi on December 19, 2016 at 1:15 PM

Collage by Mervi, Knut by Monika aus Berlin

Dear friends! Even though the Christmas time this year got a sad lining I wish you all a happy Christmas! We will go on with love and friendship in our hearts! Of course, there's a special Christmas edition of KWM, too!

Silent Night by Ralph / Stille Nacht von Ralph

Fiete's first Hungarian Christmas

Angel Knut wird auf uns alle aufpassen

Knuti's Weekly Magazine

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Reply Chris
5:05 PM on December 30, 2016 
INGE - its the same here, we can´t deny climare change any longer.
Reply Inge aus Cph
4:41 PM on December 30, 2016 
Mervi, lots of greetings from Copenhagen to you four in Malmö. The everstarving cats send pawwaves. The weather is fine here, and the early springflowers are here - 5 days earlier compared to last year - over 3 years the are now coming 15 days earlier with their small green heads and leaves, and later they shall turn into yellow. That is really a change. In the "old" days they began to show themselves in the middle or the end of january.

The two everstarving are doing fine.

2016 is soon leaving us and 2017 is on its way. Thanks for the time here and "see" you again in 2017. All the best for the new year for us all !
Reply Mervi
4:41 PM on December 30, 2016 
Ludmila - the white lions are beautiful! You were lucky to see the father and two cubs. It would have been a pity if you hadn't seen any lions now that you went to Magdeburg.

Patricia - I wish you a great time with your friends tomorrow. You can relax now that you know your gang is in good hands with Eddy and Senta. :D

Chris - I hope the new year begins without tragic incidents!

Teddybärenmutti - Hyvää yötä ja kauniita unia!
Reply Chris
4:38 PM on December 30, 2016 
zwei alte Berliner Mercedes
https://flic.kr/p/PssWkU :)
vorne der 190er ist 60 Jahre alt
der 123er hinten auch schon 40
( beides beliebte Taxi Modelle )
Reply Dumba
4:36 PM on December 30, 2016 

For the classic fans among us
(BAERGIT!) a hint - actually in ZDF!!!! :

concerto in the 'SEMPER OPER' in DRESDEN
Conductor: Tiedemann

Actually they are playing MAX BRUCH, exactly the piece
that was played at my father's funaral (It was chosen at
this time because this obviously was the last long playing record
(violinist Isaaac STERN) he did listen to, as it was still on the record player!
He died on December 19th, 1975 at the age of 53 ! )

- - -

We were so happy today with heavenly BEAUTIFUL WEATHER.
See last pics if you want to:

Have an enjoyable last night in the year 2016
Let's try to keep an optimistic attitude;
however; I have to admit I am not the born optimist . . .

Would it just be so easy . . .:
http://tinyurl.com/Would-it-just-be-so-easy !

KNUTi-style hugs all around
Reply Chris
4:12 PM on December 30, 2016 
Ich werde dies Jahr keinen guten Rutsch wünschen,
auch nichts mehr verschicken - ich habe kein gutes
Gefühl dieses Sylvester, als wenn irgendwas passiert.
Ich mache drei Kreuze, wenn Sonntag ist. Ich hoffe
2017 wird ein besseres Jahr für die Menschheit...

Die Löwen sind immer noch süß :)
Reply Ludmila
3:59 PM on December 30, 2016 
I wish you a nice celebration tomorrow.
I am glad Poirre got an iglo :)
The lion kids look like the big dogs now.
Reply patricia roberts
3:46 PM on December 30, 2016 
Good evening Dear All, all preparations are made for tomorrow. Will celebrate the last day of the year with friends and family and be back in Leuven on Sunday evening. Eddy and Senta will take care of the cats (and that makes me feel good as you can imagine).
Yesterday, I gave one of my iglo's to Eddy for Pourre because I was having the feeling that he may like it. And yes, Eddy told me, he is sleeping in it and feeling comfortable.
His name Pourre is indeed coming from "purring" and therefore, I think that soon, he will start this special song again.
I am wishing you all a good sleep and hope to meet again next year.
Reply Chris
3:10 PM on December 30, 2016 
LUDMILA - we need Hungarian lessons.
But why is Larsson not together with Zora,
like they reported last week? Maybe, they
weren´t compatible to each other. ;)

Schön, dass ihr Zeit für Magdeburg hattet.
Die Löwen sind sicher schon groß jetzt. :)

TBM & RISTO - etwas feiern war also drin.
Weiter gute Besserung für euch beide! :)

How about a refreshing drink at the bar ?
Reply Ludmila
2:26 PM on December 30, 2016 
Hello friends!
We were in the zoo Magdeburg today. We wanted to see the white lions since summer. Today we found the time for the visit. We did not see the mother with her new 4 cubs, but we saw a father and 2 kids, who were born in April.

I do not know why a polar bear girl from Moscow is not yet with Fiete. It is difficult to get the information because of the language.
Sydney is angry. Now Alex and Britta went to the friends, but Wasja is sleeping on Sydney's place.
How are you doing? Is everything alright at Eddy?
On Sunday we can watch ski jumping in Garmisch.
Reply Teddybärenmutti
2:01 PM on December 30, 2016 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Risto-TBv will herzlich danken. Dumba´s Collage ist wunderbär.
Wir besuchten heute unsere Freunden mit Kuchen kaffee und Tee.
Allen eine schöne Nacht.
Reply Chris
12:56 PM on December 30, 2016 
The Germans didn´t play a role today. :p
Kraft from Austria has won the competition.
Reply Mervi
12:46 PM on December 30, 2016 
Chris - You guessed right! I've been in Oberstdorf watching ski jumping. I'm amazed and impressed by the three Prevc brothers. Today the youngest of them was the best. They can almost make the Slovenian team when it's time for the team event. :D - How great you could meet so many of your feathered friends today.

Britta-Gudrun - It looks like you and your car are ready to welcome the new year! :D
Reply Chris
11:42 AM on December 30, 2016 
MERVI - are you in Oberstdorf - the "Vierschanzentournee" starts today! :)

BRITTA GUDRUN - nach dem Feuerwerk hatten wir letztes Jahr auch Nebel.
Der Wasserdampf konnten an dem Feinstaub andocken und kondensieren.
Da sieht man mal, was dieses Feuerwerk für eine Umweltverschmutzung ist,
nebst dem ganzen Müll in den Straßen. Am schlimmsten ist aber die große
Belästigung für alle Tiere, insbesondere die Wildvögel... :roll:

Ich hoffe, dass es nochmal sonnig wird, aber man weiß es nie. :)

Finnland ist schon draußen - aber es ist ja "nur" die Junioren WM. ;)
Das ist nicht die richtige Nationalmannschaft, die WM ist im Frühjahr.

RISTO und TBM - ich hoffe, ihr könnt ein bißchen feiern heute. :)
Geht es besser?

DUMBA - die großen Tauben habe ich bei mir im Efeu. :)
Sie fressen im Winter gerne die Beeren. Natürlich sind
auch die Amseln verrückt nach den Efeubeeren. Davon
ernähren sie sich bis ins Frühjahr hinein, gut eingerichtet.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
11:35 AM on December 30, 2016 
Chris, wie schoen, dass die Gaense sich einen neuen Futterplatz ergattert haben.
Hier wurde es nach einem sonnigen Vormittags ploetzlich sehr neblig, so wie es auch fuer morgen vorausgesagt worden ist.
Hoffentlich wird es ein nicht so dichter Nebel wie im Vorjahr an Silvester, da sah man die andere Straßenseite nicht mehr.

Meine Haare sind nun schoen und das Auto ist auch picobello sauber.

Mervi, ist Finnland schon aus dem Wettbewerb ausgeschieden? Das tut mir leid fuer dich, aber die Mannschaft ist ja noch sehr jung und waechst an den Herausforderungen.

Dumba, ich konnte hier keine belaubte Birken entdecken und der Taube bieten die Blaetter etwas Waerme.

Happy Birthday an Risto und vor allem Gesundheit im neuen Lebensjahr!
Reply Chris
10:51 AM on December 30, 2016 

Wonderful weather, many birds and nice people.
I had a good talk with an australien visitor. His
daughter has married in Germany and lives
very near of my house in the same part of
the City. We talked about Australia and
Germany, he was a very polite man. :)

Now I´ve found the new resting place of
the geese, some kilometers down the
river. I think, there are more people,
who feed them, so they changed. ;)

But the swans were at the familiar place.
Many duckies, seagulls and cormorants.

Now hot tea and Kreppel, that is tradition.
My car was fully under ice, i had to work
hard to free it from the frozen water. :D
Reply Mervi
8:33 AM on December 30, 2016 
Dumba - Miracles do happen! :D I hope the dove isn't freezing. Well, it has wings so it can fly to a warmer place .....
Reply Dumba
6:40 AM on December 30, 2016 
Guuuuuuten Moooorgen! - GOOD MOOORNING!

Wunder ueber Wunder!
SUN is shining in the CCC (appr. 7th sunny day in December!!)

DOVE still shivering in the shadow on a tree branch
Now it did notice that sun does shine already up higher and flew to the roof

MERVI - I try to speak only under my breath in order to make sure
the little ones and their mothers don't feel disturbed!

CHRIS - Danke für den Link zum niedlichen 'Wau-Wau' ;)

Dieser Hoffnung und diesm Wunsch schliesse ich mich gerne an!
(ZITAT aus Deinem weiter unten stehenden Kommentar, liebe TBM:
"Ich hoffe, dass unser ANNUS HORRIBILIS ist VORBEI."

Guckt mal weiter oben - das dritte Bild.
Seht Ihr!? - Die Taube begleitet Euch in Eurer Hoffnung
und hat schon die Sonne entdeckt
Reply Mervi
6:24 AM on December 30, 2016 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - soon this year will be over.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, DEAR RISTO! Ranzo has sent you a card and invites you to play with him. :D


Chris - The tournament is over for the Finns. They have to play one more game but it really doesn't matter now. What a fiasko! - The weather here is very grey and dull so I envy 'your weather'. :D

I wish everybody a very pleasant Friday! In KWM you'll find Mini-Kati's report from London where she celebrated Ralph's birthday. Of course, even BN participated. :D
Reply Chris
5:23 AM on December 30, 2016 
Wusstet ihr, dass es auch im
Weltall Golfbälle gibt...? :p