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Die Knuipe

May the year 2021 be a good year for us all!

Posted by Mervi on December 30, 2020 at 6:45 PM

Dear friends! The year 2020 hasn't been a very good year so let's hope 2021 will be better! One thing's for sure - our white fluffy friends will do their best to keep us in good spirits!

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Reply Leti
10:59 AM on February 27, 2021 
Happy International Polar Bear Day to everyone.
Mervi-Yes, it has snowed twice this winter. We had some very cold days but now we are back to warm and sunny weather.
Reply Mervi
5:37 AM on February 27, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Happy International Polar Bear Day to you all!

On this special day I've published two articles - one made by me and one posted by Anita with lovely photos of Giovanna, Nuna and Nanuq.

Take care and have a good day!
Reply Mervi
4:21 PM on February 26, 2021 
Let's raise our glasses to all the tiny polar bear babies of this season. I hope we can see and/read more about Eva's and Wilbär's cubbie tomorrow.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:36 PM on February 26, 2021 
Aha, jetzt ist alles klar mit dem Zwillingspaar, so schnell war das Ereignis schon vergessen. Aber sie sind praechtig gewachsen.
Reply ralph
1:00 PM on February 26, 2021 
We have been lucky recently with mothers caring for their cubs.
I am sure we will find out why these two need the keepers.
But at least we are starting to meet the 2021 cubs.
Let us drink to them.
Reply Mervi
11:10 AM on February 26, 2021 
Ludmila - I totally forgot the babies are being hand raised! I must do my research more thoroughly! :D
Reply Ludmila
9:14 AM on February 26, 2021 
You reported about these cubs

They were abondoned of the mother. The keepers care about them.
Reply Mervi
8:50 AM on February 26, 2021 
Tomorrow at 14 o'clock CET there will be a live broadcast from ORSA in Facebook. Because its the International Polar Bear Day the stars will be the white fluffies!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:45 AM on February 26, 2021 
Danke, liebe Mervi fuer deine Auskunft.
Natuerlich sind die Cubs putzig und beim Nuckeln erinnert uns das an Knut!
Reply Mervi
7:37 AM on February 26, 2021 
Britta-Gudrun - Unfortunately I didn't find any more information about the cubs. Maybe they had their first medical check on the same day .... only a guess.

Leti - Paw waves to Thessaloniki! Have you had any touch of Winter this year?
Reply Leti
7:03 AM on February 26, 2021 
Dave-Best wishes to you.
I hope everyone. had a happy Rosenmontag, Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday.
I am so sorry for the loss of Olinka. May she rest in peace. We will never forget her. We will always love her.
It is sunny here.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
6:27 AM on February 26, 2021 
Hallo zur Mittagszeit!

Ja, das ungewoehnliche Fruelingswetter ist vorbei, aber es ist noch mild draussen und Regen brauchen wir immer noch sehr viel.

Mervi, ich wundere mich ueber die Praesentation der Zwillinge ohne die Mutter.
Hat man sie nur kurzfristig von ihr deswegen getrennt? Jedenfalls ist die Mutter nebenan sehr aufgeregt. Ich finde die Seperation nicht gut. Die Kleinen fuehlen sich in der neuen Umgebung doch sicherer im Schutz ihrer Mutter.
Reply Mervi
4:54 AM on February 26, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Ludmila - Herkules was perfect! I must be awake while I'm sporting on the sofa. :D

Do your remember the polar bear twins born in the Sarfari Park in Russia? Now they've been presented for the visitors and even you can admire them in KWM! CUTENESS ALARM is needed! :D

Have a pleasant Friday and take care!
Reply Ludmila
4:28 AM on February 26, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
We have the wet grey day. Our cats are inside.
Herkules is ready
Reply Mervi
4:04 PM on February 25, 2021 
Britta-Gudrun - So far there's enough snow but I wonder how it will be during the weekend and next week. However, I love to watch the competitions! :D

Ralph - Nord is such a handsome polar bear male. You, Molly and many others have witnessed that he's a jolly good and friendly fellow, too. I sincerely hope he will be as kind to Venus as he was to Lynn, Nöel and Malik.

Chris - I'm hoping for a cooler weather in Oberstdorf. :D
Reply Chris
2:24 PM on February 25, 2021 
:D 555 :D
Reply Chris
2:24 PM on February 25, 2021 
Reply Chris
2:24 PM on February 25, 2021 

Heute hatten wir nochmal tolles Wetter.
Morgen soll es ja wieder kühler werden.

Nord scheint sich in Ranua wohl zu fühlen. :)
Hoffen wir, dass er sich gut mit Venus versteht.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:10 PM on February 25, 2021 
Mervi, das sind wirklich mutige Sportlerinnen, die heute auch Skispringen machen, tolle Leistung!
Reply ralph
1:01 PM on February 25, 2021 
Had a sunny day here so went out to the shops
Hope everyone is safe.
Love Nord and Venus in the snow