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Colourful days - dark evenings

Posted by Mervi on August 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM

Dear friends! Time for a new thread now that the Summer season is turning into the Fall. I love this harvest time with the colourful fruit and berries - and the dark evenings, too!

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Reply Britta-Gudrun
5:52 AM on September 16, 2021 
Guten Tag zur Mittagszeit!

Ralph, dein Reisebericht klingt sehr positiv und bei Busreisen entfallen die langen Wartezeiten am Flugzeuterminal. Ich bin gespannt auf deinen Bericht und den Informationsaustausch mit den Rangern.

Mervi, ich dachte immer Uncle Sergeij sei nur fuer die Getraenke zustaendig?
Django und ich sind zwei versierte couchpotatoes geworden!

Ludmila, danke fuer die Info. Auf dem Foto sah man nicht die gelben Streifen am Kopf, deshalb habe ich sie nicht erkannt und ja, bei Mister Google sieht sie auch nicht so schwarz aus.
Reply ralph
5:45 AM on September 16, 2021 
Safely back in the Library in Kidlington for my normal Thursday,
It was marvelous to spend so much time with the Polar Bears in Doncaster.
Reply Ludmila
4:47 AM on September 16, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
The breakfast is fantastic!
Reply Mervi
4:20 AM on September 16, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Greetings from a rainy Malmö!

Because I'm the early bear today Uncle Sergej has served me a fantastic breakfast with all possible yammy things. :D

Gudrun's report from the BERLIN ZOO is today's contribution in KWM.

I wish everybody a pleasant TDT! Take care!
Reply Mervi
4:33 PM on September 15, 2021 
Yeo - How great you could see Tilla. I'm glad to hear Katjuscha is doing fine, too.

Ludmila - Speedy looks shining black in the sunshine.

Britta-Gudrun - I hope you've had a cosy day with Django. - I'm quite willing to share the tiredness with you. :D

Ralph - Your journey to Doncaster seems to have been a great success. Comfortable travel and as the cream of the cake you could see all the polar bears in YWP!

Let's make a toast to all our white fluffy friends!
Reply Ludmila
2:03 PM on September 15, 2021 
It is great that you are happy with your trip.
Unsere Speedy ist Gelbwangenschildkroete
Reply ralph
1:59 PM on September 15, 2021 
Had a lovely mixed grill and a St Pellegrino fizzy blood orange drink at the pub downstairs before going to bed.
This morning I had a typical Yorkshire soft bread roll called a bap with bacon and lots of butter to fortify me for a morning of hard walking at YWP.
I always like to get to a Zoo as soon as it opens as Polar Bears are often at their most active then.
This proved to be true with Flocke and co who had just been given some food. One of the young Rangers who had just put the food down was watching them and we were able to exchange information.
The Park hope to keep the family with Flocke as long as she is willing to have them around.
Indy and Yuma will be clicker trained to walk into boxes without a sedative for the short journey over to the malezone.
YWP would love to keep Tala as she has won everybody's hearts. Flocke will have the last word of course.
At lunchtime I caught a bus back into Doncaster and a short trainride to Sheffield. I gave myself plenty of time for a decent pub lunch. The big coach to London arrived on time and is very comfortable compared with the train.
It takes more time but is far less stressful.
When I first moved back to England in 2004 I used to take an overnight bus and ferry to Cologne before catching the train to Dusseldorf to stay with a friend. It was much cheaper than flying and though longer in time it as much less stressful.
Hope to back in the Oxford Library tomorrow
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:27 PM on September 15, 2021 
Oha, Ludmila euer Speedy ist ja pechschwarz, welche Schildkroetenart ist das?
Ich wuensche einen gemuetlichen Abend!
Reply Ludmila
1:17 PM on September 15, 2021 
Super, dass du Kati und das Baby gesehen hast.
Bei ist noch warm geblieben. Speedy sass im Rasen.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
9:51 AM on September 15, 2021 
Yeo ja, toll!
Die mueden Maedchen treffen sich auf diese Weise ganz puenktlich zum Nachmittagstee.
Reply Yeo
9:47 AM on September 15, 2021 
@ Britta-Gudrun
Das war ein Pasch. :)
Reply Britta-Gudrun
9:46 AM on September 15, 2021 
Guten Tag am Nachmittag!

Mervi, wir koennen uns die Hand geben und unsere Muedigkeit teilen.

Ralph, dein Bericht klingt nach einem guten Tag in Doncaster mit den Baeren, die du also alle gesehen hast. Bei dem grossen Gelaende ist das eine sportliche Herausforderung. Dafuer erspart dir der Pup unter dem Hotel langes Suchen nach einem Speiselokal. Weiterhin viel Freude bei den Baeren!

Ludmila, hier hat es auch endlich einmal etwas geregnet. Im Garten war alles staubtrocken. Da freut sich bei mir das Unkraut, das ich dem Gaertner ueberlassen werde....
Reply Yeo
9:46 AM on September 15, 2021 
Good afternoon dear all!

@ Mervi
A trip in the Napland is ever a good ideal. I was now also there.

@ Ralph
Thank you for your interesting report!
I wish you a great time!

@ Ludmila
Wir haben tatsaechlich das Gorillababy gesehen. Es hing an seiner Mutter. Katjuscha haben wir auch gesehen. Sie wanderte auf ihrer Anlage herum und sah sehr gut aus fuer ihr Alter.

I wish you all a pleasant Hump-Day!
Reply Mervi
8:26 AM on September 15, 2021 
Good afternoon! Guten Nachmittag! The start of this day wasn't so good because I felt very tired. Well, there's nothing better to do than take a long nap which I did. :D

Ralph - Thank you for another quick report from YWP. What luck Flocke and her trojka were active during your visit and you also met the bachelors.

Ludmila - Thanks for the Herkules! I need it now! :D

In KWM you can meet FLOCKE'S KIDS AND THE BACHELOR BEARS again in Sheila's and Philip's photos. Needless to say you will love them!

Have a happy Hump Day and take care!
Reply Ludmila
3:15 AM on September 15, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Today is grey and cool. Herkules is ready
Reply Ludmila
3:35 PM on September 14, 2021 
Thank you for the report.
Reply ralph
3:26 PM on September 14, 2021 
My hotel in Doncaster is above a pub and I was able to have my evening meal there which is why I am late posting here.
The weather let me down today with moderate rain on and off all day. Fortunately it was still warm enough for the rain
not to make me too cold.
Flocke and her three cubs were active all day. It is a delight to see three healthy big cubs, even little Tala is not much smaller than Flocke.
Luka is looking more and more like Victor. His fur is now in wonderful condition. He is easily the whitest bear.
The three younger bears were all together in the largest of the three enclosures. Nobby spent much time sleeping at various points on the slopes.
Hamish was cruising up and down in the water much as he did in Scotland behind his Mum. He and Sisu played together even though Sisu had earlier run off when Hamish appeared.
Reply Ludmila
7:53 AM on September 14, 2021 
Wir waren auch ueberrascht die Pumas im Wasser zu sehen. :)
Ich hoffe du hast das Baby gesehen. Warst du auch bei Kati?
Reply Mervi
5:37 AM on September 14, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Britta-Gudrun - It really is a pity that not so many bother to write anything about their visits. Big amounts of photos - how ever great they are - are not the same thing.

Ludmila - I was already in the land of dreams when it was time for a night cap. :D - I'm feeling quite OK after the first jab and did some shopping in the morning.

Ralph - How wonderful you could meet Sheila and Philip! I'm sure Sisu understands when somebody calls his name. I had nice chats with him in Ranua.... :D

Yeo - Some people in Sweden are already afraid they can't buy all the Christmas gifts they want .... Oh my, we have different priorities! :D

Ludmila and Uwe have taken fantastic photos of bears, sea lions, cougars and moose in Pairi Daiza. You can admire them now in KWM.

Have a great Tuesday and take care!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
5:15 AM on September 14, 2021 
Guten Morgen!

Mervi, hoffentlich geht es dir heute wieder etwas besser.

Ralph, du hast Recht: Weniger ist mehr, wenn dafuer die Eisbaeren grosse Gehege haben und nicht jeder Zoo meint, er muesse unbedingt alle Tiergattungen haben. Der Koelner Zoo hat so zugunsten der Elefantenhaltung entschieden.
Auch jedes Museum hat seine eigenen Ausstellungshighlights, sonst braeuchte man ja nur eines zu besuchen, um alles gesehen zu haben.
Ich wuensche dir weiterhin viele schoenen Begegnungen mit deinen geliebten Baeren!

Yeo, ja - wo Holz fehlt, kommt natuerlich auch die Papierindustrue an ihre Grenzen.