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Happy Winter time - with or without snow!

Posted by Mervi on January 9, 2022 at 5:10 PM

Dear friends! The Christmas season is over and it's time to enjoy the Winter before the Spring season makes it's entry.

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Reply Mervi
5:41 AM on January 23, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! A foggy day in Malmö town.


Dumba - I will listen to Matti Salminen later. I like him and his voice!

Britta-Gudrun - I wish you a speedy recovery!

Yeo - Thank you for the breakfast - the Herkules smells heavenly! :D

Ludmila - I will read your artikel in KWM later but thank you in advance.

Chris - This bl...y troll is very stubborn but I'm a Finn and even more stubborn!!! - I wish you a nice tour!

Have a cosy and relaxing Sunday and take care!

PS. Our Swedish friends are 'burning' and determined to save Orsa Predator Center. Please, give them your support in FB if you can. A couple of encouriging words are more than welcome. I was glad to find many familiar names in their petition, too! :D
Reply Ludmila
4:54 AM on January 23, 2022 
Gute Besserung
Reply Chris
4:27 AM on January 23, 2022 

What can we do about the Trolls ? :( :roll:
Who is hiding behind all the stupid links?
Ich bin etwas ratlos.

BRITTA - gute Besserung !

Ich hatte seit 2010 keine
Erkaeltung mehr - toi, toi, toi
das ganzjaehrig Rad fahren
tut schon was dazu... :)

I will start soon: a little
winter-tour is on the
schedule today. :)

Have a cosy sunday !
Reply Yeo
4:09 AM on January 23, 2022 
Good morning dear all!

Herkules and breakfast are ready.
Enjoy your meal!

I wish you all a beautiful Sunday.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
3:54 AM on January 23, 2022 
Hoffentlich schmettert der Saenger die nervigen Trolle hier aus dm BLog, liebe Nachteule Dumba!
Leider hat mich eine Erkaeltung erwischt - die erste seit 2017 (!), also entfaellt das Ausgehessen.
Reply Dumba
3:20 AM on January 23, 2022 
In the mood for a classical open air concerto in Kiel in 2001?

Finnischer Saenger ARD/NDR-MEDIATHEK (So., 23.01.2022 auf RADIO BREMEN)

Concerto with a famous FINNISH Bass Singer (starting with an overture):
BASS besser am besten .. Matti SALMINEN sings opera arias:


Reply Mervi
3:50 PM on January 22, 2022 
Dave - I hope the games were good and thrilling. Enjoy the BBQ!

Ralph - Thank you for the emails! They arrived 'safe and sound'. :D

Chris - I hope the situation in the Baltic won't accelerate! - We have passed the 600 - the next goal is 1000 ...
Reply Chris
3:07 PM on January 22, 2022 

DAVE - I ve thought of you this week,
because Christa reported, they had
about -30C in their region in Quebec.
I am very glad, to live in a less cold
region here in south of Hessen...

DUMBA - "little" Quannik has grown
to a big, beautiful bear now. :)
Unbelievable, how time runs...

MERVI - german u-boats are on the
way in the baltic sea - some of the
politicians seem to think, this all
is a big play. Lets hope, we will
not burn our fingers in it....
I don t want to live in Baltikum -
even Finnland has a border with
Uncle Putin: difficult times... :roll:

I wish everybody a cosy evening.
Tomorrow they predict sunshine.
A tour is planned for sunday...

By the way, our petition has
reached the 620 votes - not
so bad for one week ! :)
Reply ralph
2:19 PM on January 22, 2022 
Mervi I have sent you a light-hearted story to raise a smile.
Reply Ludmila
1:46 PM on January 22, 2022 
How is your mother doing?
We have rain and it is grey.
Reply DAVE
12:49 PM on January 22, 2022 
Good Afternoon.

We have been hit by a real winter this week. Monday we got over 40cm of snow and the temperatures have been holding at -15C to -25C everyday this week. Today it is partly sunny and -12C. I have been taking 2 shorter walks a day due to the extreme cold.

Omicron seems to be at its peak here in Ontario. All the hospitals in Waterloo Region are very close to full, but new cases are dropping. Let's hope that this is the beginning of the end of Covid19.

Today is chores and another walk later this afternoon to pick up a steak for BBQ tonight. It is NFL football weekend again. Two games today and the same tomorrow. I'll watch some of the games, but sitting in front of the TV for 6 or more hours is not my idea of fun.

Have a nice, relaxing Saturday.
Reply Ludmila
12:48 PM on January 22, 2022 
Happy Birthday, dear Quannik!
Reply Mervi
12:31 PM on January 22, 2022 
Happy birthday wishes are flying to Qannik in Louisville! Thank you, Dumba, for reminding us.
Reply Dumba
10:42 AM on January 22, 2022 
Q A N N I K . s 11th birthday celebration at GLACIEER.Raun in LOUISVILLE ZOO:



A KWM publication of August 2011:

Reply Mervi
10:40 AM on January 22, 2022 
Chris - Kaja sure is an adorable baby boy. I wish him lots of health and happiness! - The politicians are a bunch of idiots that only think of their own careers. - There are no news about any submarines yet in the Swedish media.

Dumba - Thanks for the comments! Have a nice Saturday afternoon!
Reply Chris
9:32 AM on January 22, 2022 
MERVI - Sweden sends troops to Gotland:
maybe the first u-boats are diving near Stockholm
Ich finde diese Kriegs-Rhetorik gefährlich - bei
manchen Zeitgenossen meint man, sie
wünschten sich geradezu einen Krieg :roll:
Reply Dumba
6:38 AM on January 22, 2022 
KAJA is a lovely orang.utan baby :-)
Thanks for the link!
Reply Dumba
6:35 AM on January 22, 2022 
.. Petra in Wilhelma 15.1.2022 .. published Saturday, January 22nd,2022 in KWM
(+ Invitation / Request to WILHELMA.WILBAER.addicted ones
... to sign the ORSA.ANTI.CLOSING.PETITION ! )

Petra Ballon has brought again beautiful photographs of most impressive
animals in the WILHELMA.ZOO.PARC, enriched by Mervi.s words and by her
renewed invitation.request to sign the OrsaPredatorCenter.AntiClosing.Petition
plus her well chosen captions.

The hugging scene between the horned beauty and her calf is lovely . .
The facial expression artists, the camel.ssnouts are very funny
The colourful pelikan with his fluffy plumage is an extra beautiful sight
The furry girls and guys give always an especially as elegant as gorgeous spectacle even if they don.tdoanyting :-)
The sealion.s face (ears, eyes, beard) is quite majestic and he.she obviously knows something of the importance of its name! ;-)

- - -

Have a good 4th weekend of the year 2022 ALLE :
entertaining, relaxing, yummy . . everything in a balanced ratio :-)
Reply Chris
6:28 AM on January 22, 2022 

MERVI - I am also disapointed of the politicians in Sweden.
Only the green party answered my letter - all other parties,
or ministers didn t send any reaction - its a shame... :roll:


Die Trolle haben sich leider auch auf einigen aelteren Threads breitgemacht...
Reply Mervi
6:19 AM on January 22, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! It's a sunny day but I'm feeling a touch of cold so I'm staying indoors. I hope the cold is 'just a cold'.

Britta-Gudrun - Let's hope it will be a good avalanche! :D

Ludmila - I was glad to find familiar names among the signatures. I'm sure our Swedish friends are glad, too.

Chris - I don't know how many has written to Grönklitt but they are quite many. I guess the cowards haven't answered anybody.

In KWM I published Petra Ballon's nice photos from Wilhelma. I also apologized for the behaviour of Orsa Grönklitt. The keepers and visitors in Stuttgart must be really angry and disappointed.

Have a cosy Saturday and take care!