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Die Knuipe

School's out for Summer!

Posted by Mervi on June 12, 2022 at 8:35 AM

Even though the school days are over for us the first Summer days still feel the same. Do you agree? :-)

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Reply Britta-Gudrun
9:00 AM on August 17, 2022 
Good afternoon!

Mervi, the killing of the walrus has depressed me deeply, moreover, my stomach pain was almost unbearable. Now a new medicine has finally helped a bit, although just my many pills for other pains are the main problem with the stomach....

Yes, you are right about our fight in Orsa with David against Goliath, the protest was much too little supported. Sad conclusion: money rules the world!
It was offered to you already several times to support your Blog financially from us. So far you have always refused. Please reconsider the offer now once seriously.

Here the heat is no longer so bad, but unfortunately the rain is missing.
It is a disaster.

Guten Tag am Nachmittag!

Mervi, die Toetung des Walrosses hat mich zutiefst deprimiert, zudem waren meine Magenschmerzen fast unertraeglich. Jetzt hat ein neues Medikament endlich etwas geholfen, obwohl gerade meine vielen Pillen gegen andere Schmerzen das Hauptproblem mit dem Magen sind...

Ja, du hast Recht mit unserem Kampf in Orsa mit David gegen Goliath, der Protest wurde viel zu wenig unterstuetzt. Trauriges Fazit: Geld regiert die Welt!
Es wurde dir schon mehrmals angeboten deinen Blog finanziell von uns zu unterstuetzen. Bisher hast du das immer abgelehnt. Bitte ueberdenke dir das Angebot jetzt einmal ernsthaft.

Hier ist die Hitze nicht mehr ganz so schlimm, aber leider fehlt auch hier der Regen.
Es ist eine Katastrophe.
Reply Mervi
6:25 AM on August 17, 2022 
Ludmila - Of course, I have an antivirus programme!
Reply Ludmila
5:16 AM on August 17, 2022 
Do you have an antivirus software on your laptop? I think such software is able to get rid of infected files.
Reply Mervi
4:51 AM on August 17, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Another hot day here and the night was terribly hot. Who the h..l likes the tropic nights? :D

Ralph - I have made back ups but unfortunately there are infected files so .... Maybe the nerds would have known how to prevent this but I can't afford hiring experts. Many other blogs have a whole team but also many bloggers sharing the cost.

Chris - So many people have told how sad they are about the closing of Orsa but they don't even bother to sign a petition! We are only a handful persons who have tried to do what we can but it's been like David against Goliath.

Ludmila - I hope your garden is still fine despite the hot and dry weather. - Many people in Norway are furious about the killing of the walruss.

Britta-Gudrun - How are you today?

I wish everybody a happy Hump Day! Take care!
Reply ralph
3:54 AM on August 17, 2022 
Sheila Baker has posted pictures of Luka and Hamish playing in the water together at YWP.
If they can get along this will be excellent news. Luka and Hamish have both missed being with other bears.
Reply Ludmila
2:57 AM on August 17, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
We have the hot day again.
I wish you all a nice Humpday.
Reply Ludmila
2:54 PM on August 16, 2022 
I find the story with Freya terrible. I never thought that such thing can happen.
I am worried about the animals in Orsa. There are no information about the animals.
Reply Chris
1:02 PM on August 16, 2022 
MERVI - ich habe auf keine einzige Mail eine Antwort bekommen.
Einzig die schwedischen Grünen haben den Erhalt der Mail be-
stätigt, aber auch keine weiteren Aktionen gestartet...
Unsere Petitionen sind im luftleeren Raum verhallt.
Es ist in der Tat eine Schande ! :roll:
Lets hope, that all bears will find a new home.
( the cats and wolfs and other animals also )
Reply ralph
10:30 AM on August 16, 2022 
I visit a number of websites which regularly get hit by hackers.
But they have a technique for backing everything up regularly so that only the version of the website on the day of the hack is lost. A snapshot of the site as it was before the site was attack can then be used to restore it.
Not being technical I don't know how this works..I remember that when I was working a back up copy of everything we had done on the computers was taken by our systems administrator and kept so that if a virus or fault occurred he could restore the system.
Very surprised that this was not done for Knutis Weekly even if only once a month so that the bulk of the material survived.
Reply Mervi
10:04 AM on August 16, 2022 
Chris - There was no need to kill the poor walrus. People were disturbing it all the time and the stupid authorities decided it was dangerous for the idiots. I don't want to write what I would have done instead but I think you can guess. - Closing Orsa is a shame for Sweden! I never thought people here would be so uninterested - with the exception for some that have spent lots of time writing to all possible persons, organizations, political parties - you name it. No response from them either. Shame, shame, shame!!!
Reply Chris
8:00 AM on August 16, 2022 
I am speechles about the killing of the walrus in Oslo.
Was there no other option, to save his life - very sad?

The closing of Orsa is a big tragedy - I am also
disapointed about the swedish officials... :(
Money rules the world - animals don t matter.

Again its very hot and no rain in sight... :roll:
Reply Mervi
4:55 AM on August 16, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! We had some rain during the night and I'm glad to see the trees looking much better now. The grass is still more brown than green but I'm hoping for more rain.

Dumba - I'm not ready to throw the towel yet .... :D

Britta-Gudrun - I like to have a magazine - it's my hobby or rather a life style now. However, I will not force it but take things easy and slowly.

Ralph, Chris - My webhost is still trying to find out the reason. Even other blogs have been destroyed and I've heard there are lots of mishaps with servers everywhere.

Chris - 45 should have been put behind the bars long ago.

Ralph - When Anders Björklund was the chef in Orsa there were lots of activities and the combination of skiing + visiting the animal park was succesful. The last few years almost nothing has been done. I'm really upset and disappointed at the Swedish people who don't seem to care that an unique predator center will close.

Ludmila - I think the predator park in Orsa will be closed. Now we must focused on the animals and hope they will all have new homes. Many organizations have promised to keep an eye on this matter.

I wish everybody a pleasant Tuesday! Take care!
Reply ralph
4:53 AM on August 16, 2022 
I fear Gronklitt has been clever and gained the support of the local community. A ski resort and housing development for summer visitors means lots of jobs for local people and visitors for local business.
YWP requires lots of ventures like concerts and other exhibits like the new dinosaur experience to keep going. Even then COVID has led to their being fewer staff and the guidebook is now a free pamphlet which can be updated easily as animals move.
Orsa would need an imaginative company to integrate the wildlife park with the ski resort and other businesses. I guessSwedes are not as entrepreneurial as I thought.
Reply Ludmila
3:05 AM on August 16, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
We had the thunder storm yesterday. Today is hot again.

I am worried about Orsa. There is no news since 2 weeks.
Reply Chris
8:26 PM on August 15, 2022 
MERVI - gerade sehe ich CNN und stelle mit Befriedigung fest, dass nun endlich wegen Anstiftung zur Wahlfälschung gegen 45 ermittelt wird (Georgia). Auch wegen Untreue und Steuervergehen wird gegen ihn ermittelt (Trump-Organisation). Dazu kommen die Verfahren wegen Anstiftung zum Umsturz (6.Januar) und jetzt ganz neu wegen der illegal, privat gelagerten top-secret Akten (Mar-Al Lago). Wenn da nichts hängenbleibt - so jemand darf nie wieder an die Hebel der Macht kommen.... :roll:

Lass dir mit dem neuen Magazin Zeit (obwohl ich immer noch nicht glauben kann, dass wirklich alles weg ist - da muss es bei deinem Host doch ein Back-Up gegeben haben. Auch frage ich mich, ob Du die einzige Geschädigte bist - was sagen die anderen Betroffenen dazu? Das kann ja auch ein beträchtlicher finanzieller Schaden sein - es lässt mich ungläubig zurück. Mir ist immer noch nicht ganz klar, was da eigentlich passiert ist. Oder wurde nur deine Seite gehackt? Die ja merkwürdigerweise auch immer als "unsicher" gekennzeichnet war....) :(
Reply ralph
5:25 PM on August 15, 2022 
Dear Mervi
I share your pain very much. Knutis Weekly contained so much valuable material covering an incredible period for all of us.
It seems unbelievable that a hacker can get any benefit from hurting us all. They have gained no money or made no political point.
Your host has a duty to report this to the Police as a criminal act. They are also negligent in failing to keep copies of the material safe.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:08 PM on August 15, 2022 
Mervi, I understand you very well and I wonder if you should do the new project at all, also because the loss hurts you so much and the technical innovations may also overload you.
In any case, take your time and don't feel obliged to create something new.
We can continue to meet in the club and stay in touch.
I don't want to discourage you, but I want to tell you to do what you can and what you want to do. A big hug!
By the way, I also heard the sound of the rain last night.

Mervi, ich verstehe dich sehr gut und frage mich, ob du dir das neue Projekt ueberhaupt noch antun sollst, auch deshalb, weil der Verlust dich so schmerzt und die technischen Neuerungen dich vielleicht auch ueberlasten.
Lass dir auf jeden Fall Zeit und dich nicht verpflichtet fuehlen etwas Neues zu kreieren. Wir koennen uns weiterhin der Knuipe treffen und in Verbindung bleiben.
Ich will dich keineswegs entmutigen, sondern dir sagen, mach nur dass, was du kannst und noch willst. Lass dich umarmen!
Reply Dumba
1:05 PM on August 15, 2022 

MERVI . . That.s more than understandable:

" I'm sad and tired after loosing almost 15 years' work "

You have all my ..Mitgefuehl... For sure, I would have ..Die Brocken hingeworfen.. right away were or had I been in your position . . .

See duck, mouse, and elephant (Sendung mit der Maus) and/or dancer :-)

Reply Ludmila
11:12 AM on August 15, 2022 
I hope you will get the back up files.
Reply Mervi
11:07 AM on August 15, 2022 
Chris - It will take time to create a new magazine theme and make the columns etc. Of course, there must be articles as well .... I'm taking things easy because I'm sad and tired after loosing almost 15 years' work.

Ludmila - The sound of the rain drops must be music for your ears!