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Die Knuipe

Welcome Fall with rain!

Posted by Mervi on September 7, 2022 at 4:15 AM

Dear friends! This Summer has been extremely warm - or rather extremely hot. The nature is still suffering from the dry weather but let's hope the Fall will be more merciful!

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Reply Mervi
5:19 PM on September 28, 2022 
Ralph - Have a pleasant and safe ride back home!

Britta-Gudrun - I hope Django came home in the evening.

Chris, Ludmila - How about a night cap with Uncle Sergej?
Reply Ludmila
2:12 PM on September 28, 2022 
I wish you a good ride home.
Alexandra spielt viele Instrumente,
Reply ralph
12:37 PM on September 28, 2022 
In a pub in Sheffield after an interesting bus ride from Doncaster. Steak Pie and chips with Guinness beer instead of my usual Guinness. Buses home over night and back in Oxford for BN and I to have our usual Staripramen. Money saved by not using trains paid for the hotel.
Bears all really settled well and Project Polar working as it should.
Thanks for your well wishes
Reply Chris
12:36 PM on September 28, 2022 
LUDMILA - manchmal spielt sie auch Keyboard, habe ich gesehen.
Das neue Projekt mit dem Orchester ist interessant. :)
Im Fruehjahr spielen sie auch in der alten Oper in Frankfurt.

Today it was cold und windy, in the afternoon the sun peeked out.
Ich schaue gerade CNN: der Sturm in Florida ist sehr schlimm ! :roll:
Reply Ludmila
11:54 AM on September 28, 2022 
I hope your last day was good.
My daughter in law played contrabass yesterday.

Wir waren heute zum Betriebsausflug in der Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung. Es war sehr interessant.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
7:23 AM on September 28, 2022 
Good day at lunchtime!

I had a busy day yesterday with two appointments in a row, which exhausts me colossally, but thanks to my dear friend I have managed to some extent.

Ludmila, I have seen yesterday Alphaville in the Moma, but since me bearish men are a horror, I have immediately switched. Today I still found the recording and think that your daughter is the long-haired musician at the Chello.

Ralph, fine that you could observe your darlings all well.

Patricia, to take away the cows their calves right after birth is a cruelty beyond compare and therefore enjoy the beautiful sight of Koetje and Boetje !

Mervi, in sunny weather, probably only for a short time, Django is somewhere in the garden.
Reply Mervi
6:01 AM on September 28, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Ralph - Enjoy your last day in YWP! - I had a good laugh reading about Nobby's strategy to get rid of the kids when he wants to be alone. :D

Chris - People have totally forgotten the past and vote for extremist right wing parties. They will have a cold shower when they - hopefully - realize what these parties and politicians really are. - It was great to see new photos of Aron and Quintana.

I have republished an old story 'A cool Fall with Fiete and his friends' in KM. Just like Chris wrote in her comment it's a pity we hear very little of him these days.

I wish everybody a happy Hump Day. Take care and enjoy the last days of September even though it's not so easy to be happy when the news get worse and worse.
Reply Chris
4:19 AM on September 28, 2022 

Wiedersehen mit Aron und
Quintana ! :D

RALPH - geniesse deinen letzten Tag bei den Baeren ! :)
Reply ralph
1:33 AM on September 28, 2022 
Good morning from Doncaster. It is already my last day at YWP.
Yesterday I was lucky to have half an hour with Flocke and Tala at the fence of their enclosure.
Luka and Hamish are well matched and enjoy a lot of playfighting.
Sisu gets along very well with Yuma. But the two brothers still tend to stick together. Nobby has discovered that pushing the cubs into the water gets them to leave him alone. The two cubs are as big as Nobby but still have the cub look. Like their father Raspi they will be big bears.
In common with other Zoos there seem to be fewer of the keepers around. But I did get to talk to one of the Rangers in the afternoon.
Reply Chris
4:47 PM on September 27, 2022 
MERVI - bei uns in Berlin ist es nicht besser...
Die Dreier-Koalition blockiert sich gegenseitig.
Es kommt nur Chaos dabei raus. :roll:
Die Politiker sind voellig hilflos den
neuen Problemen gegenueber.
Reply Mervi
2:26 PM on September 27, 2022 
Chris - It's already chaos in the Swedish politics. I wonder what kind of government we're going to have. Not a very effective one - that's for sure! - That Meloni woman is totally nuts. How on earth could people vote for her and her party?

Britta-Gudrun - Let's hope Django will make the right decision!

Ludmila - Alphaville seems to be still going strong!

Patricia - I'm not even trying to restore the whole KWM but I hope I can save some essential parts of our 'polar bear history' in KM.
Reply Chris
11:15 AM on September 27, 2022 
Ich wusste gar nicht, dass es die Band noch gibt.
Irgendwo habe ich sogar eine Platte von ihnen. :)
Alex scheint das Kueken in der Gruppe zu sein...

Hier gibt es etwas zu lachen: wer wissen will, WIE
durchgeknallt Giorgia Meloni ist... :p
(sie redet sich in Rage & keiner kommt mehr zu Wort)
Reply Ludmila
11:07 AM on September 27, 2022 
Das ist die selbe Band. Marian Gold ist 68 Jahre alt. Unsere Schwiegertochter ist seit 2016 dabei.
Reply Chris
10:52 AM on September 27, 2022 
Indeed the weather reminds more of late fall :roll:
I hope, we will have some warm October days...

After shopping I was at the rowing-club for an hour.
Some of my friends prepared their boats. But it is
very windy: not the ideal weather for rowing...
Luckily the sun peeked out for half an hour. :)
Then black clouds arrived and I returned home.

LUDMILA - ich kenne "Alphaville" aus den 80ern.
Ist das die selbe Band ? How old are they ? :D

BRITTA - Marine le Pen wird es beim naechsten
mal wieder versuchen - die Kuh ist noch nicht
vom Eis, fuerchte ich... :roll:
(ihre Nichte steht schon in den Startloechern)
Reply patricia roberts
8:28 AM on September 27, 2022 
Good afternoon Dear All, Fall has definitely arrived here. During the last days, it was dull, grey, wet and cold and sometimes here and there some sun (but not for too long). But like I wrote before, Karine and I do like the coming months because of the delicious plates one can make for colder days. My cats do have no ambition at all to go outside, only in case of a very urgent need and then only for a rather short while. They have now re-invented a new task: protecting my bed.
Mervi, hope your hand is better now. Nobody is expecting the complete transition of the old KWM (if at all possible!!!) to the new KM within a few weeks or even a few months.
Dear All, I do not remember whether I already told you about Koetje and Boetje. Since Spring, when I look through the window of my sleeping room, I can see a cow (Koetje) and her calf (Boetje) in one of the meadows. In the beginning, it was kind of a sport to find Boetje. It was either hiding behind mamma’s legs or in the grass. Koetje was very protective and every time when Boetje was more than 2 steps away from her, she called it back. It was actually very enchanting to see that this cow was allowed to keep her calf and to feed it because nowadays, most calves are immediately taken away from the mother. I suppose that within a few weeks, they will be brought to their warm stable.
Reply Ludmila
7:07 AM on September 27, 2022 
Our daughter-in-law was on ARD's Morgenmagazin this morning with Alphaville. This time she played the contrabass.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
6:49 AM on September 27, 2022 
Good afternoon at lunch time!

My Outdortermin today reminded me of the winter coat, which I should better wear in the current cold weather....brrrrr

Mervi, Django's need for cuddling and desire to go out are very changeable and therefore the decision is difficult because of the closed cellar door to the exit, but thank goodness there is no frost yet.

Ralph, thanks for your first report from YWP. Hope you have good warm clothes on so you don't get sick there.

Chris, Mervi, the election results in Italy are catastrophic. What a luck that France's Madame Le Pen did not win.

Guten Tag zur Mittagszeit!

Mein Outdortermin heute hat mich an den Wintermantel erinnert, den ich bei der jetzigen kuehlen Witterung besser tragen sollte....brrrrr

Mervi, Djangos Kuschelbeduerfnis und die Ausgehlust sind sehr wechselhaft und deshalb ist die Enscheidung wegen der geschlossenen Kellertuere zum Ausgang schwierig, aber gottlob ist ja noch kein Frost.

Ralph, danke fuer deinen ersten Bericht aus YWP. Hoffentlich hast du gute warme Bekleidung an, damit du dort nicht krank wirst.

Chris, Mervi, der Wahlausgang in Italien ist katastrophal. Gut, dass in Frankreich Madame Le Pen nicht gewonnen hat.
Reply Chris
6:37 AM on September 27, 2022 

Can you believe, that we had 30C two weeks ago?
Today its grey with wind and 12C (a warm winter
day is more pleasant). November in September!

MERVI - I don t know who has voted for Meloni,
Berlusconi or Salvini - none of my friends ! :roll:
The people believe in ugly lies and then they
are disappointed, Its always the same game...
I think, we will have new elections very soon !
The problem is, that Italy needs a stable govern-
ment in these times. They have exorbitant high
debts. The crazy coalition will do nothing good
for the country, thats for shure ! :roll:
(by the way, in Sweden the rightwing coalition
also won, but they are far better, than in Italy)

Ich werde die Regenpause erstmal nutzen, um
etwas einzukaufen. Vergesst nicht, dass wir ein
langes Wochenende haben. Montag ist Feiertag!

RALPH - your first report sounds promising ! :)
Reply Mervi
6:05 AM on September 27, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

KM was loading very slowly earlier today but now it's working fine again. At least it was a couple of minutes ago. It seems that there are some 'child diseases' .... :D

Ralph - Thank you for the first reports from YWP! I saw your videos in FB and couldn't help being a teeny weeny envious. :D

Ludmila - The Herkules is just what I need!

Britta-Gudrun - I hope Django has understood that the sofa is a cat's favourite place when the weather gets chilly.

Today you can meet SIZZEL, SKADI, KAJA, NORIA, LILI AND EVEN AKIAK (!) in KM. What luck we have Gisela on the spot so we can follow these polar bears in our magazine.

Have a pleasant Tuesday and take care!
Reply Ludmila
5:05 AM on September 27, 2022 
I wish you a nice time with the bears today despite of the bad weather.