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Die Knuipe

Old Man Winter is knocking at our door

Posted by Mervi on November 18, 2022 at 1:40 PM

Dear friends! November is rolling and the Winter season is almost here with or without snow and ice. Soon we can enjoy the Advent lights - at least I hope so despite the problems with electricity!

Photo by Jessie Webb

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Reply ralph
5:52 AM on November 23, 2022 
A couple of days at home and I have been doing a lot of sleeping.
Tomorrow is flea market day in Oxford and Banbury so I will be riding the bus and having some beers in the afternoon.
I am now going to catch up with Knutis magazine
Reply Mervi
5:15 AM on November 23, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Our grocery shopping is done before the 1st Advent. Now we don't have to visit crowded shops.

Britta-Gudrun - I read somewhere the German Team has objected against the ban of the rainbow coloured ribs and signs. CAS will now 'investigate' the matter but I doubt it will lead to any actions. How the gay people are treated in Qatar is unbelievable - we have the year 2022! I don't even comment how they treat women because I would have to use unprintable language.

Ludmila - Thanks for the Herkules!

It's been snowing in Rostock, too. Gisela visited the zoo and took great photos of SIZZEL, SKADI, KAJA, NORIA AND LILI.

Have a happy Hump Day and take care!
Reply Ludmila
3:01 AM on November 23, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Where are you? I hope you are doing well.

The weather changed, it is no more cold outside. We will get some sunshein later.
Herkules is ready.
Reply Ludmila
2:00 PM on November 22, 2022 
Our son Alexander and his wife Alexandra live in a small town called Manching. Yesterday, thieves stole a gold treasure from the museum there. At the same time, the Telekom technical room was broken into and the glass cable was cut, probably to prevent the museum's alarm system from going active. The residents now have no telephone and no internet.
I am surprised that our infrastructure and museums are not sufficiently protected.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:18 AM on November 22, 2022 
Mervi, that's exactly what I said to myself. How many people die and have accidents in the process. Not to mention the waste of resources.
....and all this has the criminal gang FIFA before already known and concealed, otherwise the criticism would have been still much larger than those to the disregarding human rights!

I think, Chris is already on the way on her "winter journey".
Reply Mervi
6:36 AM on November 22, 2022 
Good day! Guten Tag!

Ludmila - It really is quiet here but maybe the 'freiherrins' want to sleep longer - it's the hibernation season for brown bears! :D - I loved the Christmas markets in Germany because they really have the special Weihnachtstimmung' - and it always smells so good!

Britta-Gudrun - It's really upsetting that they build stadiums for millions for only one event. Who's going to demolish them? The poor workers, of course - and how many will die during these works? Shame, shame, shame!!!

Leti - Hello to Thessaloniki!

In KM you'll find Anke B's second report from the ZOO BERLIN - well written as always!

Have a pleasant Tuesday and take care!
Reply Ludmila
6:07 AM on November 22, 2022 
Hello folks!
Where are you all?
Today is grey but no more cold. Minka went out and vanished. Tomorrow the Christmas market in our city will open.
Reply Leti
9:05 AM on November 21, 2022 
Happy birthday to Vera, Charlotte, Quintana, Gerda and Nana. Best wishes to them.
Here it is still warm but it often rains.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:35 AM on November 21, 2022 
Mervi, at least you had a touch of winter in Malmö for a short time!
The rescue operation at ChristineM at that time was initiated by a "Nert", whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. He had informed us about a free program for backup and what was especially great: He had created a table about the different years, so everyone could pick a part for backup (months and number of contributions), so nothing was duplicated. This was a really great community effort and there would have been plenty of time for your contributions too....

Ludmila, at your link I also discovered the great photos of your trip in America, which are quite great. I think only in America you can experience the earth history so close. The photo with the young lady, who lifts the rocks like a Hercules, is unique!

I don't watch the World Cup either! Yesterday I heard that the billion dollar stadiums will be torn down again after the World Cup - can you believe it?
Reply Mervi
6:03 AM on November 21, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! We had a one-day-Winter - now the snow has almost melted away. In the East cost of Scania it was snowing heavily and, naturally, the traffic is a great chaos today.

Ralph - Thank you for the emails! I try to make a draft today.

Ludmila - I'll check your report in KM later but thank you in advance! - Have your cats explored the 'snowy world' yet? - It's great that at least the keepers in Hannover celebrate their polar bears' birthdays.

Dave - We had a warm October but it looks like our Old Man Winter got fed up with the warm weather because it's been snowing almost everywhere. :D - I hope you had a great Grey Cup party.

Chris - Football is loosing many supporter just like gold. The amount of money involved in these two sports is simply grotesque and preposterous. I'm disappointed that the big football nations don't boycott the games in Qatar. It would have been a hard nut for FIFA to bite.

Today we have several birthday bears again - Vera in Nürnberg, Charlotte in Karlsruhe and Quintana in France. Anita has made a nice birthday gift to QUINTANA which you can see in KM.

Have a happy Monday and a good new week!
Reply ralph
4:49 AM on November 21, 2022 
Good morning from Summertown Library.
It is damp, grey and cold outside. In other words typical English Christmas weather. I am off to buy more nice Polar Bear items and then to have some Staropramen with frioends and BN.
Now I am going to look at Ludmilas visit to Nana. I have fond memories of her and Milana from my visit to them in September 2020 when I broke out during the Pandemic.
Reply Ludmila
2:52 AM on November 21, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
We got some snow in the night. It is cold.
Herkules is ready.
Reply Chris
2:55 PM on November 20, 2022 
MERVI - ich weiß nicht mal mehr, wer in unserer Nationalmannschaft
spielt, oder in welcher Gruppe sie sind. Ich schaue nur noch Frauen-
fussball, da ist die Woche wieder Europa-Cup. Der Männerfussball
ist ohnehin hässlich mit seinen Pöbeleien und Rangeleien. Es gibt
ja genug andere Sportarten. Immerhin hat das Fernsehen viele
Dokumentationen zur Korruption in der FIFA gebracht und auch
die Menschenrechtslage am Golf ausgiebig beleuchtet. Aber ein
Boykott der Übertragung wäre natürlich besser gewesen.... :roll:
Reply DAVE
2:14 PM on November 20, 2022 
Good Afternoon.

It is sunny and -10C today. We got 2cm of snow overnight. This afternoon I have my mom over for a visit. She is taking a nap right now.

Later tonight I will join some friends at a Grey Cup party. The Grey Cup is the trophy given to the team that wins the Canadian Football League's championship game, which is played by a team representing the Eastern Conference(Toronto Argonauts) and another from the Western Conference(Winnipeg Blue Bombers). It is the 109th championship game.

Have a nice peaceful Sunday.
Reply Ludmila
1:44 PM on November 20, 2022 
Today is Nana`s 3rd birthday. We visited the zoo Hanover today. Nana has many toys. Today she got an orange buoy. She was very happy.
Reply ralph
1:02 PM on November 20, 2022 
Lovely sunny weather here so I was out shopping in Banbury yesterday and sorting out my purchases today.
I have sent Mervi my report of my last visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park which is a bit thin but I hope brings the story up to date.
Reply Mervi
10:11 AM on November 20, 2022 
I forgot to tell you that it's been SNOWING here during the night. The ground is still white and it all looks very nice. :D

Britta-Gudrun - It was odd that so few people offered their help to others than Christina .... - I'm a sport nerd but I'm going to boycott the games in Qatar. The FIFA idiots should be sacked immediately. They are a bunch of corrupt morons! But I'm glad that for instance YLE (Finland's Radio&TV) hasn't sent a team to Qatar. They will show the games but they are commented in a studio in Helsinki.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
9:42 AM on November 20, 2022 

I got up late today and therefore can not say whether there was frost tonight.

Mervi, a nice new tread with this adorable picture of Knut. Yes, so many names - like Jessie Web's you can't find anywhere anymore....
And about Dumba's photo search entry in the Back Room: ChristinaM might be helpful, as their entries under webshots were all saved in a big community effort before it was closed.
I wish you lots of fun watching winter sports TV in the great snowy landscapes of your homeland. The World Cup in Qatar is a farce and a scandal and I am curious whether so many pubs will continue not to broadcast it in their premises and I believe that this attitude will change the further our team gets. I personally wish them an early elimination, then at least in Germany the hype stops, sorry you other football friends!

Leti, thanks for your comment about the shelters.

Dave, your snow amounts at this time of the year are very impressive. I hope you know that people with heart disease have to be very careful with their thumb in the snow - even with snowfraise.

Have a nice Sunday!
Reply Mervi
7:02 AM on November 20, 2022 
Good day! Guten Tag! I've been skiing all morning so I'm a bit late. :D

Today many of our polar bear friends have birthdays - for example Gerda in Novosibirsk and Nana in Hannover. I hope they all will be celebrated properly!

It's been wonderful the see Winter sports in the beautiful snowy landscape in north Finland. Next weekend the WC season begins for nordic skiing and biathlon - even those competitions will take place in Finland. I hope I'll be fit to follow everything! :D

Leti - The brown bears have such lovely faces and, naturally, all the other animals in the Arcturos are very beautiful.

I wish everybody a pleasant Sunday! Take care!
Reply Leti
3:19 AM on November 20, 2022 
This is where the two shelters are located.The two brown bears that used to live in Thessaloniki Zoo live in the Arcturos shelter now.