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Die Knuipe

Old Man Winter is knocking at our door

Posted by Mervi on November 18, 2022 at 1:40 PM

Dear friends! November is rolling and the Winter season is almost here with or without snow and ice. Soon we can enjoy the Advent lights - at least I hope so despite the problems with electricity!

Photo by Jessie Webb

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Reply Ludmila
3:04 AM on December 8, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Today we have the rain, tomorrow we will get the frost. It looks like winter :)
It is a time for Glühwein.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
6:40 PM on December 7, 2022 
Mervi, Good night and happy Independence Day of Finland!

Thank you all for the helpful tips for Django, I'll respond tomorrow.
I was very busy today.
Reply Mervi
5:08 PM on December 7, 2022 
Ludmila - It's very quiet here today but Uncle Sergej and I are glad you popped in. US has made good hot drinks for us. Cheers!
Reply Ludmila
2:48 PM on December 7, 2022 
It is cold outside. Let us dink something warm together.
Reply Mervi
6:14 AM on December 7, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! It's snowing here! Not much but we can see snow flakes dancing in the air.

Ludmila - We have decorated our tree. When we were ready it started snowing so we're in a real Christmas spirit already! :D

Anita has posted a charming article starred by Howie and his trainer Max. You can admire them both in KM.

Have a happy Hump Day and take care!
Reply Ludmila
3:30 AM on December 7, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Are your Christmas tree ready?
Hugs all around
Reply Mervi
4:28 PM on December 6, 2022 
Thank you for your kind greetings to Finland! Now it's time for champagne or maybe you will rather have a Wolf's Paw? :D
Reply Ludmila
2:51 PM on December 6, 2022 
Our Chancellor Scholz has also promised to help Ukraine until the Russian soldiers are in Russia.
I drink a glass with you on the Independence Day.
Reply Leti
10:03 AM on December 6, 2022 
Happy birthday Inuvik. Best wishes to you.
Mervi-Happy Independence Day of Finland.
Happy St Nicholas Day.
Britta-Gudrun-I hope Django will be able to live with you.
Annemarie-Best wishes to you and your husband.
Dumba-I hope you liked the clementines from Thessaloniki. They must be from a place near Thessaloniki. Thanks for the information. I was happy to know that they are sold in Germany.
Reply ralph
9:00 AM on December 6, 2022 
I salute Finland on Independence Day and continue to pray that Ukraine prevails against Russia
For all the many faults of my goveenment unlike Macron and Scholz Preime Minister Sunak has promised Zelensky we will not negotaitate with Russia until it returns to borders recognised in International Law.
Reply Mervi
6:50 AM on December 6, 2022 
Ludmila - I guess the Finns feel very deeply with Ukraine because we had to fight against the 'Goliath', too. President Niinistö, Prime Minister Marin and all the other politicians have mentioned this in their speeches.
Reply ralph
6:12 AM on December 6, 2022 
Britta Gudrun and Annemarie Sending you soft hugs from England
Reply Ludmila
5:39 AM on December 6, 2022 
I wish you a nice Independence Day. Today it is more important as in the past.
Reply Mervi
5:30 AM on December 6, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Today is the Independence Day of Finland so in the evening we will listen to Jean Sibelius' Finlandia and drink a glass of Wolf's Paw. :D - Several polar bears were born this day - among them Inuvik in Copenhagen. She was born 2019 and is still staying with mana Lynn.

Annemarie - I wish you all the best and hope your hand will heal soon. Just like Ludmila I advice you not to carry heavy things - 5 kg sounds too much. I admire you for not having lost your sense of humour even when the times are tough. Hopefully Rhonda has heard your call!

Dumba - I don't recall how many Independence Days we spent in your home but I remember we always had lots of fun!

Ludmila - Thank you for the very nice report from Berlin!

We are planning to decorate our Christmas tree today - hopefully we have enough energy to do that. I wish everybody a pleasant Tuesday. Take care!
Reply Ludmila
3:32 AM on December 6, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Ich hoffe Deine Hand waechst gut zusammen. Ich denke 5kg sind im Moment zu viel fuer Deine Hand. Sie ist noch nicht geheilt. Sei bitte vorsichtig.
Reply Annemarie Berta
12:50 AM on December 6, 2022 
Heute brauche ich einen starken Herkules-Kaffee.

In dieser Woche habe ich viele wichtige Termine fuer mich und meinen Mann. Sherwin hilft mir, aber manchmal ueberschneiden sich die Angelegenheiten.

War vor kurzem boese gefallen. Am schlimmsten hat es mich an der linken Hand erwischt. Die im Radius gebrochene Hand, die zwar geroengt ist, wird aber erst am Donnerstag CT-maessig untersucht und ist bislang noch nicht versorgt! Der Orthopaede hat einen Schienen-Verband verschrieben, der aber erst bestellt werden musste und den ich vielleicht Ende der Woche bekomme usw.. Nur wurde mir gesagt, dass ich nicht mehr als 5kg mit der Fraktur tragen darf, ansonsten ist die ganze Hand durch.

Da kann ich nur noch die Beach Boys zitieren: Help, help me Rhonda!

Liebe Gruesse an alle!
Reply Dumba
6:59 PM on December 5, 2022 
Liebe Britta-Gudrun - gut zu hoeren/lesen, dass Deine Bemuehungen, ein fuer Dich geeignetes Wohnumfeld fuer Deine aelteren Tage zu finden. Gratuliere! Ich hoffe, Du wirst Dich dort dann auch wirklich wohl und gut versorgt fuehlen. ICh druecke die Daumen fuer Dich ud fuer Deinen DJANGO, dass sich auch fuer ihn noch eine Loesung finden lassen wird, die Dich ruhig schlafen llaasen wird ud wo er sich auf seine alten Tage noch gut einleben kann.

Dear Leti – may be it.s kind of a pleasure to you to get to know that Pseudo Clementines from THESSALONIKI are offered actually in grocery shops in Germany. I myself bought a whole box of it today. They are yummy! :-)

Clementinen aus Thessaloniki bei ..EDEKA..

- - -

Good night and lovely dreams of KNUT to everyone!
Reply Mervi
5:04 PM on December 5, 2022 
Britta-Gudrun - I'm sure there are persons in animal shelters who can deal even with 'difficult cats'. It's worth a try anyway. Now that Django likes to stay indoors he needs a warm home. I wish you both best of luck!

Leti, Ludmila - How about a hot toddy?
Reply Ludmila
3:54 PM on December 5, 2022 
Rufe im Tierheim an und erkläre Dein Problem. Die Leute im Tierheim und die Tierärzte können mit den Katzen umgehen. Sie helfen Dir. Djago wird abgeholt, geimpft und kommt ins Tierheim.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
10:55 AM on December 5, 2022 
Good evening!

Today only a short greeting.
Have a nice 2nd Advent week.

Mervi, Django is my biggest problem.
No, I can not take him with me, because Django can not be taken anywhere, not to the vet and not to a shelter, because you can not hold him.
I hope that my neighbors will feed him.
As sad as I was last year about his 6-week disappearance, secretly I was thinking then, then I don't need to leave him one day....
Why does he have to grow so old too?