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Die Knuipe

Welcome Fall with rain!

Posted by Mervi on September 7, 2022 at 4:15 AM

Dear friends! This Summer has been extremely warm - or rather extremely hot. The nature is still suffering from the dry weather but let's hope the Fall will be more merciful!

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Reply Leti
6:26 AM on November 14, 2022 
Britta-Gudrun-Gute Besserung. Ich hoffe, dir geht es gut.
Ludmila-Thank you for your kind words.
Happy birthday to Humphrey and Juno.
Reply Mervi
6:25 AM on November 14, 2022 
Good day! Guten Tag! November is rolling with a greay and dull weather but baby bear don't care.

Chris - What great photos Jens brought from Kingussie. The snow leopards, the wolverines and, of course, Victoria and Brody & Co are all such beautiful animals.

Britta-Gudrun - I hope you're feeling better today!

Ludmila - I'm hoping for a little frost on the ground. No need for snow if there's frost. Everything would look nicer than what we see now.

Ralph - Take it easy even if you're busy! :D

Today SKADI AND KAJA celebrate their 1st birthday so I published Anita's little report from her visit in Rostock earlier this year.

Have a pleasant Monday and a good new week!

PS. There's a lot of good old stuff in KM so if you haven't anything better to do .....
Reply Ludmila
3:08 AM on November 14, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Today we have the November weather, it is cold and grey.

Die Schneeleos sind sehr huebsch. :)
Reply Chris
12:15 AM on November 14, 2022 
:) https://tinyurl.com/3u2tu8sj :)
u.a. mit niedlichen Kaetzchen......
Reply ralph
11:41 PM on November 13, 2022 
Woke up early this morning and listening to the early morning music programme on BBC Radio 2.
This time last week my bus was pulling into Sheffield and I was looking forward to my visit to YWP.
The week has gone all too quickly. I have had a busy time. It is good to see Pat's photos which show how well the Polars are doing.
Another busy week this week so I may not be posting so often.
Britta Gudrun hoping you get better soon.
Reply Ludmila
2:20 PM on November 13, 2022 
Der Tag hat sonnig angefangen. Leider stieg spaeter der Nebel hoch und es wurde kalt. Jetzt ist wieder klar, es kommt wahrscheinlich der Frost in der Nacht.
Ich trinke gerne etwas warmes jetzt.
Ich wuensche Dir gute Besserung.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:53 PM on November 13, 2022 
Sorry, es geht mir zurzeit zu schlecht, deshalb keine Kommentare.
Tschuess vorerst...
Reply Chris
7:29 AM on November 13, 2022 
We have the "Kaiserwetter" !
Blue sky and bright sunshine.
So I am off to my tour. :)
See you in the evening...
Reply Ludmila
5:56 AM on November 13, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
The sun is shining. It will be a nice day.
Reply Mervi
5:11 AM on November 13, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Today is again a hand resting day so I just wish you all a pleasant Sunday.

In KM you can meet the polar bears in Yorkshire in Pat Waldron's excellent photos!
Reply Chris
12:49 AM on November 13, 2022 
It seems, that the democrats will have the majority in Senate.
In Nevada the first female hispanic candidate wins the seat.
In December there will be a new vote in Georgia. :)
Trump again tells the story of election fraud, but
I think the "Schallplatte has a Sprung", like we
would say it german: who believes the clown?
Reply Ludmila
2:07 PM on November 12, 2022 
Hello folks!
We had the busy day with cleaning and swimming in the afternoon.
The weather is dry.
I like snow for the Christmas. This winter I hope for the warm winter.
I wish you success with the feeding the stray cats.
Reply DAVE
12:10 PM on November 12, 2022 
Good Morning.

Belated birthday greetings to Annemarie.

November 9th was the 9th birthday of Toronto Zoo's polar bear Humphrey and November 11 was the 7th birthday of Toronto Zoo's polar bear Juno.

We had awesome weather up until Thursday, when the temperature reached 21C. Friday and today are more like November with cold, damp weather. The almost 3 week long Indian Summer is over and as Mervi says, Old Man Winter is knocking at our door. Yesterday I attended Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Waterloo cenotaph. It is the first time that I have ever heard "God Save The King". A wreath was placed in honour of QEII.

Educational support workers returned to work on Tuesday and contract negotiations continue with the Ontario government. Hopefully common sense will prevail.

The USA is mired in another election cycle. Once the dust has settled we will see more clearly what is in the future for the 2024 presidential election. Trumpet is making an announcement on Nov.15. His ego is so large that he will probably ignore his advisors and step up to run in 2024. The problem for 45 is that Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis, is a similar candidate with the same Trump-like policies, but without the Trump baggage and controversies. Many MAGA(Make America Great Again) supporters are slowly leaving 45 for DeSantis.
At this point in time I believe that the Dems will lose in 2024 no matter if it's Biden, Harris or anyone else, especially if 45, who will be 78yrs., is out of the race. Sleepy Joe will be 82 and Harris is a weak candidate. Of course things can change in the next 2 years.

Today is a do-nothing day, other than laundry. I might try to sneak a walk in before the rain returns and then a BBQ steak and movie tonight.

Have a nice Saturday.
Reply Leti
10:07 AM on November 12, 2022 
Patricia, Britta-Gudrun, Chris, Mervi and everyone else-Thank you for your kind words. I am trying to do what I can.
It is cloudy today. I think autumn has come here too.
Reply Chris
7:14 AM on November 12, 2022 

Our Maedels won their first of two games against US in Florida last night.
I predict, that the US-girls will not be the next WC-winner in summer ! :)

We have the first foggy day of the season, but I will not complain.
We had such a fantastic fall this year: I am out with every weather.
Its dry and not too cold. :)

MERVI - I don t need the winter with my long streetfront, to clear.
Snow means hard work for me... ;)
My dreamweather would be cold and sunny with frost at night !
So our little Krabbeltiere will not be too many in the next spring.

I wish everybody a most pleasant and relaxed Saturday ! :)
Reply Mervi
5:26 AM on November 12, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Ludmila - Thank you for the pics from Las Vegas in KM.

Leti - The weather is much warmer than usual for this time of the year but I hope we will get a real Winter in due course. I want to see four seasons.

Chris - Dems would need a female candidate of 'same caliber' as Nancy Pelosi. Unfortunately there isn't one - at least I don't know any. - Jens has been travelling a lot lately. Nice to see his reports and photos!

Patricia - Nalle and Mimmi are occupying all the warm places in the flat. Our 'nap plaids' somehow disappear, too .... the cats drag them to the floor and look very pleased with themselves. :D

Britta-Gudrun - Have a cosy Saturday with Django!

Dumba - I hope the internet is still working!

I wish everybody a most pleasant Saturday. I'm off to watch the first biathlon competions for this season.
Reply Chris
3:53 PM on November 11, 2022 
Ich glaube er ist noch drüben,
Jens war auch in Edinburgh :)
Reply Ludmila
2:55 PM on November 11, 2022 
Super, dass Jens die Bilder von Victoria, Brodie, Arktos und Walker mitgebracht hat.
Reply Chris
2:02 PM on November 11, 2022 
u.a. Brodie & Mama, dazu
Victoria, Arktos & Walker
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:35 PM on November 11, 2022 
Nur einen kurzen Abendgruss in die Knuipe!
Leti, ich finde deine Arbeit auch bewundernswert, alles dazu hat Patricia schon sehr schoen formuliert.