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The silly corona season is still on ..... but baby bear don't care!

Posted by Mervi on August 31, 2020 at 12:15 PM

Dear friends! This Summer has been very 'strange' and the Autumn is going to be the same. However, better times will come even if we must wait with lots of patience! But Patience is our middle name so let's enjoy the late Summer and the Autumn!

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Reply ralph
4:50 PM on September 1, 2020 
Ludmila Great that you and Uwe are safely home. I am sure Monika in Nuremberg like me is eager to see your usual high quality photos of Flocke, Indiana, Yuma and Tala.
Reply Ludmila
3:50 PM on September 1, 2020 
Hello folks!
We arrived home yesterday in the evening. We were tested in the airport, negative. We stay first in home office.
We spent a wonderful time with Flocke and her kids.
Wenn man die Rechnung mit der Karte bezahlt, addiert man das Trinkgeld dazu.
Reply Mervi
1:31 PM on September 1, 2020 
Britta-Gudrun - I usually have some cash in my purse in case I'm expected to leave a tip. I don't think the waiters get the tip paid with a card but I don't know how it works. Nowadays I hardly ever visit places where I have to tip somebody so I'm not sure how 'modern' people do. :D

Leti - Good to meet you here again!

Ralph - Uncle Sergej certainly knows how to deliver things! :D I hope both you and BN are satisfied with the beers.
Reply ralph
12:19 PM on September 1, 2020 
I was near Oxford airport this morning picking up a small parcel which I had to pay customs dues on (it came from Japan with some little models of spacecraft from the film "2001 a Space Odyssey). I noticed an elegant shiny white executive jet arrive. When I got home, I noticed that the grown ups among the Cotswold bears drinking Knusteiners and a happy BN with a bottle of Staropramen. So Mervi Uncle S was here.
I am sipping a cold Star as I type this.
Now a fortnight ago when I was with Flocke.
I remember 2007 well. It was a magical time.
Reply Leti
11:30 AM on September 1, 2020 
Happy autumn to everyone.
It is still hot here.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
7:01 AM on September 1, 2020 
Guten Tag zur Mittagszeit!

Mervi, diese Fotos mit Thomas und Knut im Mulch waren eine der letzten von den beiden zusammen in der Oeffentlichkeit, danach hat Mister B. den engen Kontakt streng verboten. Umso kostbarer sind diese Erinneungen, wie der schon recht fuellige Knut sich von Thomas knuddeln, kitzeln und mit der Schaufel necken liess.
Und in die Jahreszeit passt dieses Foto erst recht, vielen Dank!

Der Herbst ist das fruchtbare Ergebnis eines Sommers und mit seinen bunten Farben an den Baeumen kann er sich auch mit den grossen Erwartungen an den Fruehling messen.

Mervi, ich habe eine Frage zum bargeldlosen Zahlungssystem in Schweden: Wie macht ihr das mit dem Trinkgeld z.B. im Restaurant? Ich moechte nicht jeden Centbetrag bargeldlos bezahlen und denke, die Dienstleistungsberufe haben bei dem System schlechte Karten, denn welcher Wirt fuehrt den aufgerundeten Betrag an sein Personal ab?
Reply Mervi
6:04 AM on September 1, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Ralph - Congratulations for being number one on this thread! Uncle Sergej will bring you the glorious prize - a six pack of Knutsteiner and a six pack of Staropramen! How about that? Maybe you can share them with BN? :D - I remember the Autumn 2007 so well. The 'Knut shows' were over but very early in the mornings our photographer friends in Berlin hurried to the zoo to take pics of TD and his assistant Knut cleaning the enclosure. :D What happy times they were!

Yeo - I love Autumn, too! For most people the Spring is the time of 'revival' but for me the Autumn feelings are the best. :D

In KWM you can meet some very innovative and wise animals in NUENEN in Hans Muskens' photos.

Have a great Tuesday! Please, try to remember our middle name! :D
Reply Yeo
2:14 AM on September 1, 2020 
Good morning dear all!

@ Mervi
Dear Mervi! Thank you for this new thread. This photos are so wonderful. I love the autumn, it is my favourite season.

@ Ralph
Thank you for your nice, interesting report in the KWM.

Breakfast and Herkules are ready.
I wish you all a pleasant Tuesday and a good start in the September!
Reply ralph
6:12 PM on August 31, 2020 
Autumn is about to start.
I love the picture of Thomas and Knut