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The silly corona season is still on ..... but baby bear don't care!

Posted by Mervi on August 31, 2020 at 12:15 PM

Dear friends! This Summer has been very 'strange' and the Autumn is going to be the same. However, better times will come even if we must wait with lots of patience! But Patience is our middle name so let's enjoy the late Summer and the Autumn!

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Reply ralph
8:04 PM on September 19, 2020 
I should have mentioned that Annemarie and Monika were with me on Friday afternoon watching Tonja and Hertha playing together.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
2:57 PM on September 19, 2020 
Mervi, die Kleinen sind okay, allerdings essen auch winzige kleine Spitzmaeuse von ihrem Futter, wie ich heute erst entdeckt habe.

Ralph, so soll das sein bei deinen Reisen; ausser den geliebten Baeren auch liebe Freunde aus frueheren Zeiten zu treffen. Habt einen schoenen Abend!
Hast du Annemarie und Monika auch getroffen?

Ich trinke gerne an der Bar einen mit!
Reply Ludmila
2:21 PM on September 19, 2020 
You have a great time in Berlin :)

We had a warm day. We were busy with cleaning and gardening in the morning, Then we were swimming. After swimming we decided to eat ice cream :)
Reply Mervi
1:17 PM on September 19, 2020 
Britta-Gudrun - What good news of your hedgies! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will eat well and grow strong.

Ralph - Thank you for the report from the zoo and from the Tierpark. I'm sure Kati was as happy as you were meeting her again. - Have a good time with your friend!
Reply ralph
12:28 PM on September 19, 2020 
This morning I arrived at the Zoo as it opened. Kati had just been for a swim and was standing waiting for me on the shore. We spent quite a while before she went back inside.
I am typing this on a bench overlooking Tonja sleeping on Aika's mound. Hertha is also stretched out by the cliff face.
This afternoon I had a Bretzel Max with Broccoli.and Cheese. I have also bought 2 blue and 1 grey t shirts with different images of Tonja with baby Hertha. Next year if I make it back Hertha maywell be starting a new life in another Zoo.
I will join in a drink with Uncle Sergej. I am going out with a friend here who I have known since 1987.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
6:34 AM on September 19, 2020 
Guten Tag zur Mittagszeit!

Ein sonniges Wochenende scheint uns mit angenehmen Temperaturen zu erwarten.
Die Einkaeufe habe ich gestern erledigt, heute wird geruht mit beschaulichen Betrachtungen im Garten, wo die Igelchen in ihrem Nest schlafen, nachdem sie gestern Nacht 2 Tellerchen leer gegessen haben.
Reply Mervi
6:20 AM on September 19, 2020 
Good day! Guten Tag!

I thought I was very late but I'm the earliest bear today! Well, Uncle Sergej is always here keeping me company. :D

Thanks to our new friend MmeGiraffe I could publish a little article of QUINTANA in KWM. What luck we can get news from the Zoo de La Lèche, too!

I wish everybody a most pleasant Saturday!
Reply Mervi
4:48 PM on September 18, 2020 
Yeo - Congratulations! Your reha-sport season is over now! :D

Ludmila - Maybe we can taste Uncle Sergej's Jägertee?

Britta-Gudrun - I'm so glad to hear the good news of the small hedgies.

Now it's time for a night cap and then to mulch!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
3:02 PM on September 18, 2020 
Einen spaeten Gruss zum Abend mit der Nachricht, dass die drei Igelchen nun Geschmack an dem heute gekauften neuen Futter gefunden haben und weiterhin in dem Nest in meinem Garten schlafen.

Mervi, auf die Gesellschaft von Giovanna bin ich sehr gespannt, hoffentlich verlaeuft alles friedlich zwischen den Damen.

Yeo, du hast fleissig gesportelt mit dem neuen Knie und hoffentlich weiss es deine Anstrengungen auch zu schaetzen und ist nun bald schmerzfrei.
Reply Ludmila
2:49 PM on September 18, 2020 
Wir gehen jede Woche in das Hallenbad,
I am waiting for you with an evening drink
Reply Yeo
1:31 PM on September 18, 2020 
Hello dear all!

Today was my last termin of my Reha-Sport. Hooray!
27 termins are more then enough.

Yesterday I was in the Swimmingpool. The water Temperatur was 18 C. Today was here in Berlin in the morning 4 C.
I mean, the bath-time is over now for this year. :(

@ Ralph
Viel Freude bei deinem Berlin-Besuch!

I wish you all a pleasant Friday-evening!
Reply Mervi
5:54 AM on September 18, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! This morning I did some household work and the flat looks clean at least for a while. :D

Dumba - The cat picture is fantastic!

Ralph - I saw in FB that you're already in Berlin admiring Katjuscha. I wish you a good time! - What luck you could meet at least Kap in Hagenbeck. I'm looking forward to what you can tell us of all the polar bears you meet during your 'odyssee'.

Ludmila - The nights are rather cold here, too and finally the days are colder as well so the morning walks are more refreshing than during a heat wave.

Chris - I hope you will get rain soon - maybe during the nights only .... :D

Britta-Gudrun - Hopefully your hedgies are doing fine.

Anita has visited Hellabrunn and, of course, she met GIOVANNA. You can see her report in KWM.

Have a pleasant Friday and a good start of the weekend!
Reply Chris
4:59 AM on September 18, 2020 

Wir haben immer noch super Wetter. :)
Allerdings wird die grosse Trockenheit
langsam zum ernsten Problem...
MERVI - hier sind noch keine Herbstfarben zu sehen.

Ich wuensche allen einen guten Start ins Weekend! :)
Reply Ludmila
2:57 AM on September 18, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
I am glad you have the nice time on your trip.
The night was cold. It is still sunny and warm on day, but I think we will take Speedy inside very soon.
Reply ralph
7:47 PM on September 17, 2020 
My visit to Hamburg was a great success even though Victoria was kept inside being checked out by the vets. I was able to have a long chat with a young keeper who was on crowd control duty and shared our love of Polar Bears.
Whatever my reservations about the enclosure, Kap seemed to love it. He was hidden from view for the first half hour but then came forward to relax on the bank opposite the only viewing window above water. Kap seemed to be very much at home.
Reply Dumba
5:37 PM on September 17, 2020 
Schlaft gut! -
Das hier wuerde bestimmt JEDE Eurer Katzen und Kater unterschreiben, nicht!?


Reply Mervi
5:16 PM on September 17, 2020 
Ludmila - I'm sure 'your' hedgie likes the garden restaurant. :D Uncle Sergej has prepared eggnogs for us because the evenings are getting chilly.
Reply Ludmila
3:17 PM on September 17, 2020 
I met our hedgehog in the garden in the evening. He or she waited for the food.
We will have the cold night. I need a warm drink :)
Reply Mervi
9:47 AM on September 17, 2020 
Dumba - You got it right! I'm very impressed! :D
Reply Dumba
7:43 AM on September 17, 2020 
"Kiitos terveisistae¤ suomeksi!" = "Danke fuer die finnischen Gruesse(!?)

"Ole hyvae! - Ei kestae!" (is that a right reaction???)
In German: "Bitte(schoen) - Gerne geschehen!"