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Die Knuipe

Happy Summer time to everybear and everybody!

Posted by Mervi on June 4, 2020 at 11:20 AM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Hartmuth

Dear friends! This Summer will be as 'strange' as the Spring was. I hope the sweet memories of the Super Summer 2007 will help us to stay in a good mood!

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Reply Mervi
4:24 PM on August 7, 2020 
Britta-Gudrun - The heat is really annoying. I never feel good when it's extremely hot. I guess we have to cope with this 'wave' a few days more.

Ralph - This year certainly is Annus Horribilis! We have never experienced anything like this pandemi before. We can only hope people will understand the importance of 'following the rules' so we'll get rid of the virus!

Ludmila - Would you like a red or a white wine? Or maybe a glas of rosé? :D I think I'll just have an ice cold Knutsteiner.
Reply Ludmila
4:03 PM on August 7, 2020 
I hope you will be able to visit Flocke.

In the moment it is very nice outside. I drink a glass wine now.
Reply ralph
11:57 AM on August 7, 2020 
Besrs112 thank you for the picrure from Aalborg
Today has been spent hiding indoors from the heat. But the Radio has brought bad news. Travel to Belgium is no longer permitted and France may be next. British Airways is in chaos and treating its staff so badly that a strike may happen.
The year 2020 to borrow a phrase from HM The Queen continues to be an Annus Horribilis.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
6:03 AM on August 7, 2020 
Guten Tag zur Mittagszeit!

Leider bringt die Hitze keinen Gewitterregen. Hier ist die Trockenheit ganz extrem.
Mervi, die Niedlichkeiten in Wien sind wieder ein echter Hochgenuss und die Baerchen-Fotos von Jens aus Aalborg ebenfalls.
Reply Mervi
5:29 AM on August 7, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! The heat is on even here but baby bear don't care - she stays indoors. :D

bearjs112 - Imaq and Inuk are super sweet! There are so many cute polar bear cubbies so it isn't so easy to keep count on who's who. :D Thank you so much for the links!

Ludmila - Ice Herkules is my choice, too! :D

In KWM you can again admire FINJA, KIBALI AND PEACHES' BABY BOY in Jutta Kirchner's photos. With this super cuteness I wish everybody a pleasant Friday and a good start of the weekend. Most probably it will be a hot weekend so - please, stay chilly - be cool! :D
Reply Ludmila
3:09 AM on August 7, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Danke fuer die Links

It will be a hot day again. I drink Ice Herkules now.

Nachtraeglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag deines Mannes.
Reply bearjs112
9:12 PM on August 6, 2020 
Bears112 - Are the sweet polar bears in the photo Anna and Elsa? - By the way, welcome to our Knuipe!

Guten Morgen :)

Das sind Imaq und Inuk - Zoo Aalborg.

Reply Mervi
4:32 PM on August 6, 2020 
Bears112 - Are the sweet polar bears in the photo Anna and Elsa? - By the way, welcome to our Knuipe!

Ralph - Shopping and beers sound like a very good way to spend a day! :D
Reply ralph
3:52 PM on August 6, 2020 
Have been in Oxford for lunch, shopping and beers.
Love the Slovenian photos from.Ludmila and Uwe. I did wonder if Roy Black would appear and start singing to Uschi Glas! Talking of Munich stars, Giovanna looks good in her Knutstyle Mocha outfit.
Reply bearjs112
1:46 PM on August 6, 2020 
Bearjs 112 (Jens?) - Thank you for the link! Ivo is as impressive as always.

Ja, ich bin es :)

Reply Mervi
1:31 PM on August 6, 2020 
Britta-Gudrun - I'm trying to stay as cool as our white fluffy friends. :D

Bearjs 112 (Jens?) - Thank you for the link! Ivo is as impressive as always.
Reply bearjs112
12:53 PM on August 6, 2020 
Guten Abend :)

Gorilla Ivo - Fotos

Zoo Saarbrücken.

Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:37 AM on August 6, 2020 
Mervi, auch wir sollten uns bei der Hitze einfach wie Giovanna der Meditation hingeben
und unsere aeussere Erscheinung auf unsere Mitmenschen wirken lassen - O O H M!
Reply Mervi
5:46 AM on August 6, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Ludmila - It will be a very hot day here, too. Once again I'm very happy being a seniour citizen so I don't have to do anything exhausting. :D

Yeo - Please, forward my best birthday greetings and wishes to your husband. Enjoy the Greek food! :D

Anita has posted photos and a video of GIOVANNA - in a new look! You can admire La donna in KWM..:D

I wish everybody a happy TDT! Please, remember that patience will chase the evil virus away!
Reply Yeo
4:35 AM on August 6, 2020 
Hello dear all!

@ Ludmila
Vielen Dank für den Eiskaffee! Das ist genau das richtige bei der Hitze!

@ Mervi
A lot of greetings to Malmö for and Vesa!

@ Ralph
Ich wünsche dir weiterhin eine wunderschöne Reise und viele spannende Erlebnisse!

Today is my husbands Birthday. In the afternoon we have a greek dinner with our children. Later can our Grandsons used our Swimmingpool. The boys are very stretched for this. More then for the Grandparents. :)
In the cellar are some bottles of champain. Let us on the evening raise the glasses!

I wish you all a pleasant Thursday!
Reply Ludmila
3:33 AM on August 6, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
The sun is shining. It will be a hot day. I start with Ice Herkules.
It is great that you meet the friends and enjoy the days.
How are you doing?
Reply Mervi
2:28 PM on August 5, 2020 
Ludmila - Even we have to use a water pistol every now and then when Mimmi and Nalle need a 'referee'. :D

Chris - What good news of the penguins!

Ralph - Again you had a busy - but I'm sure a pleasant day. I'm glad to here the trains are blocking seats so the travellers must keep the distance. It's also good that everybody's wearing masks. - What a pity you can't use the computor in the library as much as you would like. Well, this is a peculiar year - to put it mildly!

Britta-Gudrun - The zoos that require a lot of walking and climbing are not my cup of tea either. - I'm sure Ivo is quite happy in his new home.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:48 PM on August 5, 2020 
Guten Abend!
Chris, danke fuer den Link. Dumba hatte ihn mir auch geschickt, weil ich bei Jens nur sehr selten in den Blog schaue. Leider konnte ich mein Vorhaben, IVO im Saarbruecker zu besuchen, bisher nicht realisieren. Das Zoogelaende ist sehr huegelig und ausgerechnet das Gorillagehege liegt am hoechsten Punkt. Selbst ein Zoo-Taxi, das vom Foerderverein bertrieben wird, kann ich nicht nutzen, weil meine Tagesform zu labil ist, um langfristig geplante Termine wahrzunehmen, das ist sehr traurig fuer mich....
Ich denke aber, es geht IVO gut, denn in der Alters-WG hat er wohl keinen Stress mit seinen Damen.
Reply ralph
12:17 PM on August 5, 2020 
Sadly the Library can only let computers be used for very short times. This means that I have not been able to save material from the Knuipe and KWM since February or Dumbas photos and other materials.
Unfortunately even if I had a laptop or personal computer the internet requires a phone line. Sadly the one to our house goes through a neighbours tree and cannot be made to work more reliably. As I use a mobile phone this has not been a problem.
Some photos do get saved on my phone.
Reply ralph
12:12 PM on August 5, 2020 
I had a day out to London yesterday. After my usual porridge and coffee breakfast in Kidlington I caught a buscto the new Oxford Parkway station. With my Seniors Railcard a day return to London after 0900 is nearly as cheap as going by bus. The train seats were blocked off to ensure we all sat apart. I wore my plastic face visor and other passengers did the same.
Arriving.at Marylebone station I walked through reasonably wide streets to Hamleys Toyshop. And yes I bought some Polar Bears.
I had arranged to meet an old friend from University days who I had last met in London 25 years ago. We found a French restaurant with tables outside. Over omelette and beers I learnt that he and his family had been living and working in China.
After more shopping I walked back to the station just in time to get a train home.