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Die Knuipe

Happy Summer time to everybear and everybody!

Posted by Mervi on June 4, 2020 at 11:20 AM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Hartmuth

Dear friends! This Summer will be as 'strange' as the Spring was. I hope the sweet memories of the Super Summer 2007 will help us to stay in a good mood!

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Reply Britta-Gudrun
6:06 AM on June 24, 2020 
Patricia, hoffentlich bleibt Fleur gesundheitlich stabil bei dieser Hitze.
Wie viele Katzen hast du jetzt noch?
Fein, durch Ludmila von eurem Besuch in Pairi Daiza die Bilder zu sehen. Du hast in deinen frueheren Berichten nie die Eisbaeren dort erwaehnt.

Mervi ich glaube, Django hat "irgendwo" einen neuen Biergarten entdeckt, denn ich sehe ihn immer nur ganz kurz, wenn er sein Futter bei mir isst.
Reply Chris
5:28 AM on June 24, 2020 

Bei uns kuendigt sich die erste Hitzewelle an.
Bis zum Wochenende ueber 30C. Zum Glueck
haben wir Ostwind und recht trockene Luft. :)
Allerdings sind zum Wochenende Gewitter
angesagt. Ich hoffe, dann wird es wieder
kuehler. Ich vertrage die Hitze nicht gut.
Reply Mervi
4:17 AM on June 24, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! The heat is on ....

Ludmila - Thank you for the first part of your reports from Pairi Daiza! - I thought Wasja would be the last to accept Momo but our cats never stop surprising us. :D

Patricia - I hope Fleur will eat more today but the bright eyes are a good sign. I also hope the heat will not bother her too much!

Britta-Gudrun - I wonder if Django will be spending the hot days in his 'Biergarten Unter den Linden'? :D

In KWM you'll find Ludmila's and Uwe's impressions from Pairi Daiza. I wish you all a lovely Hump Day and a nice virtual walk in a very special animal park!
Reply Ludmila
3:23 AM on June 24, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
I am glad Fleur ate a bit.
Our Minka slept outside tonight. We bought the fresh turkey yesterday, I gave Minka her part outside. Momo and Wasja are the friends now. They eat together :)
Reply patricia roberts
1:42 AM on June 24, 2020 
Good morning Dear All,
Fleur is doing a little better. Yesterday evening, she had another dip and was again very apathetic. I was scared that she was not going to make it through the night. But this morning when I entered the kitchen I immediately saw that her eyes were clear and alert and she also came for food. OK, it was only a very small portion, but the good thing is: she started to eat again. She is still very quiet but that is normal for her situaton. I only hope that she will now not suffer of the heat.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
11:46 AM on June 23, 2020 
Patricia, auch von mir die besten Wuensche fuer Fleur.
Reply Mervi
10:23 AM on June 23, 2020 
Patricia - I'm sure we are all sending our best wishes to Fleur. I hope she will eat well and then take a nice nap.

Ralph - I inserted the photo of your Giovanna in the Back Room.
Reply Ludmila
9:49 AM on June 23, 2020 
I hope Fleur will improve. I keep my fingers cross for her.
Reply patricia roberts
9:40 AM on June 23, 2020 
Vet just left. It seems that most probably Fleur got a mild heart attack. The thing she needs the most now is resting. He gave her also something to stimulate her appetite. Well, considering her age, I hope that all is improving again because even though she is already a senior, I do not want to lose her.
Reply Mervi
5:39 AM on June 23, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Patricia - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Fleur. I hope the vet can help her. - Thank you for the email!

Ludmila - I already saw some photos from Pairi Daiza in FB. I can imagine you had a great trip there!

Dumba - Hello to the CCC! We usually have the same kind of weather so I guess it's quite warm there, too.

In KWM you can meet TONJA AND HERTHA again in Monika aus Berlin's report. With the two - or rather three - ladies I wish you all a most pleasant Tuesday!
Reply Dumba
4:51 AM on June 23, 2020 
AGAIN you are in full sorrow because one of your life-accompanying and cared by you so well CATs! All my compassion for you! And for sure: My fingers are crossed!

Pleasant Tuesday to ALL/e with BEST WISHES for health and NO sorrows or pain!
Reply Ludmila
4:46 AM on June 23, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
I keep my fingers cross for Fleur.
I am happy about Quintana and Aron
The decision to move Quintana to France met the coordinator, not Ms Koehler. Ms Koehler wanted to let Quintana with Giovanna together. I am glad Quintana will get a friend in her age.
Reply patricia roberts
3:31 AM on June 23, 2020 
Good morning Dear All, again a very sunny day and slowly but surely the heat is arriving. Luckily, on Sunday evening, one hour after being back home from Pairi Daiza, we got some serious showers. So, at least the plants do have a little water reserve.
This morning, I had to call the vet for Fleur. Yesterday late evening, I noticed that she was not well and frankly said, at a certain moment, I was fearing that she was dying. This morning, she only had some water and she is still very quiet. Vet will come this afternoon. So, please cross your fingers that nothing serious is wrong with her.
Reply Mervi
4:04 PM on June 22, 2020 
Britta-Gudrun, Ralph - I think, too, it's a good decision to let Giovanna have lady friends. We know that La Donna has a temper but hopefully she will accept the new comers. - Quintana and Aron will make a nice couple. I hope they will be getting along fine. - Now I'm worried about Sisu. I hope he can stay in Ranua because I don't want to 'loose' him.
Reply ralph
3:13 PM on June 22, 2020 
I.think this is a very good decision by Ms Koehler in Hellabrun.
Although Giovanna is still only relatively young she has reared three cubs and there is no shortage of European Zoo cubs. It is a shame that the US cannot take some new bears but they do have some cubs.
Giovanna may find it hard at first to cope with two "sisters", but the relationships can work.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:22 PM on June 22, 2020 
Guten Abend!

Mervi, ich hatte einen sehr schoenen Tag mit drei UNICEF-Freundinnen im Buero.
Ich freue mich ueber die guten Nachrichten aus Hellabrunn und auch ueber die Harmonie von Charlotte mit Blizzard.
Reply Mervi
11:47 AM on June 22, 2020 
Reply ralph
8:11 AM on June 22, 2020 
Chris Although Charlotte is only young compared with Victoria, she is enjoying the water play with Blizzard.
Thank you for the link.
Reply Mervi
5:56 AM on June 22, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! The weekly shopping is done. Luckily the morning wasn't too warm but we're expecting (in my case fearing!) a heat wave in the end of the week.

Dave - You've been really busy so you deserve a cold Knutsteiner or two .... or even three! :D

Dumba - Somehow this year seems so unreal. We can do a lot of things just like before the corona aera but there are also big differences. Well, as long as I have water, food and shelter I really shouldn't complain. The major part of people in this world have none of those things.

Britta-Gudrun - I hope you have a good day in the bureau.

Chris - I'm so glad Charlotte isn't alone anymore. She seems to have made friends with Blizzard and it's a pure pleasure to see them together.

In KWM I have a real SCOOP for you! Molly Merrow has visited KULU - the only polar bear cub born in America this season! I guess a cuteness alarm is needed. :D

I wish everybody a very good week and a pleasant Monday! Please, wear a mask and keep the distance. These simple things will help us to get rid of the virus!
Reply Chris
4:14 AM on June 22, 2020