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Die Knuipe

What an unusual Spring this is!

Posted by Mervi on April 2, 2020 at 1:15 PM

Collage by La Dame Blanche

Dear friends! In the previous thread I was wondering what the Spring would be like this year. Now we know it's most 'odd' due to the covid-19 virus. The world isn't the same it was only a few weeks ago. I hope we will all stay in good health and keep an optimistic mind. Better times will come - sooner or later!

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Reply Ludmila
2:05 PM on April 5, 2020 
Hello friends!
We had a wonderful sunny day again.
It is great that you live next to your family now.
The job of doctors and nurses as well as the paramedics is hard.
We like crimes too. Now we watch something funny too
Ausgehen zum Essen oder Eis essen fehlt mir auch sehr.
Reply ralph
12:32 PM on April 5, 2020 
Dave When I was kid Dinky Toys made a Royal Canadian Mounted Police patrol car and a Bristol Britannia in Canadian Pacific colours. I read recently that the Hudson Bay company ordered them for their stores in Canada.
Reply Mervi
12:03 PM on April 5, 2020 
Dave - There were new episodes of Murdoch in Swedish TV and I hope we can see Cardinal, too. I like the Canadian series.

Leti - Hello to Thessaloniki! I guess you're living under same kind of circumstances as we all are for the time being.

Ralph - Every member of our big polar bear family is a great comfort and gives us hope! You chose your words very well again! - The doctors and nurses as well as the paramedics are doing a fantastic job risking their lives for saving others' lives.
Reply ralph
11:07 AM on April 5, 2020 
I couldnt post my full comment in Knutis Weekly so I posted below.
The end of the second week here of being largely confined to the house. I am trying to do some sorting out of all my stuff so the time has not been wasted.
The Radio has just announced that a famous aristocrat, Lord Bath, who invented the wildlife park at his home in Longleat, has died in his 80s after getting corona. But much sadder is the death of doctors and nurses exposed to the virus.
I spoke to an old friend of mine on the phone last night and she said her grandson had been very ill with corona but had recovered.
As I wrote below Flocke's daughter, Hope, is a great lesson. I will raise a glass of Uncle Sergej's finest.
Reply ralph
10:56 AM on April 5, 2020 
Dear Mervi and Teddybaerenmutti
Dear Mirja your magical stories were part of the golden years with Knuti. They cannot be taken from us and we share them forever.
Flocke and Giovanna have both given birth to their own children. In particular, in particular Nobby.
I used to joke with Doris Webb about bringing Knut to England to the great lake at Blenheim Palace near my home. Well, it sort of happened. Nobby and Raspi are now in England.
Fairytales do prepare us for life. Bad things as well as good happen. So in this year of beautiful cubs, including three of Flockes, we have been trapped at home by a virus caused by people eating animals that should be protected. But, other people are working 24 hours a day to save lives and find a cure.
Flockes first child was called Hope. She is now a strong lady Polar like her mother. That is the greatest lesson of fairytales. Hope is always worthwhile.
Reply Leti
10:22 AM on April 5, 2020 
Happy birthday Patricia. Best wishes to you.
Our thoughts are with Risto. We miss Mirja very much.
We miss you Knuti. We will never forget you.
My family and I are doing fine. I hope you are all doing fine too.
Reply DAVE
10:02 AM on April 5, 2020 
Good Morning.

Mervi - Congratulations on your detective work. There is a new fourth season of a Canadian crime drama beginning tomorrow at 10:00PM(EDT) on CTV. It is called Cardinal and stars Billy Campbell, who my friend Pete used to live with in L.A. Bill is now living in Norway on a cucumber farm with his wife and two sons. I'm not sure if it is available in your part of the world, but it might be worth a look if possible. Uncle Sergej's nightcap did the job perfectly.

Another grey day here in Waterloo. Yesterday started off the same way but turned into a nice day by late afternoon. Maybe the same will happen today. I going for a walk now despite the 1C temperature.

Have a nice, peaceful Sunday.
Reply Mervi
9:00 AM on April 5, 2020 
Dear friends! Together with Taggart and Morse I managed to catch the bad guys! :D I like this kind of 'krimis' because they give me a chance to make my own theory and I'm mighty proud that today my theories proved to be right! Do I hear an applause? :D

Chris - I'm hoping for a 'Scandinavian Summer. In others words not too hot and not too dry!

Patricia - I think you had a very nice birthday!

Dave - Uncle Sergej's nightcaps usually make us very sleepy so I hope you had a good night's sleep. :D

Britta-Gudrun - I hope you had a good time with our special Easter bunnies in KWM.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
6:42 AM on April 5, 2020 
Guten Tag an einem sehr schoenen und warmen Fruehlingssonntag.

Oh, oh, da ist draussen bestimmt wieder viel Betrieb bei den Spaziergaengern, die hoffentlich Abstand halten.

Mervi, bei vielen gar nicht so alten Krimis weiss ich auch nicht mehr, wie das Ende war.

Mir fehlt das Ausgehessen in Gesellschaft. Dann gehe ich jetzt mal nach Knuts Ostereiersuche und wuensche einen schoenen Sonntag.
Reply Mervi
5:12 AM on April 5, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - it's your special day again!

I just popped in to say 'hello' to you. There are two old 'krimis' in the Danish TV - Taggart and Morse. Both are so old that I can't remember the plot. :D

In the Memory Lane (KWM) you'll find a story by Teddybärenmutti. See you later!
Reply DAVE
7:40 PM on April 4, 2020 
Good Evening.

I have returned for a nightcap. I hope that Uncle Sergej's concoction is extra strong. A virtual Prost to all of you.

Now to BBQ my steak.

Have a Good Knight.
Reply patricia roberts
3:42 PM on April 4, 2020 
Good evening Dear All, you will never believe what I just enjoyed at this time of the day: a croissant!!!! Ah well, I suppose that Knut would have said (if he was able to speak to humans): every moment for eating a croissant is a good moment.
Many thanks for your kind birthday wishes here and by email (it is a lovely way to wake up and opening the computer). And this morning, when I woke up, I too was thinking of Mutti and wished her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in heaven. I want to believe that Saint Peter, all angels and our beloved animals, pets or others, that crossed the rainbow bridge, have prepared a wonderful party for her (far away from Corona and other sorrows).
Dear Annemarie, it was with a lot pleasure that I read about the good results of your move to Berlin, especially with regard to your kitchen. OEF!! OK, I admit, it is a bit selfish because I was thinking: yes yes, soon we will have again a wonderful breakfast and lovely stories of her childhood. Nevertheless, take good care of you.
Dave, we have had finally a good Spring day, sun and mild temperatures. I am glad to read that your friend Pete is better now. And frankly, said, a big good luck that even in these difficult times, the doctors found the correct reason and thus gave the right treatment.
My birthday was filled with: cleaning, laundry and cooking. Today, I promised Karine to take care of their dinner and so, I made a gratin dauphinous and bobotie with a little sauce. They loved it and so did I and there is still enough for tomorrow (and as you know, Sunday is ironing day). Well, it does not sound very wild for a birthday, but actually, I love such days: easy going and just doing the things you like.
By the way, I discovered the answer to the question of the blue tit and the big tit (and so, Dumba, the reward of the oxtail in an ice vase is for me): I was talking to my brother today about the two little birds and asked him whether there is a possibility that they would mingle (which I never believed from the start). And Ronald also said NO, these must be two females being free from their nest and breeding (while the males take over) and then coming to you for food (and remember that I told that they were eating all the time). And so, when it is becoming too dark to both fly back to their nest (by the way, Ronald had made a lot of breeding boxes in the sheep meadow, well actually, also here in the garden, and in the garden where the hangbuikzwijntjes zijn â?? hihihi â?? some translation work to do).
Dumba, my kersenpittenkussentje is my best friend. It is almost an eternal love.
Ralph, the day to meet again in Pairi Daiza and to see Nuka and Qillaq again will come. Do not worry about that. It may take longer than expected but then, the joy will be double, isnâ??t it.
Reply Chris
2:52 PM on April 4, 2020 

We had a sunny, warm day.
I fear, that we will have the
next drought soon. We had
no rain for over three weeks.
I water my plants every eve-
ning and its beginning of
April. Lets hope, that this
will not be a dry year again.
Many trees have problems:
in the wood you can see
many ill trees with brown
crowns and branches. :roll:

DAVE - what a luck,
that they did find the
reason of your friends
illness. Sepsis is a very
dangerous thing. Luckily
the antibiotics can help !

MERVI - the little hippo is
very cute - I will try Uncle
Sergejs latest creation. :)
Reply Annemarie Berta
2:41 PM on April 4, 2020 
Happy Birthday, dear Patricia! I hope, you had a nice day! Uncle Sergej has prepared a lot of glasses of champagner for us. Cheers! Auf Dein Wohl!
Reply Ludmila
2:11 PM on April 4, 2020 
I thought on Mirja today too.
It is good that your friend is doing better now.
I try the drink of Uncle Sergej :)
Reply Dumba
1:52 PM on April 4, 2020 
May be that's also something you might like:
Reply Mervi
1:42 PM on April 4, 2020 
Patricia - I hope you've had - and are having - a nice birthday despite of the current situation. Maybe the cat gang has serenaded you?

Dave - I wish your friend Pete a speedy recovery.

Everybody - Uncle Sergej is waiting for you with 'Viruguard' drinks. Like Ralph wrote it's fantastic we can enjoy our drinks both in Europe and across the pond at the same time!
Reply ralph
1:34 PM on April 4, 2020 
I have had a quiet day. Remembering Mirja I found some things she and Risto had given me over the years. Those golden days in Berlin with Knut seem a lifetime away.
I hope Patricia has been enjoying a good birthday and Annemarie is snug and safe in her new flat.
Dave It is lucky that Pete got his abcess treated and to think if he had not been worried about corona it might have gone undetected.
The beauty of Uncle Sergej's cocktails is that they can be drunk across the Atlantic and Europe at the same time. Cheers.
Reply Dumba
1:26 PM on April 4, 2020 
Oh dear! My diary is again not up to date and so I have to thank DAVE very much for reminding PATRICIA ROBERTS' birthday.

As MIRJA aka TBM can no more accept greetings and KNUTi-style hugs I herewith send them to RISTO and hope he was able to get a bit more accustomed to his new life situation as a widower and to be without MIRJA in the meantime . . .

Dear PATRICIA may you stay tough and agile as we know you, may your cats and also 'humans of your liking' give sufficient good vibes and 'Streicheleinheiten' to you, may there always be enough kirschenpittenkussentje which warm your body and soul and may you and your loved ones stay 100% healthy! Enjoy YOUR day to the fullest until midnight and any day in future - with reason!
Reply DAVE
12:15 PM on April 4, 2020 
Good Day.

I Hope that all of your cats sang to you on your special day.

It is grey and 8C here in Waterloo, but it looks like the cloud cover is starting to break up. The number of cases continue to rise here in my region as we hit 158 and the city has laid off over 400 employees indefinitely. I filled out my first EI benefit report cards yesterday. My place of work is still considered essential due to the need for pet boarding, but the groomer should not be working. I don't expect to be back to work until possibly May, but we'll see.

I had a scare on Monday. My good friend Pete, who lives in Los Angeles, was taken to the hospital with Covid symptoms. This is strange because he and his family have not been outside for over two weeks. Two tests came up negative for the virus and after more tests they found that he had bacteria in his blood. Further searching found an abscess on his liver that was poisoning his blood. He was diagnosed with sepsis, which itself can be deadly. The abscess was drained and proper antibiotics given to fight that particular strain of bacteria. He is feeling much better and should be home today or tomorrow. Now the 14 day quarantine begins again.

I have been keeping busy here and have been getting out for walks twice a day. My neighbours and I practice safe distancing while sipping a cocktail most afternoons, weather permitting. I guess this is kind of what retirement is like.

Today my brother and nephew are coming over to change tires on their cars. I don't use snow tires, so I watch as they work. Tuesday it will be two weeks since I last went to a store, so I am due for a visit this week. I will do all my stops in one day to limit exposure and then hopefully get another two weeks before the next run.

Have a nice Saturday. I'll be back for a Viruguard cocktail later.

Everyone stay safe.