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Die Knuipe

What an unusual Spring this is!

Posted by Mervi on April 2, 2020 at 1:15 PM

Collage by La Dame Blanche

Dear friends! In the previous thread I was wondering what the Spring would be like this year. Now we know it's most 'odd' due to the covid-19 virus. The world isn't the same it was only a few weeks ago. I hope we will all stay in good health and keep an optimistic mind. Better times will come - sooner or later!

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Reply Chris
2:52 PM on April 4, 2020 

We had a sunny, warm day.
I fear, that we will have the
next drought soon. We had
no rain for over three weeks.
I water my plants every eve-
ning and its beginning of
April. Lets hope, that this
will not be a dry year again.
Many trees have problems:
in the wood you can see
many ill trees with brown
crowns and branches. :roll:

DAVE - what a luck,
that they did find the
reason of your friends
illness. Sepsis is a very
dangerous thing. Luckily
the antibiotics can help !

MERVI - the little hippo is
very cute - I will try Uncle
Sergejs latest creation. :)
Reply Annemarie Berta
2:41 PM on April 4, 2020 
Happy Birthday, dear Patricia! I hope, you had a nice day! Uncle Sergej has prepared a lot of glasses of champagner for us. Cheers! Auf Dein Wohl!
Reply Ludmila
2:11 PM on April 4, 2020 
I thought on Mirja today too.
It is good that your friend is doing better now.
I try the drink of Uncle Sergej :)
Reply Dumba
1:52 PM on April 4, 2020 
May be that's also something you might like:
Reply Mervi
1:42 PM on April 4, 2020 
Patricia - I hope you've had - and are having - a nice birthday despite of the current situation. Maybe the cat gang has serenaded you?

Dave - I wish your friend Pete a speedy recovery.

Everybody - Uncle Sergej is waiting for you with 'Viruguard' drinks. Like Ralph wrote it's fantastic we can enjoy our drinks both in Europe and across the pond at the same time!
Reply ralph
1:34 PM on April 4, 2020 
I have had a quiet day. Remembering Mirja I found some things she and Risto had given me over the years. Those golden days in Berlin with Knut seem a lifetime away.
I hope Patricia has been enjoying a good birthday and Annemarie is snug and safe in her new flat.
Dave It is lucky that Pete got his abcess treated and to think if he had not been worried about corona it might have gone undetected.
The beauty of Uncle Sergej's cocktails is that they can be drunk across the Atlantic and Europe at the same time. Cheers.
Reply Dumba
1:26 PM on April 4, 2020 
Oh dear! My diary is again not up to date and so I have to thank DAVE very much for reminding PATRICIA ROBERTS' birthday.

As MIRJA aka TBM can no more accept greetings and KNUTi-style hugs I herewith send them to RISTO and hope he was able to get a bit more accustomed to his new life situation as a widower and to be without MIRJA in the meantime . . .

Dear PATRICIA may you stay tough and agile as we know you, may your cats and also 'humans of your liking' give sufficient good vibes and 'Streicheleinheiten' to you, may there always be enough kirschenpittenkussentje which warm your body and soul and may you and your loved ones stay 100% healthy! Enjoy YOUR day to the fullest until midnight and any day in future - with reason!
Reply DAVE
12:15 PM on April 4, 2020 
Good Day.

I Hope that all of your cats sang to you on your special day.

It is grey and 8C here in Waterloo, but it looks like the cloud cover is starting to break up. The number of cases continue to rise here in my region as we hit 158 and the city has laid off over 400 employees indefinitely. I filled out my first EI benefit report cards yesterday. My place of work is still considered essential due to the need for pet boarding, but the groomer should not be working. I don't expect to be back to work until possibly May, but we'll see.

I had a scare on Monday. My good friend Pete, who lives in Los Angeles, was taken to the hospital with Covid symptoms. This is strange because he and his family have not been outside for over two weeks. Two tests came up negative for the virus and after more tests they found that he had bacteria in his blood. Further searching found an abscess on his liver that was poisoning his blood. He was diagnosed with sepsis, which itself can be deadly. The abscess was drained and proper antibiotics given to fight that particular strain of bacteria. He is feeling much better and should be home today or tomorrow. Now the 14 day quarantine begins again.

I have been keeping busy here and have been getting out for walks twice a day. My neighbours and I practice safe distancing while sipping a cocktail most afternoons, weather permitting. I guess this is kind of what retirement is like.

Today my brother and nephew are coming over to change tires on their cars. I don't use snow tires, so I watch as they work. Tuesday it will be two weeks since I last went to a store, so I am due for a visit this week. I will do all my stops in one day to limit exposure and then hopefully get another two weeks before the next run.

Have a nice Saturday. I'll be back for a Viruguard cocktail later.

Everyone stay safe.
Reply Yeo
8:46 AM on April 4, 2020 
Hello dear all!

Happy Birthday to you, dear Patricia!

@ Annemarie
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Einzug in die neue Wohnung. Der Ausblick ist ja wunderschön. Ich wünsche euch viel Freude in eurem neuen Heim.
Reply ralph
7:08 AM on April 4, 2020 
Happy.Birthday Patricia
Wishing you the best and hoping that the day will come when we can meet Nuka and Qillak together.
I am sure that Uncle Sergej will have a special drink ready for you tonight.
Reply Ludmila
6:39 AM on April 4, 2020 
Die Menschen sollen sich aus dem Wege gehen. Wenn man viele Parkplaetze schliesst, dann bleiben nur die Gehwege in den Parken. Dort wird schnell eng.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
6:17 AM on April 4, 2020 
Happy Birthday, dear Patricia! Eine E-Card kommt noch per Mail.
Ich hoffe, im ganz kleinen Familienkreis kannst du diesen Tag ein bisschen feiern.
Reply Mervi
5:47 AM on April 4, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR MAMSELLEKEN PATRICIA! There's a little birthday greeting to you in KWM - in the end of the article of the baby hippo.

Today would have even been Mirja's 69th birthday so I send my best greetings to her in heaven.

Chris - We must try to enjoy this Spring in the way we find best. In Sweden the 'idea' is the same as everywhere else but here we have recommendations instead of restrictions. I find it quite naive because so many people simply don't understand why they should follow the recommendations. - I hope you found yammy fresh things on the market.

Ludmila - Paw wawes to you and the gang!

Life goes on in the zoos and in Pairi Daiza the keepers are happy about a newborn baby hippo. You'll find a little article in KWM.

I wish everybody a pleasant Saturday and a relaxing weekend!
Reply Ludmila
3:22 AM on April 4, 2020 
Happy Birthday, dear Patricia!
Reply Chris
3:16 AM on April 4, 2020 

Spring is going on and I met my first stork of this year.
The day before I watched a pair of red milan. I hope
they will breed in the same tree as the last two
years. The cherry trees blossom and so do the
first tulips, daffodils are gone before easter. ;)

I hear no news anymore, it only makes you ill.
Too many "experts" and helpless polititians.
Luckily we are still allowed to go out.
My daily routine is the same as ever.
In the moment there is also much
to do in the garden. :)

ANNEMARIE - fein, dass ihr Umzug
jetzt hinter euch habt - der Ausblick
von eurer Wohnung ist gigantisch !

MERVI - I try to enjoy the spring,
although we have the covid-shit.
It helps not, to fall in depression.
We will survive this ! :)
I heard, in Sweden there are
very soft rules about corona.
The restaurants are still open.
In Hessen its o.k. but in Bavaria
the rules are very harsh. In
Deutschland haben wir wieder
Klein-Staaterei - jedes Land
hat andere Regeln fuer Corona.

LUDMILA - ich denke schon,
die Leute sollten raus gehen.
Aber man muss sich nicht an
den HotSpots draengeln. ;)

BRITTA - ich habe auch so
meine Befuerchtungen, was
die Osterwoche angeht. Ich
hoffe, die Leute bleiben bei
dem sommerlichen Wetter
vernuenftig. :roll:

I hope, all are well and will have
a good start to the weekend! :)
I am on my way to the market...
See you in the evening at the bar.
Reply Mervi
3:10 PM on April 3, 2020 
Annemarie - I'm glad you appreciated the little gifts. :D - The Virugard on ice sounds yammy!

Britta-Gudrun - What a relief for you that your friend found Django's favourite food. I hope he's happy and satisfied now. We had to order Nalle's food online because there was nothing left in the shop. We don't want to go to several shops for the time being.

Ralph - We need all the possible encouragement and Uncle Sergej is just the guy to keep us happy! :D

Ludmila - It's possible in Sweden but the authorities are recommending people to stay at home. I'm not particularly eager to meet crowds ....
Reply Ludmila
2:50 PM on April 3, 2020 
I think in Sweden you can still sit in the park and enjoy the ice cream
Ich vermisse die Wanderungen z.B zum Brocken. Wir alle sollen bei dem guten Wetter in unserer Gegend hocken. Ich bin nicht sicher, dass das richtig ist. Die Menschen sind schon durch schlechte Nachrichen frustriert.
Gut, dass du wieder da bist.
I take Uncle Sergej's weekend special too.
Reply Annemarie Berta
2:20 PM on April 3, 2020 
Onkel Sergej hat uns einen Drink gemixt, den er "Virugard on ice" genannt hat. Im Backroom ein altes Foto von diesem Drink, der nun kurzerhand umbenannt wurde :-).
Reply ralph
2:10 PM on April 3, 2020 
Quiet tonight. The weekend here is supposed to be warm and sunny. But we are in the second week of the Corona house arrest. I could really use one of Uncle Sergej's weekend specials.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
10:03 AM on April 3, 2020 
Guten Tag am Nachmittag!

Soeben hat mir meine Nachbarin meine bestellten Einkaeufe gebracht.
Die Einkaufsliste mit den Fotos von den verpackten Lebensmitteln ist ihr sehr hilfreich.
Das Katzenfutter ist Neuland fuer sie, da waren die Beschreibungen besonders wertvoll. Herr Django wird zufrieden sein!

Im Saarland wurden heute diverse grossee Parkplaetze an beliebten Ausflugszielen abgesperrt, weil man am Wochenende bei dem warmen Wetter einen Run auf diese Hot Spots befuerchtet. Ich finde das eine kluge Entscheidung. Wir muessen nicht weit durch die Gegend fahren, um an die frische Luft zu kommen, um einen Spaziergang zu machen, was meint ihr dazu?

Mervi, das ist eine liebevolle Idee, Annemarie Brot und Salz virtuell in der neuen Wohnung zu ueberreichen!
Patricia, diese Idee waere fuer deinen Umzug auch schoen gewesen. Also trinken wir alle nachtraeglich noch auf dieses Ereignis!