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Die Knuipe

Will the Spring be Spring like this year?

Posted by Mervi on March 4, 2020 at 6:35 PM

Collage by Mervi, Knut by Gudrun

Dear friends! After the non-existing Winter it's Spring time again. Let's hope that at least this season will be more 'normal' than the Winter was!

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Reply Dumba
3:43 PM on March 9, 2020 
Love the name INUVIK for the Copenhagen cub as much as I loved spontaneously also the name FINJA for the Vienna cub! . . . Thank you very much, dear MERVI, for having informed us immediately.

Now, after I tried hard before to get access to the KNUIPE and luckily landed finally at least in the Backroom, there it is again without difficulties (or let's say just the 'normal' ones . . . ;-) ) .

Wishing you ALL/e again ALL THE BEST for this new week, for any action and event in your personal lives and last not least to the whole world and nature of whatsoever kind!

ANNEMARIE - Ist alles bei Dir noch im gruenen Bereich? Etwas regere Kommunikation koennen wir ja dann wieder aufnehmen, wenn Du den Hauptteil Deines Umzugs hinter Dir und Dich etwas in den neuen Waenden eingelebt hast und dann hoffentlich auch schon bald richtig wohl und zu Hause dort fuehlst!

BRITTA-GUDRUN - Gut zu hoeren/lesen, dass Du gestern wieder an Deinem geliebten Stammessen teilnehmen konntest. Spass hat's sicher gemacht, hoffentlich hat's auch geschmoeckt! :-) Und hoffentlich schmeckt's auch Deinem DJANGO bald wieder so gut und seine Revierkampf-und-Liebes-Verletzungen heilen schnell und vollstaendig, so, dass Du Dir keine Sorgen um seine Gesundheit mehr machen musst. . . Und Dir natuerlich wie immer die besten Wuensche auch fuer Deine eigene Gesundheit!!

Lasst's Euch alle so gut wie eben nur moeglich gehen!

- - -
Bei uns ist schon laenger reinstes April-Wetter, Sprich: moeglichst alle Wetterlagen an einem Tag, aber GRAU ist immer noch die staerkste Kraft in unserer Region . . . grrrr . . .
Reply ralph
3:32 PM on March 9, 2020 
I will join you in a toast to little Inuvik.
Meanwhile a new snag has hit my trip. It appears that Bremerhaven are in no hurry to let their two cubs brave the small enclosure there and they may not be out by 28 March when I am due to visit. I was sure that Lili came out earlier, but of course it is harder with two.
Reply Chris
2:03 PM on March 9, 2020 

The young geese are well, they are
eating and growing. Family Canada
geese was there too. But I have not
seen the swans for some days... :)

MERVI - Inuvik ist ein schoener Name
und geht wohl fuer beide Geschlechter.

Nordi und Shauna hatten heute ein
Festessen - so viele gute Sachen! :)

We had the sun/cloud mix today,
very pleasant temperatures. :)
Some little showers between
are not too bad - April weather.
Reply Mervi
12:07 PM on March 9, 2020 
Noel's baby has got the name INUVIK. The gender of the cubbie is not known yet. Inuvik is the name of a region in Canada where many polar bears live in the wild. - I think it's a good, unique name for the baby.

Chris - I share Greta's sadness! - I can only sign your words about the world suffocating itself.

Britta-Gudrun - This year has started with many strange things ...
Reply Chris
10:13 AM on March 9, 2020 
Reply Chris
10:09 AM on March 9, 2020 
Vielleicht lehrt Covid19 die Menschen,
dass sie nicht alles unter Kontrolle haben
und es kehrt wieder etwas Demut ein. :)
Ich befuerchte allerdings, dass die
Wirtschaftskrise, die sich ohnehin
schon ankuendigte, jetzt sicher
kommt - aber es geht auch
nicht so weiter... :roll:
Wachstum, Wachstum, Wachstum
wir wachsen unsere Laender zu tode.

KWM muss bis abends warten...
Bin jetzt bei meinen gefiederten
Freunden am Main. :)
Reply Britta-Gudrun
9:37 AM on March 9, 2020 
Guten Tag am Nachmittag!

Alles ist voneinander abhaengig: Weniger Fluege sind gut fuers Klima, schaden aber der "Wirtschaft", wobei ein gebremster Tourismus jedoch auch wiederum der oertlichen Natur zugute kommt und weniger auch mehr sein kann.

Mervi, danke fuer das Baerenvergnuegen im KWM.
Ich wuensche einen guten Start in die neue Woche!
Reply Mervi
7:55 AM on March 9, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Oh bear, it's already noon .... :D

Ludmila - I hope there's a teeny weeny glass of cognac to go with the Herkules. I think I need it! :D

Chris - I sure hope there will be an 'ebb tide' of the corona thing soon!

GERDA, SHAUNA AND NORDI HAD A NICE PICNIC IN THE SNOW! You can see and read all about it in KWM.

I wish everybody a good new week! May your Monday be a pleasant day!
Reply Ludmila
4:00 AM on March 9, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Herkules is ready
Reply Ludmila
4:38 PM on March 8, 2020 
Wahrscheinlich ist das Goldlack. Uwe hat mehrere Samen gesaet voriges Jahr.
Reply Chris
4:22 PM on March 8, 2020 
LUDMILA - aber wer wird der Empfehlung widersprechen?
Davon abgesehen kann ich mich auch bei 1000 Leuten an-
stecken, das ist alles sehr willkuerlich. :roll:
Ich denke, die Auswirkungen auf die
Wirtschaft werden erheblich sein...

Ich haette die Sommerzeit lieber jetzt schon...
Hoffen wir, dass sie nicht abgeschafft wird. :)

Ich trinke etwas mit - CHEERS ! :)

P.S. deine unbekannte Pflanze ist Goldlack.
Reply Ludmila
3:10 PM on March 8, 2020 
Ich habe nur gelesen, dass Spahn empfohlen hat die Veranstaltungen abzusagen.
I hope you will manage to see the cubs.
I never understood why the people have a problem with an hour. It is only a Sunday with 23 hours, the all next days have 24 hours, as usually :)

Let us drink on all women
Reply Chris
11:01 AM on March 8, 2020 
Alle Veranstaltungen mit mehr als 1000 Leuten sind ab sofort verboten.
Dann kann man den Liga-Betrieb jetzt einstellen. Auch bei Eishockey,
Handball, Volleyball, Basketball ist jetzt finito - what a desaster. :roll:
Mailand & Venedig haben sie ebenfalls unter Quarantaene gestellt.
Reply Mervi
10:53 AM on March 8, 2020 
Ralph - I find 'Decameron' an excellent title for the current situation. :D - Even here people are buying more food and other necessaries than usual but so far the shops haven't ran out of anything. - I'm thinking of all the brave polar bear mothers today. They really do an excellent job - especially in the wild where raising kids is a real challenge.

Chris - I wish the goose family best of luck and hope papa goose's leg will heal soon.

Happy Women's Day to all the ladies - both two and four legged! :D
Reply DAVE
10:49 AM on March 8, 2020 
Good Morning.

Happy International Women's Day.

Last night we turned to clocks forward, so this morning I was up early. Losing one hour always feels like you're being cheated. And then you have to run around the house to adjust all the clocks and timers.

It is sunny and 4C with the prediction of 11C by mid afternoon. It feels like Spring, but I'm pretty sure that Old Man Winter won't go without a fight.

Today I continue my work in the basement. There are numerous electrical issues that I want to change. They are not unsafe, just questionable when applied to the Electrical Code of Ontario. I can't believe that licenced electricians would do this type of substandard work.

I want to get out for a long walk today to take advantage of the nice weather. There are lots of construction projects that have sprung up this winter, so I want to check them out to see what is being built.

Mervi - My mom's retirement home had two flu like outbreaks this winter. All events were cancelled and every resident ate all three meals in their rooms. Things seem to be back to normal now. Get well.

Ralph - Let's hope that your plans reach lift off.

Have a nice, relaxing Sunday.
Reply ralph
10:14 AM on March 8, 2020 
I think the Polar Bear world has some great role models for International Womens Day.
First up are the grand dames like Kati and Antonia
Then the four young bears in Emmen together with Qintana, Nuka andQillak.
The sporty Mums like Giovanna and Tonja.
This years' Muns andcubs.
In fact all the she-bears in Zoos and in the wild...
Reply Chris
9:51 AM on March 8, 2020 
MERVI - the story of the lynx indeed was very exciting...
Keepers in the wildpark could not believe their eyes. :D

I was at the river, to look at the little nilgeese.
They survived their first night bravely. I found
them eating on the meadow, well protected
of mama geese. Unfortunately the male has
a bad foot, he cannot walk normal. I hope,
the foot will heal soon ! :)

Its a pity, that so many events will be cancelled now.
The Bundesliga played normal this weekend. But I
would not be surprised, if the games next weekend
will be cancelled too. :roll:

By the way, we have the international womens day.
Reply ralph
9:10 AM on March 8, 2020 
Just come back from an Antique fair. I met my Polar Bear sellers and also bought some toys. We have a new coffee shop so I was able to have breakfast in comfort and read the papers
Afterwards I looked in my local TESCO supermarket. All the expensive toilet paper had gone but curiously their own brand which is the cheapest and fine by me was still there. Go figure?
The first case has been recorded in Oxford. It made me remember one of those TV thrillers a while back on German TV called Die Pest about a modern plague in Cologne. It used the old Decameron story as its basis. As we have a PM called Cameron who landed us in a mess and then fled I am calling the current state Decameron.
Preparations for my travel continue rather like an Apollo moonshot. I will continue the countdown until something makes me abort. The same applies to the trip.
I use the Apollo theme because I had thought last year's amazing trips might be the last. Then came all the new cubs and of course Kati still there.
The trouble is that I only have a narrow window to see the new cubs small. Train travel in Europe is cheaper than UK so I can afford 1stClass which is less crowded.
Sadly the same is not true in UK so I am postponing the tripI had planned to see Raspi inYWP till April/May. However with so many great photographers living locally...
I will look in later.
Reply Mervi
7:56 AM on March 8, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Dave - I was looking forward to a real 'sports festival' during the Summer but now we don't know what will happen. Cancelling the Euro 20 (soccer) and/or the Olympic Games would be really sensational - to put it mildly.

Chris - The story of the lynx is really amazing. I hope he will have a good life in the wild where he hopefully stays now. - Fantastic article of the Antarktis! Hopefully these scenes won't vanish ....

Britta-Gudrun - This cold is really stubborn but the worst should be over now. However, it has made me very tired.

Ludmila - Thank you for another 'picture book' from Hawaii!

The Easter daffodils are blooming. They are, of course, beautiful but I would have prefered to see tham later! - In KWM there are some news from Hellabrunn signed by our friend Anita.

I wish everybody a cosy Sunday!
Reply Chris
5:56 AM on March 8, 2020 
( runterscrollen )