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Die Knuipe

Will the Spring be Spring like this year?

Posted by Mervi on March 4, 2020 at 6:35 PM

Collage by Mervi, Knut by Gudrun

Dear friends! After the non-existing Winter it's Spring time again. Let's hope that at least this season will be more 'normal' than the Winter was!

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Reply Ludmila
3:25 PM on March 5, 2020 
I think the people are allowed to have the other opinion about the enclosure in the zoo Aalborg as you. I find the stones not good.
Mervi, Chris
I take a drink too
Reply ralph
2:03 PM on March 5, 2020 
The Aalborg kids will grow up just fine, like Nuka and Qillak. The range of Polar Bears is so vast that they encounter both mountainous/rocky terrain and flat grassy tundra. I know from my regular visits to Aalborg that the terrain works just fine. I have never seen Malik and her cubs display stereotypic behaviour, they simply have too much to do. Polar Bears, especially girls, learn from their mothers and if Mum is happy, so are they. You can check my reports over three years on Knutis Weekly.
Reply Chris
1:12 PM on March 5, 2020 
MERVI - how about an early drink at the bar ?
We need a strong cocktail against the
"Schmuddelwetter". :D

More and more events will be cancelled.
Its a desaster for the people, who have
invested much money for their events...

For example the "Mandelbluetenfest"
nearby in Rheinland-Pfalz. So many
people are living and working with
these events - hotels, restaurants,
the vineyards, brewer and so on.
Its a real economic desaster. :roll:
Reply Mervi
12:53 PM on March 5, 2020 
Chris - I have no longer special days for new threads. I make them when I feel like it .... or when I remember it's time for a change. :D - I just watched women's biathlon in Nove Mesto. It was a bit strange to see the competition without spectators. Denise Hermann won! - I'll check Molly's article later.

Yeo - It's obvious that you can't start working yet! Your line of work takes a lot of walking so it's simply out of question!

Ludmila - I hope you could come home without getting wet!
Reply Chris
11:08 AM on March 5, 2020 
MOLLY hat einen sehr interessanten
https://tinyurl.com/umybx7n :)
Artikel ueber die Baeren in US-Zoos
zusammengestellt ! :)

LUDMILA - heute ist es wirklich ungemuetlich.
Reply Ludmila
10:46 AM on March 5, 2020 
Ich wuensche dir schnelle Besserung
Bei uns ist das Wetter noch gut, aber der Regen ist nicht weit weg.
Reply Chris
10:08 AM on March 5, 2020 

YEO - weiter alles Gute fuer deine Genesung in der Reha !
Du kannst nicht gleich arbeiten - das waere Wahnsinn. :)
Reply Yeo
10:04 AM on March 5, 2020 
@ Mervi

Dear Mervi! Sorry, I must answere in german.

Ja, die Reha tut mir gut. Ich mache auch viel Sport. Aber die Heilung geht nur sehr langsam voran. Ich kann ohne Krücken nur ganz kurze Strecken laufen. Dann werde ich unsicher und fange an zu taumeln.

Eigentlich sollte man nach der Reha arbeiten können. Ich glaube, das geht noch nicht. Montag ist mein letzter Tag. Morgen ist die Abschlussuntersuchung. Ich bin mal gespannt, was da rauskommt.

Jetzt ist ja das Corona-Virus in Berlin angekommen.
Hoffentlich kommt es bald zum Stillstand.
Reply Chris
9:54 AM on March 5, 2020 
Nanu, ein, ein neues Thread am Donnerstag?
Leider ist es heute weniger fruehlingshaft. Wir
haben stroemenden Regen und grauen Himmel.
Erst am Wochenende soll es waermer werden.
Allerdings wachsen Pflanzen gut bei Regen. :)

BRITTA - ich weiss nicht, ob Du schon mal in
einem Stadion warst. Man steht dort eng zu-
sammen, zwei Stunden lang. Es wird gejubelt
und gebruellt, man steht in der Schlange am
Wuerstl-Stand oder an der Kasse. Ideale
Bedingungen fuer die Uebertragung. :roll:
In Italien sind die Spiele bereits verboten.

Maliks Cubbies sind zu suess, aber noch
sehr klein und verletzlich - die grossen
Steine sind nicht ideal fuer die Kinder.
Reply Mervi
9:16 AM on March 5, 2020 
Ralph - Thank you for the emails!

Now you can admire MALIK AND HER TWINS EVEN IN KWM! There are nice photos by Jeanette Johnsen and a video by the Aalborg Zoo.
Reply ralph
8:49 AM on March 5, 2020 
I love the new thread art and am hoping all will be well.
Will look in later on from the big Library
Reply Mervi
5:49 AM on March 5, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - today we are again celebrating your birth. Once again I thank you for everything you gave to us all!

Dumba - Thank you for your kind words about the new thread! I hope you're doing fine and I even hope that the weather in the CCC is Spring like! :D

Yeo - Has the 'reha exercises' made your knee better? Most probably they have!

Ludmila - April is approaching with giant steps so March is already rehearsinng the 'April weather'. :D

Britta-Gudrun - I thought that the pinkish/lilac colours in this thread would make us feel good. I'm glad I was right! :D

I wish everybody a most pleasant TDT!

In KWM there's a little Knut special in the Memory Lane.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
4:19 AM on March 5, 2020 
Guten Morgen mit den schoenen fruehlingshaften Farben in Pink.
Mervi, das macht gute Laune, denn draussen ist alles grau.

Chris, Ludmila, die Experten sagen, dass sich der Virus im Freien schneller verfluechtigt als in geschlossenen Raeumen. Zu den Fussballspielen denlke ich jedoch, dass da eine viel groessere Lobby dahintersteht, um die Veranstaltung durchzufuehren.
Reply Ludmila
3:30 AM on March 5, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Thank you for the new thread. I hope the Spring will be nice. In the moment we have rain and the sun in change.
Reply Yeo
11:52 PM on March 4, 2020 
Good morning dear all!

Dear Mervi! Thank you very much for the new thread.
This photos in pink and lila are very, very nice.

My Reha end on the Monday.
I wish you all a pleasant Thursday!
Reply Dumba
6:12 PM on March 4, 2020 
Wonderful Cover pics for month of March 2020 and for KNUTi's 159th monthly in 'die Knuipe' - DREAMER lilac-based - cute!

Thank you for the midnight joy!

Wishing everybody a pleasant celebration day in the daylight THIS morning
- after a good night's sleep and after joyful dreams - may be about KNUTi!