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Die Knuipe

Knutitours' 13th year is rolling! Let's make it rock!

Posted by Mervi on January 23, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Dear friends! It's almost unbelievable that Knutitours is still running! Despite of the technical problems there are still faithful bloggers and commentators here and in KWM! Thank you all for flying with Knutitours!

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Reply Ludmila
2:54 AM on March 3, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
We have the rain again. It will be better in the afternoon.
Herkules is ready
Reply Mervi
3:39 PM on March 2, 2020 
Chris, Ludmila, Britta-Gudrun - Uncle Sergej recommends his Jägertee as a night cap and I have nothing against it because my flu isn't getting much better.
Reply Ludmila
3:09 PM on March 2, 2020 
We had a sunny day too. I think in the night we will get the rain.
I am here for the drink!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:24 PM on March 2, 2020 
Guten Abend in die Runde mit einem lieben Gruss!

Mervi, Noel hatte ein Bad dringend noetig und das Baby war zurecht etwas vorsichtig.
Wenn man sooo klein ist, sind auch kleine Felsen ein grosses Hindernis.
Reply Chris
1:02 PM on March 2, 2020 

Again we had nice, warm weather.
So I was out after some shopping.
The water level in the Main is high,
the little haven at the rowing club
is under water now. Today there
were many birds at the river. :)
I hope, that the swans will breed
at the same place as last year !

I hope, all is o.k. with Sarsam and Lloyd ? I am
a bit worried, because we have no sign of live. :roll:
Reply Ludmila
7:28 AM on March 2, 2020 
Ich habe Eva nach Sarsam gefragt, sie hat auch Kontakt verloren.
Reply Mervi
5:47 AM on March 2, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Ludmila - Your forest may be small but there are many lovely animals there. It must be great to meet some of them during your jogging tours.

Chris - Eva is using her maiden name in FB. Officially her surname is still Gregory. I recognized her in FB because I saw a photo of her rotweiler. :D

A cuteness warning is hereby announced again! I made a little potpourri in KWM with photos and videos of NOEL AND HER BABY'S OUT COMING last Thursday.

I wish everybody a most pleasant Monday and a good new week!
Reply Ludmila
4:46 AM on March 2, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
The sun is shining. Herkules is ready
Reply Ludmila
5:06 PM on March 1, 2020 
Es gibt Rehe und Wildscheweine. Ich habe auch einen Fuchs gesehen.
Reply Chris
4:14 PM on March 1, 2020 
LUDMILA - aber Wildschweine habt ihr sicher...

MERVI - vielleicht hat Eva neu geheiratet. ;)

Ich trinke einen Polar Bear Punch
und dann "Arctic Circle" Teil 3. :)
Reply Ludmila
3:53 PM on March 1, 2020 
Bei uns in der Gegend wurden noch keine Woelfe gesehen. Es gibt bei uns bei den Bauern frei lebende Schweine und Schafe. Unser Wald ist klein.
Reply Mervi
3:52 PM on March 1, 2020 
Dave - I guess hearing a wolf's howling can be quite spooky but when I hear the wolf pack in the Berlin Zoo howled in chorus it was music to my ears. :D

Chris, Ludmila - I haven't heard anything of Sarsam either. By the way - Eva Gregory is in FB using the name Eva O'Donohue.

Uncle Sergej's special offer this evening is his Polar Bear Punch!
Reply Chris
3:49 PM on March 1, 2020 
LUDMILA - ich dachte, in Niedersachsen habt ihr Woelfe.
Neulich wurde bei Frankfurt einer vom Auto ueberfahren.
Sie kommen also schon bis Sued-Hessen.
Reply Ludmila
2:32 PM on March 1, 2020 
Ich habe von Sarsam gar nicht mehr gehoert. Lloyd war bei FB im Oktober 2019 letztes Mal. Ich habe Eva Gregory angeschrieben, aber sie antwortet auch nicht.

We had a sunny day. We run in the forest. In the late afternoon we were in the Italian restaurant.
I am glad that we do not have the wolves in the forest.
Reply Chris
12:28 PM on March 1, 2020 

LUDMILA - hast Du mal was von Sarsam gehoert ?
Ich habe bis jetzt keine Antwort aus Massachusetts.
Langsam mache ich mir etwas Sorgen... :roll:
Reply Chris
12:17 PM on March 1, 2020 

We had the wonderful weather in the afternoon.
Sun and light wind with about 12 Celsius is very
pleasant for beginning of March. I find new
blossoms every day - its fantastic ! :)
The river has highwater again - we had
much rain in February...

Today we have the official meteorologic
start to the spring - winter is over now !
I need the summertime urgently.... :D
(but we have to wait till end of the month)

Now cooking & relaxing, then movie time.
I wish everybody a nice sunday evening.
Lets meet at the bar later... :)
Reply ralph
11:36 AM on March 1, 2020 
Dave I have a story coming in Knutis Weekly whih features the pack of timber wolves at ZOOM Gelsenkirchen. Their howling always reminds me of the wild. Thanks for rooting for me for the trips to come off.
I will raise a glass with Uncle Sergej later
Reply DAVE
9:35 AM on March 1, 2020 
Good Morning.

Another sunny -5C day here in Waterloo. Today I have to figure out how to install the TV speaker and I also want to hook up my old computer into the network so that I can use it as extra storage. I'm sure there will be at least one trip to the electronics store. I can walk there so that will be my exercise for the day. I'm going to finish off organising my photos so that I can access my recent trip to the zoo. A busy day, but it is stuff that I don't mind working at.

Mervi - I have seen wolves on my visits to Manitoulin Island over the years. Mostly they are crossing the ice in the winter. They run when they see humans or hear our snowmobiles. My friend built a house on an island in MacGregor bay, which is part of Georgian Bay. They live out there from the end of May to late October and travel by boat to get to work or go to the landing so they can access their cars for trips to town for supplies. One evening we were sitting out around the fire pit in late October and you could hear the wolves howling from the Indian Reserve across channel, which is about 800 meters away. Very spooky sounds, especially at night.

Ralph - I hope that the virus scare doesn't get so out of hand that your travel plans are affected.

Tonight I meet the guys for enchiladas and beer.

Have a great Sunday.
Reply Mervi
8:51 AM on March 1, 2020 
Good day! Guten Tag! I've been busy coughing and skiing .... :D

Dave - Wow! What an experience to have a wolf pack in the garden!

Dumba - Thank you for the musical entertainment! I'll check the videos later.

Britta-Gudrun - Very soon the Winter sport season will be over so I'm going to watch as much as I can. :D

Ralph - I'm sure we're all keeping our fingers crossed so you can make all the planned tours.

Yeo - How's your knee? Hopefully much better!

Ludmila - Thank you for the new 'episode' of your trip to Hawaii!

I wish everybody a cosy Sunday!
Reply ralph
8:24 AM on March 1, 2020 
The sun has come out but it is still windy.
Jens has an excellent website and I have seen his report about YWP.
The weather and the impact of the virus over the next weeks will impact when I go there again to see Raspi.