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Die Knuipe

Spring is turning into Summer ....

Posted by Mervi on May 10, 2019 at 3:05 PM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Monika aus Berlin

Dear friends! The Spring is almost over and Miss Summer is planning her entry. Let's hope this Summer won't be too hot!

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Reply Mervi
6:11 AM on June 22, 2019 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - the sun is shining so all the Midsummer BBQs can be take place as planned. At least it looks so at the moment. :D

Ludmila - It's good to know the four girls are together again. I wonder if there will be more later on in Emmen.

Ralph - Congratulations to the increase of the number of polar bear family members in your house! :D I hope they had a warm welcome from the 'old' inhabitants! :D

In KWM you can meet TONJA AND HEARTHA again - this time in Gudrun's report. I wish everybody a cosy Saturday!
Reply ralph
5:34 AM on June 22, 2019 
The sun is shining and I have been in the Antiques Market adding more Polar Bears to my collection.
It is great news that Emmen are going to keep all 4 girls together.
I will try and look in later on on the Knuphone, if not I will be back in the Library on Monday
All the best
Reply Ludmila
3:16 AM on June 22, 2019 
Good Morning! Guten Morgen!
Nella and Lili were the whole time in Emmen. Now there are 4 girls again together.
Reply Mervi
4:23 PM on June 21, 2019 
Ludmila - Are Nela and Lili in Emmen, too? I've lost count of all the moves ....

Teddybärenmutti - Hyvää juhannusviikonloppua!
Reply Teddybärenmutti
2:40 PM on June 21, 2019 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!
Ich wuensche an euch allen schönen Mitsommerfest.!
Reply Ludmila
7:15 AM on June 21, 2019 
Lale und Noordje arrived back in Wildlands

I wish you a nice Midsummer Eve
Reply Mervi
4:22 AM on June 21, 2019 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - today is big holiday in Sweden and Finland. The Midsummer Eve is almost as big as Christmas and Easter in 'my' countries.

Yeo - The strawberry cake with whipped cream is perfect today! - Have a great time with Simeon & Co in Karls Erdbeerhof!

Ludmila - After the thunder storm I had great problems with my 'läppi' but I don't know if it was the thunder that caused them. It's possible though. I hope you will soon have the Internet connection again.

Because it's the Midsummer Eve today I published an old story from the year 2008 in KWM. It's about Knuti's and TD's Midsummer celebration - a little nostalgie ....

I wish everybody a pleasant Friday!
Reply Ludmila
3:01 AM on June 21, 2019 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
We have at home no internet connection after the thunderstorm on Wednesday.
Karlshof ist sehr nett. Wir haben dort viel Geld gelassen :)
Herkules is ready. There is enough ice cream in the refrigerator too.
Reply Yeo
12:56 AM on June 21, 2019 
Good morning dear all!

Here is the early bird.
Breakfast and Herkules are ready. 🥐🥖🥓🥪🍞🍳🍳🍯☕☕☕☕

Dear Mervi, I wish for Vesa later a good recovery.🍀🍀🍀🍀
Today is our last vacation day.
Wir machen zusammen mit unserer Tochter und den Enkelkindern einen Ausflug zu Karls Erdbeerhof.
Das hat Simi sich gewünscht. 🍓🍓🍓🍓

Für den Nachmittagskaffee stelle ich eine Erdbeertorte mit Schlagsahne in den Kühlschrank. Guten Appetit!
Viele liebe Grüße auch ins Hinterzimmer! 💛💜🧡❤️
Reply Mervi
3:58 PM on June 20, 2019 
I noticed to my great pleasure that Patricia had written a comment in KWM. At least we know now that 'she's still there'. :D

Ralph - Great to hear you have no problems entering the Knuipe! Vesa and I will join you and have a soft drink. :D
Reply ralph
2:01 PM on June 20, 2019 
Am in the big library in Oxford, I have no trouble as I have my old password and linked to an e-mail address.
Lovely day in Oxford and I have just had some good beer.
Wishing everyone, especially Vesa a peaceful evening and a soothing drink from Uncle Sergei
Reply Mervi
10:05 AM on June 20, 2019 
Britta-Gudrun - Wow! You made it - even though you made it with your bureau computer! Always something anyway!

Knuti-Judi - It looks like there's thunder in the air everywhere!
Reply knuti-judi
9:50 AM on June 20, 2019 
Hallo, dears...

TDT to you❗️

Thunderstorms today....
Warm and humid....
I guess summer is

Hugs all around...

Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:44 AM on June 20, 2019 
Hallo am Nachmittag!
Ich bin außerdienstlich kurz im Büro und versuche von hier aus in die Knuipe zu kommen.
Es brauen sioh dicke Wolken am Himmel zusammen, deshalb fahre ich gleich wieder heim.

Mervi, die Probleme hoeren scheinbar nicht auf...
Der Bericht von Hans & Veronika Odermatt ist sehr schön, vielen Dank.

Und jetzt ab die Post - beim Test hat es geklappt, nachdem ich jede Menger Bilderaufgaben erfüllen musste
Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:40 AM on June 20, 2019 
Reply Mervi
8:16 AM on June 20, 2019 
A very late hello to everybody! I've had great problems with my 'läppi' so I couldn't write here earlier.

Ludmila - We had a heavy thunder storm, too, during the night. - Wasja, Ferdi and our Nalle have something in common - they all love early morning serenades. :D

Ralph - I hope you'll find some new members to your polar bear family! :D

Our Swiss friends Hans and Veronika have posted a report from Mulhouse in KWM. You can meet SESI, NANUQ AND VICKS in a good playing mood.

I wish everybody a pleasant TDT!
Reply ralph
5:25 AM on June 20, 2019 
Fantastic news about Vesa. I am going to look in later as well.
Sun shining here and I came away from the market in Oxford with a lot of Polars
Reply Ludmila
3:05 AM on June 20, 2019 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
We had many thunderstorms and rain in the night. Now is no more hot outside. Wasja and Ferdi run out in the evening. About 4am I heard the singing under the window. I think the boys wanted to fight. I run out and let them inside. :)
Reply knuti-judi
10:00 PM on June 19, 2019 
Great news!

Welcome home, Vesa!
Reply Mervi
5:10 PM on June 19, 2019 
Ludmila - It's still very warm so something cold to drink sounds perfect!