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Welcome August! Please, be cool!

Posted by Mervi on July 31, 2018 at 10:00 AM


Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Monika aus Berlin

Dear friends! Let's hope August will be the Summer month we can all enjoy! June and July have been far too hot. We've seen the red moon but now it's time to admire the traditional yellow August moon.

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Reply Britta-Gudrun
2:04 AM on September 1, 2018 
Der early bird sagt guten Morgen!

Auch wenn es merklich kuehler geowrden ist, die Sonne scheint vom blitzbauen Himmel und ein sonniges Wochenende steht bevor. Dennoch verschwinden heute die Gartenmoebel im Keller.

Herkules steht bereit und vielleicht brauchen wir schon im naechsten Jahr keine Uhren mehr umzustellen. Hattet ihr auch bei der Umfrage abgestimmt?

Mervi, gute Besserung fuer die Hand!
Reply Chris
6:34 PM on August 31, 2018 
MERVI - you are right, many animals have problems now.
Lets hope, that it will rain in the next days...
Reply Mervi
3:18 PM on August 31, 2018 
Teddybärenmutti - Sulo is doing fine as far as I know! :D

Chris - This extremely hot and dry Summer has caused and will cause lots of problems. I feel sorry for all the animals - for instance squirrels - that will starve because there's not enough food for them.
Reply Chris
2:54 PM on August 31, 2018 
Its unbelievable dry outside. :roll:
The ways in the wood are dusty
and the meadows are brown.
Many trees let their leaves
fall on the ground because
of stress - its a drama. I
can´t remember such
a dry period in my
lifetime - its a pity.
Reply Teddybärenmutti
2:31 PM on August 31, 2018 
i was afraid. Please dont´me afraid.
Reply Teddybärenmutti
2:30 PM on August 31, 2018 
Reply Teddybärenmutti
2:30 PM on August 31, 2018 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Mervi - You write " Sulo is stille with us .. OH OH NO . YOU MAKE MY HEART TO STOP
Reply ralph
1:17 PM on August 31, 2018 
Friday evening and I have just had my supper of prawns and salad followed by a treacle cake.
I have visited the Back Room and seen Dumba's posts, especially the one about Alaska Zoo.
I am not sure how often I will look in this weekend so wish everyone a great weekend.
Reply Mervi
10:49 AM on August 31, 2018 
I miss many of our friends, too, but I've made the Back Room for those who can't write here and there's always a possibility to drop a line in KWM.

Yes, its a good idea to honour Sulo while he's still with us! Very often the honours come too late.

Today is my hand resting day so I let it rest and hope to be able to write more later this evening.
Reply knuti-judi
9:18 AM on August 31, 2018 
Hallo, dears....


And good-bye August❗️

I have a week off and the
weather looks good for

September is a beautiful
time to visit Zoo Berlin.
Like Mervi, I have fond
memories of a visit then....
Ahhh, the good ole days❣

Greetings back to you
from across the pond❗️

Hugs all around...❤️💛💜💚
Reply Chris
8:35 AM on August 31, 2018 

LUDMILA - wir haben 22°C, also angenehm. :)
Es soll aber wieder heiß werden nächste Woche.

MERVI - ein Denkmal für den Bärenvater - wow ! :)
Ich bin auf dem Weg zu KWM, um die Story zu lesen.

Auch ich vermisse Filomena, Sarsam, Inge... usw.
Schade, dass viele hier nicht mehr schreiben.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:06 AM on August 31, 2018 
Mervi, die Statue von Juuso und seinem Freund ist gut gelungen.
Wie schoen, dass es sie bereits jetzt gibt, wo beide noch leben
und insbesondere Sulo die Ehre noch zu Lebzeiten erfaehrt.

So, nach dem Einkaufen nehme ich jetzt einen kleinen Nap auf dem Sofa.
Baergit, du wirst genauso wie Filomena und Sarsam auch sehr vermisst!
Habt ihr immer noch Probleme in die Knuipe einzutreten?

Knuti Judi, liebe Greusse ueber den Teich!
Reply ralph
7:59 AM on August 31, 2018 
Lunchtime here and I am having a quiet weekend at home before my travel later next week.
It is great to have good news stories both here and in the Knuipe.
The weather is still weird. We have warm days and cold nights.
Reply Ludmila
6:57 AM on August 31, 2018 
Hello friends at coffee time!
It will be a great statue for Juuso and Sulo.

Today in the morning Ferdi and Wasja ate next to each other. We saw that Wasja's tushie is wider as Ferdi's :)
Eine Massage ist immer gut
Bei uns ist heute richtig kühl
Do you have the weather for the gardening?
How are you doing?
Reply Mervi
6:36 AM on August 31, 2018 
JUUSO AND SULO will stay as a 3 meter high statue in the Centrum of Kuusamo! We can already see the 'draft' here (I hope the link works):

Reply Britta-Gudrun
5:47 AM on August 31, 2018 
Mervi, ich muss lachen ueber Mimi, die leider zu roundisch ist, um
auf den Tisch mit Nalles Futter zu springen.

Die Geschichte des kleinen Bonobo aus Frankfurt, der in der Wilhelma eine Ersatz - Omama gefunden hat, ist zauberhaft - vielen Dank fuers Teilen!
Reply Mervi
5:38 AM on August 31, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - rainy and grey again. Perfect! :D

Britta-Gudrun - I'm sure you will feel like 'new' after the massage! :D I'm also sure Django is eagerly waiting for the delicatesse delivery. :D

Ludmila - We often place Nalle's food bowl on a table so Mimmi can't jump and pinch his food. :D

In KWM you can read - and see - a real sunshine story about a bonobo baby born in Frankfurt but now living in Stuttgart. You will be touched to tears ...

I wish everybody a great Friday - the last day of August!
Reply Ludmila
3:10 AM on August 31, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
It is sunny but cool outside. I think it will be a wonderful day.
Herkules is ready
Reply Britta-Gudrun
2:41 AM on August 31, 2018 
Einen guten Morgen in der Fruehe!
Auf mich wartet die Wohltat einer Massage, dafuer
stehe ich gerne etwas frueher auf.
Mit Django hatte ich schon morgendliches Knuddeln
und lecker Futter wird nachher auch eingekauft.

Also bis spaeter!
Reply Ludmila
3:24 PM on August 30, 2018 
Maybe you will meet Yeo and Dumba.
Ich sperre Wasja in anderem Zimmer, wenn Minka essen kommt. Er kann keine Katze beim Essen in Ruhe lassen. Sydney isst in der Nacht, Muffin jagt Wasja weg, Ferdi beachtet Wasja beim Essen nicht. Minka ist empfindlich.
Mervi, TBM
I take a yammy drink too