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Die Knuipe

Let's enjoy cosy moments in the Knugarden

Posted by Mervi on May 10, 2018 at 6:25 PM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Monika aus Berlin

Dear friends! The Spring is turning into Summer. Our Knugarden looks very inviting so I welocme you all for a drink and/or a snack by the pool. Maybe I should announce a little warning - there's a chance you'll get very wet if Uncle Sergej and Raspi decide to dive ..... :D

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Reply Mervi
12:52 PM on June 19, 2018 
Ludmila, Britta-Gudrun, Chris - We are worried about Mimmi because she has only eaten very little. She drank a little, too but she needs more. We try to feed her often with very small portions now.

Knuti-Judi - Did it take a long time before Rose could eat properly after 'loosing' her teeth?

Sorry, I'm not in a very good writing mood today ....
Reply Chris
12:52 PM on June 19, 2018 
Zum Wochenende erwarten wir eine Kaltfront,
ausgerechnet beim jährlichen Johannisfeuer.
Aber erstmal Hitze - seltsames Wetter...

MERV - wie geht es Mimmi ?
Reply knuti-judi
9:28 AM on June 19, 2018 
Hallo, dears....

☀️☀️☀️ morning....

Your menu sounds delicious!
Hugs to Mimmi...I hope she
heals quickly....My Rose has
no teeth and she still eats

Thanks! Yesterday was a
HOT one...today much

Happy travels!

A real-life depiction of
alcoholism with the
character, tho....

Hugs to all 💟🌷💟
Reply Chris
7:51 AM on June 19, 2018 

Heute ist es angenehm bei 25°C.

MERVI - alles Gute weiter für Mimmi

LUDMILA - hier ist es auch sehr trocken.

YEO - deine Reise ist interessant.

Ich eile zu KWM. :)
Reply Britta-Gudrun
7:22 AM on June 19, 2018 
Guten Tag zur Mittagszeit!

Mervi, dein kleiner zahnloser Tiger wird sich hoffentlich schnell erholen.
Soft Food ist ziemlich fad und langweilig, auch fuer Katzen.
Weiterhin gute Besserung fuer Madame und unbeschwerte Freude zur Mitsommernacht!
Reply Ludmila
7:04 AM on June 19, 2018 
I am very sorry for Mimmi. I hope she will feel better today. Minka was able to eat in the evening after her surgery in the morning.
You bought very good food for the celebrating of the summer Midnight.
We geht es Dir?
Bei uns regnet leider nicht.
We have the cool weather today. Tomorrow will be hot again.
Reply Mervi
5:34 AM on June 19, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - we did our Midsummer shopping today because the shops will be very crowded tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Baby potatoes, salmon, herring and strawberries are a 'must' for everybody. :D

After the shopping we had to give Mimmi her pain killers (a spray) which isn't the easiest task to do. We even have to feed her with 'soft food' - she can't eat solid food yet. Poor Mimmi who loves to eat ...

Ludmila - Thank you for the second - or maybe it's third? - report from Schönbrunn!

Ralph - I guess people in England are very glad today after Kane's goals - one of them in additional time. :D I have placed some bets and at least this game was right. :D

Yeo - Wow! You have a tight schedule in England but I'm sure you're enjoying every minute of your stay there. I wish you and your husband another lovely day!

Teddybärenmutti - Enjoy the rain! Good luck with the shopping! I'm sure the shops are as crowded as they are here.

In KWM you'll find Ludmila's and Uwe's greetings from Vienna. I wish everybody a pleasant Tuesday. Now it's time for me to have a late breakfast!
Reply Teddybärenmutti
5:29 AM on June 19, 2018 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Hurraa es regnet.
Mervi - Wie ist es mit Mimmi und Nalle.

Yeo - Weiter Gute Reise!

Muss etwas einkaufen, sonst leidet TBV Hunger.
Reply Ludmila
3:20 AM on June 19, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Ich wünsche Dir auch weiter viel Spass bei der Reise.
Is Mimmi eating again? Herkules is ready
Reply Yeo
12:14 AM on June 19, 2018 
Good morning dear all!

Thank you for your all good wishes.
Yesterday we was on the Isle of Wight.
Dort ist es einfach traumhaft. Überall stehen Palmen. Nicht wie bei uns in Deutschland im Topf. Nein, sie wachsen hier richtig! Jeder Hausbesitzer hat hier Palmen im Garten. Auch in den Parks stehen überall welche.
Wir haben gestern auch die Needles angesehen. Das sind drei spitze Felsen dann der Küste der Isle of Wight. Sie sehen aber nicht wie Nadeln, sondern eher wie abgebrochene Zähne aus. :D
Heute geht's nach Salisbury.
England hat gewonnen? Das freut mich. Hier war alles mit Fahnen geschmückt.
So, aber will es noch so früh ist, mache ich noch ein kleines Nickerchen. Frühstück gibt's erst um sieben.
Bedient euch. Es ist alles da. :D
I wish you all s pleasant Tuesday!
Reply Chris
5:19 PM on June 18, 2018 
Ich nehme noch einen Nachttrunk
CHEERS alle ! :)
Reply ralph
5:02 PM on June 18, 2018 
Thanks Mervi and Ludmila. Thank you Mervi for Kati and the ball. It certainly helped today
No worries for me about the schedule in KWM, I think all the stories have been super
Reply Ludmila
4:46 PM on June 18, 2018 
Congratulation to your team
Reply Mervi
3:57 PM on June 18, 2018 
Ralph - Congratulations to England! I'm sure the super supporter Katjuscha helped 'your guys' to win. :D

Chris, Ludmila - I asked Uncle Sergej to create a special 'Calm Down' drink.
Reply Ludmila
2:56 PM on June 18, 2018 
I hope Mimmi is doing better now
Die Herren aus Bayern nerven mich auch.
Reply Chris
12:39 PM on June 18, 2018 
MERVI - gute Besserung für Mimmi !

KNUTI JUDI - take care with the heat.

Unsere Regierung ist auf dem besten
Weg, sich selbst abzuschaffen. Ich
verstehe nicht, warum die Kanzlerin
kein Machtwort spricht. Die Queru-
lanten aus Bayern nerven extrem.
Das ist reiner Wahlkampf... :roll:
Reply Ludmila
11:31 AM on June 18, 2018 
I hope Mimmi will recover very fast
I fond the first part with Ardery too long
Reply Mervi
11:25 AM on June 18, 2018 
Dear friends! Mimmi is back home again - almost toothless and still quite croggy but we hope the inflammations will be history now!

Ludmila - Mimmi and Nalle thank you for the kind wishes and greetings.

Chris - I believe in the German team!! :D - Congratulations for 600! :D

Knuti-Judi - Our cat duo is napping.. The vet gave Mimmi pain killing medicine so we're hoping she can eat and drink soon.
Reply knuti-judi
8:52 AM on June 18, 2018 
Hallo, dears....

It promises to be a very
hot day here....

My best to Mimmi and
Nalle....I hope they are
well taken care of by the
vet and are feeling better.😻😻

Yes, I read that book recently.
It was excellent!

Good to hear from you!

I hope you continue to
enjoy your vacation!

Thanks for the links!

Reply Chris
8:08 AM on June 18, 2018 
:D 600 :D