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Die Knuipe

Goodbye Old Man Winter! Welcome Miss Spring!

Posted by Mervi on March 28, 2018 at 7:50 AM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Hartmuth

Dear friends! Although the weather gods seem to be unaware of what season it is I declare the Spring season in our Knuipe opened!

Knuti's Weekly Magazine

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Reply Chris
8:12 AM on May 9, 2018 

Erste Wolken sind aufgetaucht.
Ich hoffe auf Regen, aber bitte
kein Sturm. :)

MERVI - I´ll check KWM soon.

Mit dem Brückentag wird es
wieder ein langes Wochenende.
Reply Mervi
8:09 AM on May 9, 2018 
Just before publishing Monika aus Berlin's second report from her and Ralph's visit in the Tierpark I saw the press release: WOLODJA HAS MOVED TO THE BERLIN ZOO AGAIN! You can read more in KWM!
Reply Mervi
5:48 AM on May 9, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - a really hot day is predicted here so I'm going to stay in the shadow! :D

Yeo - I hope your day in the 'Circus' will pass quickly so you can start enjoying the four free days!

Ralph - Maybe you could arrange a Teddy Exhibition? :D

Britta-Gudrun - Nalle has shown some interest to the geraniums but Mimmi doesn't give them any notice. I guess she doesn't understand why we need flowers when we already have a beautiful decoration in the balcony - Madame Mimmi! :D - Maybe Django will soon present his new 'queen of the heart' to you? :D

Ludmila - I guess you have to count the cats every morning to see that they're all there - and that there aren't too many of them .... :D

Dumba - Thank you for the nice comments in flickr! I hope you can read this.

Gudrun has enjoyed an utter concert in the Zoo Berlin. You'll find her report in KWM. With this musical entertainment I wish everybody a very happy Hump Day!
Reply Ludmila
5:24 AM on May 9, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Wir haben auch 4 Tage frei. Freitag ist der Brückentag.
Unsere Katzen kommen nur für die Nacht nach Hause. Sydney schläft viel im Schatten. Ferdi muss um 4:30 raus :)
Herkules is ready
Reply Britta-Gudrun
4:35 AM on May 9, 2018 
Guten Morgen!
Yeo, du bist mir zuvor gekommen und ab morgen darfst du dann richtig lange schlafen.
Leider ist fuer morgen Regen gemeldet, aber die Natur braucht ihn auch ganz noetig.

Mervi, was haben Mimi und Nalle zu den schoenen Geranien auf dem Balkon gesagt?
Django ist schon wieder neu verliebt. Ich weiss aber nicht, wo sein Darling wohnt. Vielleicht wird er dort auch gefuettert, denn bei mir isst er nur sehr wenig.
Reply ralph
3:07 AM on May 9, 2018 
Thanks for the kind comments on my latest bear. As you can imagine every room of the house is full of bears.
Reply Yeo
11:40 PM on May 8, 2018 
Good morning dear all!

Here is the early bird.
Breakfast and coffee are ready.

@ Ralph
Your new bear looks like a respektable Person. Very impressed!

Heute geht's noch mal in den Zirkus.
And then I have 4 days vacation. Hooray!!!
I wish you all a pleasant Hump-Day!
Reply Mervi
5:05 PM on May 8, 2018 
Ludmila, Chris, Britta-Gudrun - The evening drink today is from Mimmi and Nalle. They are so glad about your nice comments. :D Cheers!
Reply Ludmila
4:18 PM on May 8, 2018 
Mimmi and Nale are lovely.
Your new bear is nice. What do you do with all bears at home?
Ich trinke auch etwas kaltes
Reply Chris
4:04 PM on May 8, 2018 
MERVI - Mimmi und Nalle haben es sich gemütlich gemacht. :)

RALPH - der Bär auf der Weltkugel ist hübsch. :)

Ich bin hier für einen Drink.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
3:30 PM on May 8, 2018 
Yeo, diesen Spruch habe ich noch nie gehoert, ist aber sehr witzig.
Ich wuensche eine gute Nacht nach dem abendlichen Drink!
Reply Mervi
2:56 PM on May 8, 2018 

A new bear joined me from a Charity Shop in Oxford and immediately staged a protest in a posh shop on top of a world globe to highlight the plight of Polar Bears in the Arctic.


Ralph - What a gorgeous bear who obviously wants to rule the world. I wouldn't mind!
Reply Mervi
1:25 PM on May 8, 2018 
Yeo - Mimmi and Nalle thank you for your kind comment. - I had a good laugh at your opinion of the meeting. :D
Reply Yeo
1:03 PM on May 8, 2018 
Hello dear all!

@ Mervi
The photos of Juuso s and Reetas cubbies are very cute!
And Nalle and Mimmi too. :)

Die Schulung heute war flüssiger als Wasser. Sie war überflüssig.
Morgen habe ich Frühdienst. Und meine Chefin hat immer so "gute" Laune... :(
I wish you all a pleasant evening!
Reply Mervi
11:43 AM on May 8, 2018 
Knuti-Judi - I'm thrilled to see the first paintings by Juuso's cubs! :D

Chris - It's good you can 'trink links', too! :D

Mimmi and Nalle have opened the balcony season so they've been sun bathing almost all day. :D

Reply Chris
9:34 AM on May 8, 2018 

BRITTA - ich denke, die Mauersegler haben gute Bedingungen.
Es gibt viele Insekten und das Wetter ist prächtig.
Mal sehen, was morgen die Gewitter bringen.

LUDMILA - ich kann auch mit links trinken. ;)

MERVI - die Bärchen sind niedlich. :)
Reply knuti-judi
8:39 AM on May 8, 2018 
Hallo, dears....

A ☀️☀️☀️ Tuesday morning here....
And very pleasant temperatures...

Those cubbies are adorable!

I enjoyed gardening this weekend....
I may have worked a bit too much😎

Hugs to all...☀️💛☀️
Reply Mervi
7:46 AM on May 8, 2018 
Britta-Gudrun - The Pasch requires a good drink in the evening!

Ludmila - Minka has certainly done a thorough quality control of your tomato plants ...

Ralph - I guess we all share Lothar's Spring feelings are are a bit sleepy. :D

Yeo - I hope the meeting is a good one! Congratulations to 666!

There are more brown bears in KWM today - JUUSO'S AND REETA'S CUBBIES!
Reply Yeo
7:35 AM on May 8, 2018 
Hello dear all!

I'm now on a meeting. We lern gymnastic for elder people.
I wish you all a pleasant Tuesday!
Reply Ludmila
7:33 AM on May 8, 2018 
Hello friends at coffee time!
Speedy ist erstaunlich schnell draußen. Wir haben jetzt einen Holzzaun um den Pool.
Yesterday I watered the plants. Minka came with me and decided to roll in the dry soll. She rolled over my tomato plant and broke it. Then she simply went away :)
Wie wäre es mit Eis und Erdbeeren?
I saw your cats at FB. They are lovely.