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Die Knuipe

Goodbye Old Man Winter! Welcome Miss Spring!

Posted by Mervi on March 28, 2018 at 7:50 AM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Hartmuth

Dear friends! Although the weather gods seem to be unaware of what season it is I declare the Spring season in our Knuipe opened!

Knuti's Weekly Magazine

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Reply Yeo
3:59 AM on June 22, 2018 
@ Mervi
My fingers keep crossed for Mimmi.

@ Ludmila
Ich wünsche dir und Uwe einen wunderschönen Urlaub!
Reply Chris
5:28 PM on May 10, 2018 
Reply Ludmila
3:46 PM on May 10, 2018 
They like beer, but some of them manage to go to the plants too
Reply Mervi
3:43 PM on May 10, 2018 
Ludmila - Let's hope the slugs are thirsty and drink the beer! You've done a great job in the garden so Uncle Sergej will serve you a drink called 'Pleasure of planting'. :D
Reply Ludmila
3:26 PM on May 10, 2018 
Hello friends!
We managed to plant all our plants in the garden despite of the thunderstorm.
Now is everything wet, the slugs ate my tomato plant. I put 2 bowls with beer for the slugs.

Wasja and Ferdi thing the songs for Caroline!

I am here for the drink
Reply Mervi
9:43 AM on May 10, 2018 
Britta-Gudrun - I guess we're all more or less upset and worried about Wolodja's move to the zoo. We can only hope for the best ....

Knuti-Judi - Mimmi and Nalle meow their best birthday greetings to Caroline.

Chris - Congratulations to 700! :D It's very hot here and tomorrow a thunder storm is predicted.
Reply Chris
9:34 AM on May 10, 2018 


Bei uns gab es bis jetzt keinen Tropfen Regen.
Es ist etwas kühler aber immer noch warm.
Gut für alle, die heute etwas vor haben.
Ich mache aber einen gemütlichen Tag.

Knuti Judi - beinahe Pasch. :)
Reply knuti-judi
9:33 AM on May 10, 2018 
Hallo, dears...


It is a ☀️☀️☀️ Morning with
Pleasant temperatures...

Today sweet Caroline turns 3 years old❣😻

What a lovely excursion!

Enjoy your long weekend!

Stay cool!

Hugs all around💛💜❤️
Reply Britta-Gudrun
7:23 AM on May 10, 2018 
Guten Tag!

TBM, punktgenau zum Feiertag regnet es hier, aber fuer die ausgetrocknete
Natur muesste es wie aus deiner "Esthers Teekanne gießen".
Hab einen schoenen Tag mit viel Lachs und der Freude deiner Mutter mit
den niedlichen Giesskannen. Ein kleiner Elefant und eine Quietscheente, das
war eine tolle Idee! Du bist eine liebe Tochter!

Mervi, ich bin emotional immer noch ausser Kontrolle wegen der Auslagerung von Wolodja und war gestern deshalb auch still.

Ich wuensche allen einen schoenen Tag in Nah und Fern!
Reply Mervi
4:42 AM on May 10, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - another hot day is here. Too hot for me so I'm staying indoors or at least look for a shadow!

Yeo - Thank you for the kind invitation to share the breakfast with you! I'm a bit late but I hope there's something left. :D

Teddybärenmutti - Have a pleasant ride by the seaside! I'm looking forward to a yammy brunch with smoked salmon. - How great your mother liked the water cans.

I have now published Ralph's second report from Gelsenkirchen with Bill & Co! I wish you all a very pleasant TDT!
Reply Teddybärenmutti
4:03 AM on May 10, 2018 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Yeo - Danke schön. Ich laufe, TBV kommt auch.

Hier ist es wolkenlose Himmel und sehr warm. Wir fahren ins Archipelago, geniessen schönes Landschaft und kaufen warmes Rauchlachs. Ich kaufe genug und sie alle sind willkommen zum Lunch.

Ich kaufte an Mama zwei Giesskanne, erste ist pinke Elephant, zweite weisse Ente. Sie war sehr dankbar. Diese kann ich tragen. Sie schlucken nur halb Liter Wasser.

Armer Teddy Wolodja. Er wollte sicher gern mit Tonja sein.
Reply Yeo
2:02 AM on May 10, 2018 
Good morning dear all!

Ich wünsche euch allen einen schönen und erholsamen Himmelfahrtstag. Ich sitze gerade auf unserer Terrasse am Frühstückstisch. Ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen.

Danke für die Info, dass Wolodja bald wieder im Zoo ist. Ich werde ihn bestimmt besuchen.
Habt alle einen schönen Tag!
Reply Mervi
5:06 PM on May 9, 2018 
Ludmila - Uncle Sergej has been very innovative today and he has a big selection of drinks for us. :D
Reply Ludmila
4:07 PM on May 9, 2018 
I keep my fingers cross for Wolodja and Kati.

Did Uncle Sergej creat something special for us tonight?
Reply Mervi
1:13 PM on May 9, 2018 
Knuti-Judi - Always something happening in our bear world - sometimes good sometimes less good.

Ludmila - Wolodja was separated from his mother quite early and he has already been moved twice. We can only hope his stay in the zoo will be happier than the previous one was. I hope there will be lots of enrichment for him.

Ralph - Doncaster is an excellent place for 'bachelors' so I had hoped Katjuscha would have been allowed to have her big enclosure for herself. Well, noboby asks us ....

Chris - It's really hot here, too. Too hot to my liking but I hope it won't last too long.
Reply Chris
9:47 AM on May 9, 2018 
RALPH - ich finde es auch nicht so prickelnd,
dass Kati sich jetzt die Anlage mit Wolodja teilt.
Keine ideale Lösung. :roll:

LUDMILA - ja, ich kann Rad fahren.
Aber ich mach etwas langsamer. :)

MERVI - heute ist es sehr schwül. Ich
denke, es wird später noch gewittern.
Reply ralph
9:28 AM on May 9, 2018 
I would have loved to see Volodya and Bill move to Doncaster where they would have had plenty of room.
It may also be that Pixel, Nissan and Nobby will move to zoos with young females.
How Katjuscha will cope with having Volodya around, even if they do not share enclosures, is also worrying.
Reply Ludmila
9:07 AM on May 9, 2018 
Hello friends at coffee time!
I hope Wolodja will doing well in the zoo. He has the problems probably because he was separated from his mother in the age of one year. I am sorry for him. We will see how the things will work.
We have a sunny and warm day too. The nature needs the water. I hope we will get the rain tonight.
We have 4 days free: tomorrow is the Ascension, then we have to take free on Friday :)
Was macht Deine Hand? Kannst Du radfahren?
Reply knuti-judi
8:45 AM on May 9, 2018 
Hallo, dears...

Another ☀️☀️☀️ .🐪🐪🐪 Day!

Wow! Looking forward
to reading about it asap!

Love your new bear!

Thanks for the coffee!

Hugs to all 💛💛💛
Reply Mervi
8:16 AM on May 9, 2018 
Chris - We would need some rain, too but for the time being we're having a heat wave!